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Trying CEFDINIR antibiotic for a urinary tract infection after having my Foley catheter removed

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Hey everybody uh so i don’t know if you know but last thursday i got my catheter out after three weeks and while i had that catheter and i did two things of antibiotics with this antibiotics that people usually call macrobid um and i didn’t have urinary tract infections but when i got it out they didn’t give me any more uh of that and where i think we’re all

Hoping that it would just be good but it was not uh yesterday i had a fever and everything and today i got through the night and tylenol brought the fever down i got through the night and today i realized that it was pretty clearly a uti and so it’s interesting because i go to the university of washington medical center but the university of washington metals

The university of washington medical center doesn’t have a lot of urgent cares in the bellevue area they used to have one but they don’t so but there’s an evergreen hospital urgent care right near me and i like going there they’re good that’s where i went to the emergency room last time god i this life right so much drama there’s so much drama so i went there

Uh i well let me tell you like what happened with your uti before i went so first of all i had a fever i didn’t feel good and i was uh going to the bathroom fairly often and urgently and i was having a bit of trouble if i didn’t get there in time there was leakage that would happen that happened a couple of times and um it was strange it was like i don’t and i

Had some pain which i thought was just because i had a catheter but maybe was not and so i went to the evergreen urgent care today and they did a urine test and i do have urinary tract infection so instead of uh subscribing microbid macrobid they uh prescribed me sef near c-e-f-d-i-n-i-r i don’t know how to pronounce that seven denier sev oh you know old seth

Sef denir you know him um or her i don’t know if seth is a guy or a girl or them right i think there are they yeah they’re definitely are they actually and um so i’m gonna try my first seftoneer with you here’s a beautiful pill pale right we need our beautiful pill can i get it in focus probably not it’s always tricky to get things in focus sometimes oh well

Anyway you get the idea of what it looks like does that even really matter um so let’s try it let’s see if it’s the most delicious thing we ever had just about destroyed my water bottle you hold it the wrong if you hold it up here it’ll squish in you got to hold it in the part in the middle okay so here we go let me cut this i got to get this camera perfect here’s

My little seth denir thank you them oh that’s delicious it tastes like nothing goes down easy um not a lot of drama which is something i appreciate oh god i just dropped my water bottle cap and i gotta pick it up because my dog will think it’s a fun toy i keep looking at my face like have i never done videos before a lot a lot um so that was nice so what i’m

Looking forward to is when you have an infection like this i have multiple sclerosis too if you don’t know that’s why this channel is called sclerodeo um and when you have an infection like this you get a bit of maybe a bit a little bit or a lot a bit of a pseudo exacerbation just a second my nose is reaching me you get a little bit so last night when i had

The fever it was tough to walk even with a walker i was really worried because i was like how am i going to get to urging care because i definitely should not be driving when i my legs are this week but luckily the fever went down with the tylenol so i was able to safely drive and uh but i still feel pretty weak i’m plus i’m like a little sick feeling you know i

Just have that foggy head thing and where you hit your hat in the middle of your video and you’re like what’s going on that thing i got that and so what i hope is what i’ve had happen before when i had one the event that made me realize pseudo exacerbations were real i took a um antibiotic and i after about two hours everything was back to normal so i hope

Something like that happens now if not it’ll happen eventually you know i’ve been in pretty rough shape since these surgeries and today i was thinking like i hope i get back to normal whatever i mean i was tripping in normal times that wasn’t great so i don’t know what normal is anymore we’re gonna have to find out right i don’t know that i can reasonably walk

Without a walker um i mean i can walk without a walker but whether it’s a good idea right there’s too many trips right now i definitely wouldn’t want to walk very far without a walker but before this infection i was walking through my house without a walker pretty i was being very cautious but it was definitely doable so i hope at least that comes back i mean i

Don’t know why it wouldn’t but yeah at this point i don’t take anything for granted um this is my story this is what i’m going through it’s rough you know i have a lot more rough things to tell you too not yeah i do not necessarily bad news things but harsh realities of bladder cancer and uh not not today though right there’s too much um and so yeah thanks

For watching my video uh come back and i’m i i won’t live in shame right i won’t live in the closet and i was telling my friend today that like whatever happens to me i’m gonna be public about it because i don’t want to have to hide things i don’t want to have to have secrets and even though those secrets are horrible or not secrets you know things that could

Be secrets are horrible i’d rather have everybody know and that will help other people right to say like look you had this happen you had bladder cancer happen to you is it a rough time yeah there’s lots of people like you and it is a rough time and we feel for you we care about you and even if in my one of my hard times right now that i’m going through i still

Have enough to care about you too right because i don’t feel great and i know you might not feel great and it’s okay right and we’re gonna fight our way through this and i when i say the word fight i mean fight to just get through the day right and uh we’ll win that fight i think yeah so that that’s good news wasn’t i closing this video down i love making these

Videos so i’ll talk to you soon though uh there’s a lot to say and thank you for watching have a great day

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Trying CEFDINIR antibiotic for a urinary tract infection after having my Foley catheter removed By Sclerodeo