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TTC: Letrozole Cycle Days 4-8 – Symptoms, Thoughts, and My Experience!

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At my last doctor’s appointment she diagnosed me with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and put me on 2.5mg of Letrozole to take in the beginning of my cycle. This is my first time taking Letrozole or any kind of fertility medication and I wanted to document my experience on it. I’m feeling hopeful about this cycle!

Hi so it is february 25th 2021 and i’m about to take clutches for the first time okay i’ve been waiting to take this for a really long time and my doctor finally thinks that i have pcos and finally thinks that this is gonna help i’ve thought this for a long time so the fact that she agrees with me is really good so i really hope this is helpful and this makes

It our month and that this gives us what we’ve been missing so i just have to document this moment because i feel like it’s important so let’s do someone tell me why am i crying about taking this one is not in a bad way like in a really good way of like like i can’t believe this i really hope this one doesn’t let’s do it what’s up it’s dark it’s nighttime

I uh i’m taking my fourth dose of my lunch results uh i have five doses so i have tonight and then i have tomorrow and then i’ll be done which is crazy my doctor diagnosed me with pcos at this last visit i thought that all of my charts came back normal and my blood work came back normal and everything but apparently my amh levels were slightly high i think

Maybe another level was a little high too and then my periods have been getting more irregular this last month was a 43 day cycle and the one before that was like a 38 day cycle which they kept getting longer so she said let’s try the letrazole and let’s see if it helps with ovulation so the hope is that after i finish this then five to ten days after my last

Pill is when i will ovulate um which is way better than day 29 lies like last month so i’ll be super happy if that’s what happens i already feel like i see some differences i feel like i feel like my mood is different like in a positive way i feel like i feel less stressed and less sad like maybe my hormones are balancing out which is great i didn’t realize

That it affected my emotions so much um i have some acne on my forehead i don’t know if you can see it there’s some acne on my forehead i don’t know how to show you which is not usually where i get acne usually it’s more on my chin kind of around my nose and my mouth so it’s interesting that it’s on my forehead um i’ve had fairly high hello poodle let’s bring

You closer hello are you here to visit she says it’s time to go to bed i want to go to bed i’ve had fairly high lh test so far she’s trying to get my chair i’ve had them 0.5.7 like they’ve been pretty high oh so i’m hoping that’s a precursor for what’s to come and that they continue to get higher and that i ovulate at a good time so i’m super happy i got on this

Medication it’s only 2.5 milligrams of flex results so it’s like i think the lowest dose that they give but i’m feeling good i’m feeling hopeful i’m feeling like this is a good thing a good sign a good a good start to the month so i’m gonna do my best to time everything well and we did some yoga tonight my husband and i did some yoga and we’re putting giving it

Our all this time feeling good feeling hopeful and uh really happy that my doctor gave this to me let’s hope it works it’s our last night this is the last one i feel good about taking this like my mood has not been this good in a very long time i have not had any side effects everything has just been like normal and i’m very thankful i uh hope this works i’m

Going to be tracking my lh throughout all the cycle and hopefully i’ll be like earlier than cycle day 29 like last month um but i just hope that this is what gets us the baby hope that our baby goes just so i’m glad that i was given this medication let’s take our last field we’re done let’s hope that uh this is the secret that does the trick i’ll see ya in

A couple weeks hopefully with uh some positive results and good news you

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TTC: Letrozole Cycle Days 4-8 – Symptoms, Thoughts, and My Experience! By Dear Baby