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Trump Accuses Fetterman of Using Fentanyl

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Trump said over the weekend that Democratic senate candidate John Fetterman dressed “like a teenager getting high” and accused him of using hard drugs. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

Government supports taxpayer-funded drug dens and the complete decriminalization of illegal drugs including heroin cocaine crystal meth and ultra lethal fentanyl and by the way he takes them himself you just heard donald trump accuse fetterman in fact defame fetterman as someone who takes drugs like fentanyl now of course fetterman is a candidate running

Against trump’s preferred republican candidate memit oz for a senate seat in pennsylvania and oz is not performing so well in the polls so of course there you see trump stumping four oz in an attempt to save him in this election we’ll see if it plays out for him but nonetheless uh here he is just straight out saying something that’s incredibly defamatory and what

I’m curious about jank before we go on to more of his insane speech is whether trump could be sued by fetterman for that because he didn’t say i think fetterman takes fentanyl he said that he takes these drugs when there’s absolutely no evidence indicating that he does public officials are actually allowed to lie in public like if if he was still in elected office

He could have made that statement without any fears of legal ramifications any fears of like a defamation lawsuit but he’s not an elected official yeah so look he’s in the political arena i think that that lawsuit would be very difficult but i think politically there’s something that’s as usual driving me mad because of the gaslighting so that was an outrageous

Lie to say that somebody’s taking meth and fentanyl i mean imagine for a second if joe biden picked a random republican senator was like i think mark rubio is on fentanyl i think ted cruz is doing meth and he does not he just says it right no evidence no nothing he just says it and he’s like not a big deal they’re doing meth i know i know they’re doing meth i know

They’re doing fentanyl oh that’s all the country would talk about and they would say that’s what an outrageous team he needs to apologize this is unbecoming uh not befitting of a president how could he i mean we talk about it for years remember when biden made up that rubio and cruz were on meth and fentanyl right i mean it’s he said semi-fascist wants p they’re

Still talking about it how could he oh this is outrageous and that’s just his opinion right trump says it it’s barely a news story why because we all know including his own fans we all know he’s a pathological liar he lies non-stop no one takes him seriously because he’s a goddamn clown right yeah but they then they then turn around go no he’s perfectly credible

No no always saying that trump is lying that’s that’s not neutral no that’ll get you fired on cnn now the double standard is insane well the lunacy has been fully normalized so when you say this didn’t even get much attention it’s because his lunacy is normalized it’s it’s another day it’s tuesday right but then when you call the lunatic his fans are like oh you

Have no evidence of that a liar he’s never lied in his life you can get upset at us calling him a lunatic he’s a lunatic he you can’t go around accusing people of doing drugs that they’re not doing and there’s no evidence of them doing can we that is that is defamation can we just say i mean we’ve speculated that trump and other politicians not just trump you know

Might take some stimulants before doing speeches and but it’s one thing to say oh he seems like he’s sniffling a lot seems like he might have snorted something prior to this speech that’s different than saying like donald trump is doing cocaine you can’t say that there’s no evidence indicating that that’s the case yeah guys there’s all the difference in the world

Between making fun of charlie kirk we’re constantly doing this well then they’re saying i know charlie kirk does math i don’t even know what drug makes you do this i don’t know okay so but just trump but trump former president of the united states says it and everybody says two things that are completely contradictory well it doesn’t count because everyone knows

Trump lies all the time so you can’t take him seriously and two trump never lies and i can’t believe the fake news uh says that trump lies it’s unfair and it’s not neutral you can’t have it both ways well there’s more from his speech so let’s take a look at the next portion of it where he attacks fetterman on his views on criminal justice reform he’s a raging

Lunatic hell bent on springing hardened criminals out of jail in the middle of the worst crime wave in pennsylvania history he wants everybody out of jail and by the way he wants to get rid of your police but does he does he so like obviously i don’t trust anything trump says and for good reason and so i looked into fetterman’s views on criminal justice reform

And uh he’s absolutely right on criminal justice reform i’ll give you a few examples so one of the specific issues that he came out in support of was you know pardoning all the people that are serving time in prison for simple marijuana possession which is insane so this is from six days ago it was posted on the website for pennsylvania’s governor governor wolf

And lieutenant governor fetterman announced effort to quickly pardon thousands of pennsylvanians from marijuana-related convictions uh these are non-violent individuals who uh are serving time behind bars for possession of a plant and so i totally agree with him on that but if it’s weird it’s not fentanyl or meth it’s not fantastic it’s almost like he made that up

