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Understanding The Importance Of Melatonin

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Use this one hormone for your heart, cancers, brain, energy, beauty, and longevity!

Hold up i hope you’re having a great day and i hope you staying safe at home today i want to talk about something that we talk about constantly but i will keep on talking about it until it becomes part of our lifestyle because at the end of today there is a bitter ugly truth and there is a lie that plagues all of us you know and we don’t want to face it we

Don’t want to face the cause of most of our suffering when it comes to health problems we don’t want to face the cause face the cause of most of the root causes of our diseases you know heart attacks happen cancers happen diabetes alzheimer’s and you know while we get emotional and you know we watch the suffering of other people what is the change that we bring

At a preventive level in our own life everyone knows it not many people do it because we take human life for granted because we take our health for granted and we moan and we grave away the people who pass away with lifestyle diseases which could have been prevented or could have been made better but we never learned to change that we don’t learn from nature

We started depending so heavily on complication on technology on science which we should but we should never ever forget there’s something called nature there is something called nature we are products of nature we have an intelligence within us which we don’t harness to use in our recovery process which we don’t harness to use in our preventive process when

It comes to disease and lifestyle what i’m talking about today because everyone’s chasing how do we anti-age you know how do we look more beautiful how do i wake up with no dark circles how do i wake up with no puffiness i want to glow in my skin i want to feel energetic i want my immune system to be strong i don’t want bone pain and arthritis and autoimmune

Conditions well let me tell you the simplest way of doing that by harnessing the intelligence of your own body the hormone that i’m talking about today is a hormone that your body produces every single day but with the current lifestyle we live we’re producing lesser and lesser of it not allowing the hormone to do the job which i just told you about which is

Everything from your skin to your hair to your reproductive system fertility your sex drive your energy your thinking your hunger your weight your pcos all of these things i’m talking about melatonin i’m talking about a hormone that our pineal glands produce every single day as the sun begins to set as natural darkness takes over our the place that we live

We start to produce melatonin melatonin has several functions and today scientifically it’s called several different names it’s called the sleep hormone it’s called the beauty hormone it’s called the glow hormone it’s called the anti-aging hormone it’s called the anti-cancer hormone recorded in science because we all know that melatonin acts as literally

A hormone that roams around your body identifying proliferation of cells cancer cells and informing your immune system so if we don’t have the right amount of melatonin we are missing out on use using a large part of our immune systems to help us with detection of cancers or early diseases that strike us and then we say oh we don’t know where it came from

Then we say oh we don’t know it’s just a deadly disease and we put posts on our facebook pages you know lashing out the disease and all of that stuff all emotional driven by emotion what about common sense emotion is one thing what about common sense what about when science is telling us today that most cancers are caused that have a correlation with sleep

Deprivation but we don’t want to face that because we don’t want to accept something that we find difficult to change it’s also called the energy hormone it’s also called the deep rest hormone today we know through science that melatonin is also found in our gut impacting digestion acidity bloating signaling between the brain melatonin receptors are even found

In the pancreas signaling to us that the moment melatonin starts to get produced okay our pancreas start to slow down which is why eating your dinner on time early we’re never meant to digest late night meals the pancreas also decide to shut down but then we decide to have a late night meal digestion becomes difficult because our pancreas also produce digestive

Enzymes blood sugar levels every doctor will tell you you have a late night meal look at your blood sugar levels the next morning because the pancreas are supposed to slow down but by eating a meal and now it has to even generate insulin and digestive enzymes which is not natural to the human body it will still do it because the body believes in survival so it

Will do it but we compromise the function so we know melatonin is found in the gut as it starts to get dark to get darker and darker we produce melatonin it starts roaming around in our blood signaling to all of our organs to start shutting down to prepare you for rest what does melatonin do for us energy because the deeper we sleep melatonin is responsible for

