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tysabri a prescription medicine I have multiple sclerosis 360 video 5.7 k DMT DMD

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I’m really lucky to be able to get a four weekly infusion of Tysabri Which has been instrumental in me not having any more relapses because my immune system gets through my blood brain barrier and attacks my myelin sheath

Oh another drug that i am prescribed this is a 360 video you can move the screen around you can drag it drag it and you can look over there there’s a man with a dog over there look over there look look this has been hugely beneficial for me it’s called tisabri it’s a it’s an infusion that you get every four weeks or eight weeks depending on how much your doctor’s

Willing to spend on you and the idea is that disability binds to the t cells a particular type of t cells that get through the blood brain barrier and by binding to those t-cells they are denied access to the brain barrier and stops your relapses from happening that’s the theory anyway and for me i had an mri and i had really bad news on my mri like totally

Your brain doesn’t exist anymore kind of bad news and then long story short i got um a prescription of tisabri from professor hobart at terrafit hospital and then since i was getting that infusion every four weeks i had an mri another mri and from that other mri it was easy to see that i did not have new lesions that i did not have developed existing lesions

The treatment was bloody working i was so happy with that i was one of my most happiest happiests because the type of um relapses that i was getting was uh explainable by my immune system getting attacked through my brain barrier and when they stopped my immune system when they took away his keys to get in the blood brain or the brain the relapses stopped and

So although they can’t reverse the damage they can stop further damage or at least if this was the case for me but i have to be careful so one of the other medicines that i have which is related and i’ll talk about it is called a cyclavir and that’s an antiviral and that’s to stop you getting the jc virus because uh if you’ve got no immune system going through

Your blood brain barrier if you get a jc virus or something in your brain and then it’s like a little others or something some sort of medical term and then if you get that you’re as good as gone so that’s why i take the acyclovir oh look what’s for sale look let’s have a look at this boat for sale would you buy this boat have a look over there if you like these

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tysabri a prescription medicine I have multiple sclerosis 360 video 5.7 k DMT DMD By multiple sclerosis Vlog