Yeah totally yeah and later when he talked about how he wants to let go of all the murderers and rapists and it turns out it was just people who smoke marijuana it almost seems like trump made that up too yeah yeah well and the details in that press release that was posted on the governor’s website said this governor tom wolf and lieutenant governor john fetterman

Announced a coordinated effort for a one-time large-scale pardoning project for people with select minor non-violent marijuana criminal convictions look americans love pot including many of the americans who support donald trump do they think they should spend time in prison for their love of marijuana i think not now if you go to fetterman’s website and look into

His views on criminal justice reform he’s not some abolitionist he’s not someone who wants to do away with policing do away with prisons in fact he writes as your senator i will fight for a criminal legal system where everyone is equal in the eyes of the law i will work to make sure that serious crimes receive serious punishment while also alleviating the burdens

Placed on prosecutors and judges by focusing on effective diversion programs for non-violent offenders and prioritizing sentencing reform that is the most measured view on criminal justice reform imaginable but it doesn’t matter the truth doesn’t matter to donald trump whose candidate is flailing okay oz is suffering immensely because of his own terrible candidacy

And trump is trying to save him and he’s trying to do so with lies about fetterman yeah look fetterman’s position is exactly down the middle of the lane uh so i can’t imagine that there’s too many people in the country republican or democrat that disagree with him yes there’s a super far left fringe who says no prisons shangri-la i’m sure the criminals will be

Lovely after therapy let’s just take a chance and let them run uh wild uh i’m not in that camp as you can tell and neither is anyone else there’s seven people on the internet that are in that camp and that’s it uh and on the right wing um they say no marijuana some say not very many either some say no marijuana is super dangerous if you ever even looked at it you

Should be put in prison for a long time lock everybody up but the overwhelming majority of americans say no let the guy have marijuana possession go that’s the equivalent of having your coors light no one cares you’re costing us money you’re taking away their freedom and by the way we all smoke pot on the other hand they don’t want to let murderers and rapists go

That is exactly fetterman’s position it’s not one percent controversial but it sounds controversial when trump lies as he did in that speech and says that fetterman wants to let murderers rapists and child molesters out of jail not remotely true just made it up and if you ask a right winger they’ll say well obviously he made that up but he never lies okay now

There is one other clip from this uh speech that i think he lost his own audience too on this but it’s funny but but is it so let’s watch and see vanessa yes as a disaster he comes in with a sweatsuit on i’ve never seen him wear a suit a dirty dirty dirty sweatsuit it’s really disgusting so we’ve told you this before one of the things that triggers the right-wing

Mind and especially donald trump’s is disgust it’s number one actually fear is number two these are based on studies and so if he doesn’t like something he’ll always call it dirty immigrants are dirty john fetterman’s dirty his sweatshirt’s dirty right but if you notice the crowd which loves to laugh at the most insignificant things that trump says didn’t find that

Amusing at all why because they’re americans they wear sweatshirts they don’t think sweatshirts are dirty dirty and anyone who wears them is poor middle class yuck that’s what trump is actually saying now this story just broke and it’s not good for us all right so you guys ready for it jezebel reporting on an interview that has been unearthed featuring uh dr oz

Weighing in on the issue of incest this is from 2014 when he was on the breakfast club host angela yee asked oz to weigh in on a question sent in by a listener about someone struggling with an incestuous relationship i’m going to ask you this and you tell me if this is safe for this person okay ye prompted oz well he said ye i can’t stop smashing my cousin that

Means sleeping with thank you ye so that was the question right yeah um and then she continued to read out the question we hooked up at a young age and now in our 20s she still wants it no matter how much i want to stop i always give it to her help me what advice would you give that person um but oz took it in a direction that you probably didn’t expect ah said

If you’re more than a first cousin away it’s not a big problem yi responds with okay so second cousin is fine to smash charlemagne says it’s so funny because i knew that dj envy says how did you know that charlemagne says because i’m from the country and oz says yeah it’s fine it’s not a standard answer okay smashing cousins dr oz in favor but okay so look in

Reality in the old world where dr oz is from not just turkey but a lot of immigrants are there second cousins that are married to one another of course is it also true in the country as as charlemagne said yes okay is that a thing you should say and celebrate on air probably not right now let’s flip it let’s say that fetterman had said it what would the right wing

Say oh they would they’d be like oh he’s a groomer look at what he’s saying he wants incest and then they would go they’d call him you know a phantom and says for the rest of his life and they would never ever stop so you’ll see this dr oz story people get a giggle out of it and then you’ll probably never see it again thanks for watching the young turks really

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Trump Accuses Fetterman of Using Fentanyl By The Young Turks