That you can meditate do pranayama listen to uh you know music all of that stuff these are relaxation techniques great helpful but if you don’t have the right amount of melatonin or your melatonin is disrupted you have all of these problems if you’re sleep deprived you wake up with low energy levels and then you think you need to fix a bit more and more

Coffee more and more sugar more and more carbohydrates where the actual problem was lack of sleep because you didn’t have the right amount of melatonin to put you to sleep melatonin affects our concentration which is why today when you look at dementia parkinson’s alzheimer’s any of the neurological brain degenerative conditions it is related to poor sleep

Habits and a lot of other things could be b vitamin deficiency lifestyle stress many things but sleep comes up in every single scientific article because while you sleep your brain rejuvenates your cells you have your glymphatic system which is the brain detoxification system that can only activate when you are sleeping in deep sleep so if we don’t sleep

Well we don’t activate the lymphatic system to the best of its ability and we wake up with more toxicity in our brain the same way we wake up with more toxicity in our liver and our kidney and all of that stuff the glymphatic system is your brain’s detoxification system and we need to use it immunity immunity immunity immunity you can wear your masks get your

Vaccination have turmeric garlic ginger and all of that stuff work out take walks in nature but sleep is the primary mechanism for a strong immune system we know that with sleep deprivation you disable your immune system the production of nk cells that’s your natural killer cells to your lymphocytes to your t cells everything gets impacted your innate immune

System and your adaptive immune system which is one one of the most beautiful parts of nature in animals and human beings when we are sick the body tries to slow us down we feel tired because we’re meant to sleep and as we recover okay the immune system the adaptive immune system kicks in in a state of complete rest we get better you look at any animal this

Is the biggest comparison that all of us make all the time in the health world look at an animal that gets injured they find a quiet place in the shade they lick their wounds they won’t move until they heal and because they take rest they heal much much faster but we humans don’t do that we’re sick we want painkillers we want to take all of the drugs so that

We can continue leading our abuser lifestyles i’m saying abusive because when you’re sick you need to rest but you’re abusing it when you go against the laws of nature you interrupted your own immune system and then people wonder why their immune systems are not strong so sleep and melatonin have a huge connection with your immunity your eye health your eye

Health is dependent on melatonin as well your skin why is it called a beauty hormone you know the cosmetic industry that sells under eye gels and creams and stuff like that i’m yet to find one that works because it may just give you a little bit of a difference when you look at yourself in the mirror but the reason why most people don’t have a glow in their

Face and they have dark circles and under eye puffiness when they wake up is because guess what when you sleep there is blood circulation to the face when there is poor blood circulation it pools up in the areas below your eyes and that’s why you tend to look tired or puffy when you wake up in the morning everyone’s chasing collagen supplements i don’t have a

Problem with that but do you know that melatonin is responsible for triggering off the production of natural collagen in your body collagen helps us to tighten our skin it gives us that tone it helps us from getting wrinkles it gives us a glow everything but you’re searching for it in a package your own body has the ability to produce it that’s why they call

It your beauty sleep when you sleep deeply you wake up naturally looking beautiful if not you got to slap on the makeup the eye gels and all of that stuff and you know it’s not going to last you know the moment it’s off your face you have the same dull complexion with the under eye bags hanging you can fix it by fixing your sleep so while the world continues

To sell you all these shortcuts you know it deep down in your heart that they never work which is why you move from one product to another one cream to another but the smart people will realize my sleep is my medicine my sleep is my vaccination my sleep is my beauty pill that i take every single day the smart ones realize it the not so smart ones spend a lot

Of money it’s up to you inflammation because melatonin is also a powerful antioxidant during the day we breed in fumes from the car passive smoking people who smoke pollutants in the air okay all of these create free radicals and inflammation inflammation creates disease that’s why we produce melatonin antioxidant neutralizes the free radicals makes us better

And healthier but when we compromise melatonin we’ve compromised the antioxidant activity in the human body melatonin slows down rapid aging you can do all the botox in the world all of that stuff my question to you is i’m not against it i’m not judging you how long are you going to be able to do it for after a while even that’s not going to work so do it

