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Truvada vs Descovy

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Gilda Wabbit

Hello how are you doing you don’t remember me it’s your prep boy bunny and gilda wabbit here to answer any questions you still might have about prep what is prep i’ll repeat it again it is pre-exposure prophylaxis a drug that when taken once a day can help prevent the transmission of hiv it is up to 99 effective now when we last spoke i discussed with you

Two types of prep there is truvada and discove now truvada and descovi are two little blue pills that you take once a day and both of them are equally as effective at fighting the transmission of hiv but there are some differences truvada has been available on the market for over eight years but discovery was only approved by the fda and made available to all

Of us in 2019. both are blue pills that are prescribed to be taken once per day however discovery is much smaller and easier to swallow you know the old saying bigger isn’t always better it’s not the size of the boat it’s the motion of the ocean or in this case how effective it is at preventing the transmission of hiv dyscovi is safer for people with kidney

Issues and is also safer for those with osteoporosis or who are worried about bone density loss looking at you grandma while truvada is tested and proven effective for all people dyscovia is recommended for and preferred by gay and bisexual men as well as trans women because it has fewer side effects however women trans men and those who inject drugs are still

Prescribed truvada until further studies on dyscovia have been concluded it takes about seven days of taking truvada or discovery for you to receive the maximum effectiveness that is 99 effective against the transmission of hiv don’t get lazy now take that pill currently both drugs cost the same without insurance that is about 18.50 a month 1 850 a month

It sounds expensive except at the music city prep clinic everything is free and when i say everything is free i mean everything the doctor’s visit the lab work costs for testing for all stds including hiv hepatitis a b and c and the prep medication which is delivered directly to you no waiting at the pharmacy for this little blue package your provider at the

Music city prep clinic will help you determine which type of prep is most appropriate for you dyskovia or truvada both truvada and dyscovi require that you’re seen by your provider every three months so they can check your lab work and make sure that you stay healthy while you’re on the medication the music city prep clinic will keep you on schedule and there

Is never a charge ever like i said everything is free with 3 500 patients and the goal of more than 4 000 by the end of 2020 music city prep is helping stop the spread of hiv all across tennessee don’t wait call today and become one of their patients who knows it might be a good time for you to feel prepped and ready for a gay old time

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Truvada vs Descovy By Music City PrEP Clinic