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UPDATE #1: My Overactive Thyroid Story: Methimazole

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I have been taking Methimazole for a little over 2 weeks now and I thought I’d give you guys an update on my situation. Thanks for watching and please subscribe if you want to keep up with me.

Looks like it actually came down guys we’re waiting for the thunderstorms begin and there it is alright so that’s not why we’re here we’re not here for the storm i’m gonna give you guys a quick update on my thyroid issue so i’ve been on the medication right in the thigh muscle i think i mentioned that in my first video where i talked about this methimazole i’m

In the grimms i’ve been taking it now a theme for a little over two weeks my exactly shawn the timeline think it’s a little over two weeks i know it’s over a week and a half for sure but anyways i feel great man you know when i first started taking with it muscle i looked online did some research on what exactly this medication was what to expect you know i read

An anti thyroid medications which i believe is what the thing was always right but i was doing some research on it and i read that it’s possible to get liver damage so i brought that up to my doctor we were first talking about this when you first prescribed me timo’s oh i brought that up and he said that if my dosage was higher then there was more of a risk but

Since i’m only got five milligrams it’s not much of a risk so i started taking that and i also read that it can take anyone it can take anywhere from a week to two a week to eight weeks to actually start feeling better for the symptoms to start kind of going away and for you to feel normal again so for the first week it was kind of rough you know it seemed like

It actually got worse but then no sudden i start freaking great i mean the difference was like night and day you know it’s just from one day to the next you know sorry bad really shitty and then of a sudden i didn’t have palpitations i thought was having them i wasn’t out of breath you know i was able to drink coffee i even one day i drank three cups of coffee

Sometime last week the thing that’s pretty amazing you know i wasn’t waking up feeling tired i was waking up with my heart pounding of racing so of course i noticed that right away yesterday we went for a walk i think 20 minute walk i was actually able to play basketball with my kids you know some that i haven’t been able to do something that would have definitely

You know had me almost caught that one so does methimazole work i’m pretty sure it’s the medication that’s kicking in because like i said the way i was feeling i wouldn’t been able to do anything like that walk of 20 minutes play basketball run all my kids know that stuff even playing frisbee was something that was getting me you know really worked up and tired

And making me feel like crap so today on reddit someone sent me a message asking me how the medication was working and i told him that hey you know it’s everyone’s different he said that he or she i think it was he he said that he had the same similar experience like i was having and asked me how the medication worked and that’s all everybody’s different and was

Gonna react their own way to medication but for me at work or it seems to be working you know again is some time in three weeks that’s scheduled blood work and then i have to go see the doctor he’s going to be warmer levels are in so far everything seems to go over the way it should today i felt a little bit kind of funky but nothing compared to that film before

Us aren’t taking medication okay that’s a quick update i think the reason that i feel better is because of medication and is missing most of all five milligrams you know so things are looking good i know people out there i’ve read stories far far worse than my story i feel bad for those people because if what i had was taste of you know what can really go wrong and

Those people are living in and i feel bad i feel fairly bad for them you know so to that guy that send me a message on ready hope you feel better dude and i know i’m thinking a little bit better so definitely forward to going back to doctor and seeing what he tells me hopefully i can get off the medication and go back to living a normal life man you know pause some

Exercise equipment you saw the video where i give you a quick look at my home gym that is under construction right now you see how the equipment i don’t want you just sitting there without me using it so as soon as this is that’s normal it shows up that’s normal i’ll be hitting those weights man i’m trying to live healthy so thank you guys for watching this quick

Update my situation is improving and i believe it is because of medication you know there’s no other explanation for it i mean it’s medication for what was wrong with me anyways follow me on twitter at june 86 instagram is pat junie asics twitch jimmy any sips and i think that’s it i think my instagram might be the one that’s different i think it’s juni underscore

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UPDATE #1: My Overactive Thyroid Story: Methimazole By Jooney86