If you have to but also try to improve your sleep which is a natural anti-aging mechanism for you because of melatonin it is great for your gut health heart patients have to sleep period you can take your statins you can do your bypass surgeries but everyone knows scientifically the connection between melatonin inflammation and heart whether you’re a stroke

Patient or a bypass patient a high blood pressure patient whatever it is if you want to improve your cardiovascular health sleep is required you’ve got to make the sacrifices to sleep better if you want a stronger heart how many more bypasses are you going to do how many more statins are you going to take without side effects which are eventually going to

Cause more problems for you everything that you’re taking today in the artificial material world is not sustainable that’s why we’re into something called chronic sickness what’s the next medicine for my new symptom take it but you have sleep a natural intelligence built into your body hormonal health every young girl out there every young boy out there young

Teenager old adult whatever it is you have a hormonal imbalance mainly because you don’t have the right amount of sleep melatonin is a hormone that plays a huge role in your pcos your period cycle in men in your testosterone level your body weight your body fat abdominal fat everything related to a hormonal imbalance requires good amounts of sleep when you

Sleep deprived you wake up with a hormonal imbalance you have a hormonal imbalance you can have any hormonally induced condition or disease so you can fix it with pills fix it with homeopathy fix it with exercise but it won’t work unless you add sleep you add sleep to your dimension of your healing weight gain thyroid everyone knows thyroid adrenal fatigue

Lack of sleep being too tired being too fatigued so if you’re trying to heal your thyroid as well and reverse your thyroid function which a lot of the medical world still says that you can’t do although there are hundreds and thousands of people reversing their thyroid and their own doctors pull them off their medication but yet they don’t want to say it’s

Reversible they do it when they change their lifestyle and when they start to learn to slow down and sleep better diabetes one night of sleep deprivation check your blood sugar levels this is an open challenge to any diabetic out there it’ll be all over the place deep sleep sugar levels more in balance of course add in all the other lifestyle changes that you

Have to do so there you go now what disrupts melatonin we produce it naturally artificial light as the sun sets so yes it’s impractical for us to go to sleep right after sunset but what you can do change the lighting in your home you need warm lights you need to move back to the old warm lights all of these led led lights and artificial lights and stuff is

Disrupting our hormones and as we move into the evening after sunset you want to start dimming down the lights brings us to the second point impractical for me to tell you get off social media get off your gadgets don’t watch tv it’s not practical but what we can do one hour before bedtime even better if you can two hours before bedtime put off your tv put

Off your phones put off everything else you’ll have all the excuses in the world not to do it but where there’s a will there’s a way period your excuses are your problems the solutions are up to you so artificial light disrupts melatonin let me show you how because the moment light comes on circadian rhythm your body doesn’t know whether it’s day or night

Consciously you know but your body doesn’t because we’re governed by the circadian rhythm light and darkness these are the two signaling mechanisms so your body starts to think hey you’re awake so your melatonin decreases you don’t feel sleepy you start to feel hungry because your body thinks it’s daytime so it doesn’t cut down appetite anymore so we have

Disruption confusing okay not getting enough of sun you can start building up on your beautiful melatonin the moment you wake up connect with sunlight in the morning spend some time in the sun you miss it in the morning get some in the evening because the more sunlight that we get we produce serotonin serotonin is a precursor to melatonin you can’t have

Melatonin without serotonin you need sunlight for serotonin and as the sun sets whatever balance serotonin is there it gets converted into melatonin so you see the beautiful integration of nature and the intelligence of our body technology can’t explain that it’s as simple as that but it exists it always existed we’ve just not used it the right way so it’s

Important for you to connect with the sun in the morning even if it’s for five minutes during the day just look outside your window look outside a natural light in the evenings as well get a sunset if you can what else disrupts it too much of coffee a lot of people say oh luke i can have coffee right before i sleep now maybe you can maybe you can’t sleep but

