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Two Week Wait Diaries | The Days After Transfer | 1DP5DT and 2DP5DT | Simply Tanika IVF Journey

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Two Week Wait Diaries | The Days After Transfer | 1DP5DT and 2DP5DT | Simply Tanika IVF Journey

It’s all y’all almost i just wanted to come on and do a check-in for today for our um first two week wait kind of like i don’t know video diaries what’s up fertility babe let’s get these babies ladies grand rising friends yes it is one day post five day transfer there will be no testing i am i’m gonna tidy up a little bit not right at the second i gotta take

My meds it’s 8 10 and i’m gonna lie to kane myself but it’s a day after transfer i slept for the old and the new it was amazing i’m gonna do a sit down you guys will already have seen it by now but i need today to do a sit down of talking about the transfer experience because i did not record and um i don’t feel no type of way about that it went really wow it

Just went well and i was in the moment i wasn’t thinking about what i had to capture and making it make sense and all that stuff so yeah it was good largely uneventful i’m doing red raspberry tea red raspberry tea um largely uneventful there was a tiny hiccup with the subway well you guys have already seen the story so i’m not gonna go into it but i’m overall just

Extremely pleased with how it went and i slept so wow last night oh my god in the afternoon i think it was the volume i came home i had the two balls of chili i made two mug cakes but i only ate like one and a half lemon poppy seed mug cakes which is like this keto kind of dessert um that you just use with like an egg some butter in a cup and you do it in the

Microwave so that was really good and i had a little piece of chocolate of the dark chocolate and some cherries and then i just laid it on down until i set the alarm for eight to do my progesterone oil shot but i probably slept for another two hours i’m gonna say i did my shot around 11 and did my other meds around 11. i had taken the second prednisone earlier

Um before i took the volume because i didn’t want it to interfere i wanted to make sure that volume did its job anyway i wanted to come on and get the day started with you guys it’s mostly going to be a chill day i’m gonna do my meds meditation yoga and then i’m gonna figure out my cleaning schedule definitely the kitchen and i feel like i want to fold clothes and

There’s a whole bedroom full of clothes that need to be folded so that works out and then i gotta decide am i gonna start pulling out stuff for october it’ll probably be for the other channel because i’m gonna do vlogtober this year but i’m ready for pumpkins and gourds and leaves and all things fall it’s fun almost it’s 8 11. i had my alarm set i lied to came

Myself i took my meds i was getting ready to do my injection i lied again to my belly foreign i updated my days pass transfer board and i did my vitamins i think i need to do some meditation i’m a little squirrely today it’s okay it’s all good right girls yes yes it is oh my goodness okay um i love it when your tail wags yours too justice

Yes yes all right let me um let me go load this dishwasher up before i make an attempt at this should i even do this salad at this point i should because then that way i have it to munch on later right here i’m watching somebody’s labor and delivery watching watching labor and to let down of pregnancy tests days past transfer and days past ovulation because why

Discriminate i just want to know i just want to see pregnancy test i think i just i’m feeling a little squirrely i need to like ground myself so i’m gonna go wash the dishes that’s always grounding hands in water and then come up with a game plan from there all right it is night time this is two days past five day transfer i’m getting ready to do my progesterone and

Oil i did lidocaine the right spot tonight i’m in here playing a game trying to get all of this out of the bottle it’s not really designed to get all out but we’ll we’ll try tomorrow i want to use every last drop of progesterone in a while why i don’t know it’s a challenge now i have like seven bottles of progesterone in my um ivf bag or my assisted reproductive

Technology bag we’re already done with the ivf part anyway i just wanted to come on and do a check-in for today for our um first two week wait kind of like i don’t know video diaries i don’t know what this is um what has happened today i was tired um i got off to a slow start i was up like oh sorry very early like 4am and oh my god i’m so sorry to get on camera

And start picking my teeth i just felt something that was pretty much it i had a little bit of pinchy feeling but i don’t think that’s related to anything because i have that pinchy feeling before the embryo was on board so it might just be like how my bodies react until the love knocks or not i’m editing the video with dr thornton for you guys where he went over

The my immune immune report immunology report however you want to say it and the love knocks is to help with blood supply to the uterus and to help babies stick on there so you you’ve probably already seen that video by now but i thought that was interesting i wanted to edit that one because the well i’ll tell you guys on that video you already heard anyway so

Yeah and i’ve added zinc and magnesium to my vitamins that i’m going to take just because that blood work i got last week the zinc and magnesium were low um i also have been doing my hydrate i did one i’m now i’m just doing a regular water the struggle is real although the color of my lips is finally coming back from that smoke and i was doing earlier this year

Where they just turned completely black well dark brown so i do feel like my oxygen and my water is getting better but the doctor did say like you look dehydrated so to drink more water so i’m working on it i’m working on it i kind of want to go get an iv but then i’m like one it’s expensive at this point two i don’t know that it’s gonna do any good three is

It safe for baby so water i gotta drink more water yeah so that’s kind of it nothing else i mean technically this would be like if i were conventionally pregnant i would be seven dpo right now so you really wouldn’t expect anything to happen but yeah that’s kind of it my brain is a little bit scattered i’m trying to stay grounded i definitely am going to do a

Meditation before i go to sleep i think i’m gonna need to do twice a day just to like not be crazy or to be less crazy all right that’s it two days post five day transfer i’m out

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Two Week Wait Diaries | The Days After Transfer | 1DP5DT and 2DP5DT | Simply Tanika IVF Journey By Simply Tanika