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Understanding Melatonin with Dr. Carrie Jones

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This webinar is to review melatonin and all of its wonderful uses as we do test it on the dutch complete test melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain and it helps regulate other hormones and maintains the body’s circadian rhythm the circadian rhythm is this internal 24-hour clock that plays a really important role when we fall asleep and

When we wake up basically when it’s dark your body produces more melatonin and when you’re exposed to light the production of melatonin drops i’d like to say that with cortisol cortisol is like the sun and melatonin is like the moon cortisol should be high through the day and melatonin should be high through night if you’re exposed to bright lights in the evening

Or too little light during the day you may have abnormal levels of melatonin jetlag shift workers and poor vision can all be a real problem with melatonin cycles the main hormone just before melatonin on the steroid pathway is serotonin and it takes two different snips to make melatonin if there is a problem with one of those snips or with your serotonin levels

You may have a problem with your melatonin melatonin is a really important antioxidant and has a number of responsibilities besides just helping you sleep for example melatonin helps control the timing and release of your female reproductive hormones same for men it helps determine when a woman starts to menstruate the frequency and duration of her cycles and when

She stops menstruating or goes into menopause if her circadian rhythm is off she may notice that her menstrual cycle is off also preliminary evidence suggests it can really help strengthen the immune system it may also help lower the 8o hdg levels as tested on the dutch complete test that’s reviewed on a different webinar low levels of melatonin may contribute

To high levels of 8o h d g which you don’t want while more research is needed several studies have shown that melatonin may have cardioprotective properties because of its antioxidant and inflammatory effects for example it may help lower blood pressure levels and it might help improve cholesterol profiles melatonin is critical for making secreting and action of

Insulin now insulin is really important for blood sugar management the action of melatonin regulates the expression of this particular transporter called a glut for or glucose type 4 and this triggers phosphorylation of the insulin receptor when you have a reduction in melatonin you may get an increase in insulin resistance the more insulin resistance you have

The more likely you are to go on to develop diabetes and of course excess weight gain especially around the middle melatonin is really important for making sure this doesn’t happen it’s often said that sleep is critical for healthy weight management and this may be a reason why because of its antioxidant status melatonin is also being researched in the oncology

Field as it’s known that those women with breast cancer often have lower melatonin levels as do men with prostate cancer be aware that melatonin is also made 400 to 500 times more from the entero chromaffin cells in the gut than in the pineal gland when you have gastrointestinal upset or distress melatonin is made to act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

Right in your gi tract now common reasons for higher melatonin in could be that you just make higher levels of melatonin some people just have really robust levels be aware though that stress can also mildly raise melatonin it’s an antioxidant and it’s anti-inflammatory supplementation those people taking melatonin will show high levels of melatonin on the dutch

Test the dutch test is definitely used as a baseline as we can’t monitor melatonin supplementation with the results gut inflammation will raise melatonin again as it is protective those people taking 5-htp or sammy or tryptophan supplements may have higher levels of melatonin because they’re raising their sera it’s debated but certain ssris that are used for

Depression may raise melatonin levels the birth control pill has been shown to slightly raise melatonin and certain foods are high in melatonin such as cherries walnuts mustard corn rice ginger peanuts barley oats asparagus and tomatoes now what can cause low melatonin or suppress melatonin well of course the number one thing is exposure to blue light at night for

Those people that are on their phones and their computers and their tablets consider cutting out those things about an hour before bedtime or by those blue blight blocking glasses that have the orange frames so that you don’t get an increase in cortisol and a suppression of melatonin right before bed caffeine will raise melatonin tobacco will raise melatonin if

You have mutations and those two genetic snips one of them is known as the aaa na t and the other one is known as the asm t those are the snips that move from serotonin to melatonin if you have a problem there then you won’t be able to make melatonin genetically again ssris specifically prozac or fluoxetine is shown to suppress melatonin calcium channel blockers

For blood pressure such as verapamil or diltiazem they can suppress melatonin beta blockers like atenolol metoprolol prantle all and nsaids those of you who are taking aspirin or ibuprofen aleve motrin advil especially and later in the day when you’re trying to go to bed you may have decreased levels of melatonin as well when you’re looking at the dutch test you

Want to look at the bottom of page four under dutch extras or the top of page five where this the adrenal page on the dutch report melatonin is pulled off of the waking sample now this is confusing to a lot of people why would we pull it off the waking sample when you’re looking at urinary hormones what happens is that melatonin is made through the night and

Then it’s pushed into the kidneys and the kidneys push it into the bladder and it’s held there until you wake up first thing in the morning so the waking urinary sample that you take actually reflects all the hormones through the night including melatonin we don’t do a melatonin test on the bedtime sample because the bedtime sample actually reflects the last

Couple of hours before bed and we’re trying to catch melatonin as is all through the night therefore we check it on the waking sample thank you so much for listening to this webinar on melatonin if you have any questions please feel free to contact us as we are always happy to help

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Understanding Melatonin with Dr. Carrie Jones By Precision Analytical