It is disrupting melatonin you may sleep because you’re tired physically but it is disrupting melatonin so coffee isn’t bad unless you’re abusing it and you’re having it at the wrong times your diet if you’re eating late night meals you’re disrupting melatonin it’s as simple as that have your meals earlier certain foods now there are nuts and seeds sweet

Potato milk ethically sourced dairy olives cooked tomatoes asparagus these can help you with the melatonin production through precursors so these are things that you can put into your diet what else how do you increase your relaxation after the sun sets you finished your day a warm bath listening to music okay reading meditation prayer spending time with your

Family talking to your parents or your loved ones these are things that make us feel relaxed but most people they start to get more tense at the end of the day because they’re already worried about what’s going to happen tomorrow they’re just mindlessly consuming content and entertainment and stuff like that because they don’t want to face what they should be

Facing and then all those problems have to finally surface what you push down deeper in you has to come up when does it come up just before you’re gonna go to sleep and it’s impossible for you to sleep when there’s chatter in your mind thoughts in your mind fear in your mind everything that you should have handled during the day so that one to two hours of

Shutting ourselves away from television and gadgets before we sleep is the time that we can use the plan our day go over things reflection pray herbal drinks chamomile teas essential oils whatever it is whatever it is that helps you to incite relaxation this is the beauty of the circadian rhythm today we put our patients on melatonin supplemental melatonin

If required whether they’re going through cancer alzheimer’s or whatever it is not because they can’t sleep a lot of them can sleep but because we want to make use of melatonin as a hormone people out there are willing to take progesterone estrogen testosterone and all of that stuff as a shortcut to fix their hormonal imbalances melatonin is something that

You can use naturally so if you want to look better glow natural age look at the length of your life with quality recover from your conditions faster if you are not using melatonin naturally or supplemented if your professionals tell you to do it you’re missing out on a huge huge part of your recovery and yes to all the people who have plateaued with their

Weight loss and their fat loss if your sleep ain’t good it’s very difficult for you to lose that belly fat and that abdominal fat it’s all interconnected with your sleep with your hormones and that’s why you can never punish weight of your body you have to aim for healthy functioning where everything in your body is working in the right way and then your

Body looks after your weight and your body looks after your fat have you ever questioned yourself why is my body holding on to so much of fat and weight no matter how much i’m punishing it with diets and exercise and supplements and all of that stuff have you ever tried thinking about that why is my body not releasing the weight because it doesn’t have the

Right balance to do so and you can create that balance with your lifestyle so now let me add before i end everyone will be saying oh my life’s gonna be so boring if i have to follow melatonin and sleep let me tell you some of the happiest healthiest people with the most social lives jet set lives learn how to balance their lives balance their days balance

Their work entertainment social and sleep well that is up to you it is your choice you either have an excuse or you have a choice and when you follow excuses then you start getting into a spiral of blame and complain and complication when you move into action simplicity you start using nature nature works for you have you have you understood the amount of

Health obsessed people out there well from the time they wake up till the time they sleep they only think about what they should exercise how much they should exercise what they should eat they’re watching videos draw that’s not living that’s ridiculous your body is designed to look after you all you need to do is give it the platform the right sleep the right

Quantity and quality of nutrition the right amount of movement and try to be happy work on your emotional health and your body’s intelligence takes care of the rest but today most people are trying to be more intelligent in the body and try to break down their lives and move into extremes and do everything and yet they’re failing it isn’t working extremes are

Not working extremes are making you fail extremes are making you eccentric if extremes are making you egoistic and you want to defend your point of view move on to the other side simplicity enjoy the beauty of life be happy with the meals you eat do what’s right for your body stop comparing yourselves with the world you’re never going to be like anyone else

Be you build the extraordinary you and that is when you start living rather than just existing have a great weekend everyone after next time eat smart move more sleep right and breathe deep and remember uk is all about you you

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Understanding The Importance Of Melatonin By Luke Coutinho