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#TTC #NewYoutuber Updated Medroxyprogesterone & Round 3 Letrozole 2.5 mg

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What is up gang gang gang it’s your girl shawna and i’m back with another video and i know it’s late y’all but here it go but before we jump in this video please subscribe to your girls channel make sure you like comment okay and follow all my social medias that will be at the bottom of this video so where should i start first okay so as you can see at the bottom

Of the title of this video i am still trying to conceive yes i am completely trying um the reason why i haven’t been really videoing is because as y’all know i video off my iphone my other iphone and it’s been tripping lately so i’m just gonna go ahead and do this quick little video it’s not going to be too long so make sure you look at my other videos if y’all

Know y’all been subscribing you know i’m trying to trying to conceive on my journey of trying to conceive so make sure you guys look at my other videos so y’all can catch up but the ones that’s already caught up let’s get on to it so now i’m in another round of lecture song but before i took the electrostar i was taking another brand of medicine um i’m gonna have

It down here so y’all can know what it’s called because i can’t pronounce it i just can’t but i took that so i can as you know that medicine can help you have a period because i have pcos a lot of you guys know what that is some women have it some people some women don’t have it um it’s really when your ovaries are all competing and a whole bunch of stuff it’s

Just a whole bunch of stuff if you need to look it up go google it and then you’ll get what i’m saying um basically the medicine is for to have um a period because i’m in regular of course and um i took it for you take it for 10 days and then you become after the 10 days like two to three days maybe you will have a period now if you don’t have a period by time

You take this medicine i advise you to contact your doctor as soon as possible because it could be a reason that you are pregnant or something else is going on that’s all i can tell you again i’m not a doctor this is just the information that my doctor told me so i will advise you guys to please call your doctor if you do not have a period um as soon as possible

Because you want to get checked to make sure nothing went wrong um but as far as that after you take the medicine um you wait for your period and today it’s like a one cycle day one for me um this has been a long journey guys so i’m just hoping and praying this works if it doesn’t it’s going to be okay because i have other we have other things that we can do to

Get the process going i hope um uh so after you take that medicine you go ahead and take your lecture sauce every everybody know that you saw it’s a fertility pill to help you ovulate after your um after your period because in order for you to ovulate and have a period you have you have to have that order to have a baby you just you just have to that’s just the

Way it goes so um yeah so once i uh on my fifth day of cycle which will be thursday um i will take that letrozole pill and then from day five to day nine there will be my you can really say my window of intercoursing so you know because i want everybody to know it’s very hard to uh keep up with your ovulating and your peak window when you’re in regular it

Really is hard that’s why i buy um ovulation kits on a daily and i try to take them at least like twice to one times a day i haven’t been really on it like that because i’m just not trying to press the issue but i am definitely um trying to let it go by day by day i have been testing daily but i don’t want to press the issue because i hope sorry about it guys

But back what i was saying um you know it’s very hard to like keep up with your ovulation so the best thing to do is to have um ovulation kits buy them if you need to buy them now i know they are expensive but if you’re trying to be serious about this you’re going to need ovulation especially if you’re in regular because it’s really hard so what i’m going to

Do little different this time is try to be on it but not really on it i’ll be nonchalant about it just because i don’t want to stress myself out like i did when i did my um two first rounds of lectures all and i feel like i didn’t really necessarily know my peak in my window correctly to be honest because i was just like i was just so excited to get a positive

So what i’m going to do this time is that i’m going to take my time and be nausea like i have been um and that’s just pretty much it so i have to take it from five the fifth day of my cycle to the ninth day of my cycle and that kind of gives me a window of where my peak is like i said i do use um i do use flow app and i also i use two apps i use this app as

Y’all can see i use this app and um i also use this this app i haven’t updated on this app because i use the other app more but i’m gonna give y’all a little idea now when i take my ovulation testes i normally edit them in here and as y’all see i have got good results since then um again this is just the app that i use there’s other apps out there but it’s

Good to keep track so you mentally and and the phone it may be a little different but in my mind it makes me feel as good as mentally ill my good mentally that i get the results exactly the way i read them so that’s what i use to make sure from how my ovulation is now i know like some people obviously like better in the daytime than the night time some people

Are better in my night time than the daytime it just all depends on the body and temperature and all that stuff so that’s pretty much what i’ve been doing guys this is why i have not been pressing the issue i just want to take this one step at a time and hope for the best this is my third round on retrosol so hopefully we’ll see how it goes and i’ll probably do

Another video on it um i’m not really sure but if i do apart from the next couple of days like i said i’m trying to do a nonchalant type of reaction because i want to be surprised when i found fine find out i can’t talk today when i find out if i am pregnant i’m still doing exactly everything that i need to do um i’m probably going to call my doctor tomorrow

And see um if i can get an appointment in it’s asap as soon as possible and that will be it now thank you guys for watching my video make sure you guys subscribe please comment if you have any advice um anything that can help me through this process and on my journey because i love taking you guys advice anything that would help so make sure make sure you guys

Comment like and subscribe to my channel join the game guys and i love you and i will see y’all next time

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#TTC #NewYoutuber Updated Medroxyprogesterone & Round 3 Letrozole 2.5 mg By Shanwna Gang