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( UPDATE #4 ) Possible Gyno Reversal? Let’s Test It: Raloxifene

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What’s up guys it’s william back again with update number four if you like these updates please give me a like below and make sure you press the subscribe button so i haven’t got to this in a quite a while was supposed to do this by the end of march i believe or the beginning of march actually just been so busy started anew a full-time job and just all over the

Place with everything with dj and stuff like that that’s why i’ve had time but i finally had time today because i’m homesick so i’ll make this this video and update you guys on what’s going on so kind of refreshing back to what was happening no sun raloxifene 60 milligrams i wasn’t taking for six months i was going on my fourth month got the bottle got everything

And then went to my end oh actually my endo called me i was like you need to come in so i went in i saw him sat down and he was like when they get you off this stuff so which what was very interesting was that my elope with the with the sizing home out of trouble saying that the lh hormone was up it was very very high but my free test was very very low now the

Relaxed ofin did make my estrogen go lower sensitivity in my breast was a little bit better there was maybe a little bit shrinkage that i saw but this was at the beginning of march i believe that was my fourth month oh i hopped off of it right then and there because i was also getting dizzy i was i was getting really bad headaches as well and i noticed too when

Because we relaxed being a side effect his blood clots so it does make her a lot thicker i want to go get my blood drawn but people who were drawing blood had a very hard time getting the blood out because it would come out so i think it took like 2 minutes to fill up one tube because that’s how slow my blood was coming out which is are the bad that’s important

Now i’m not on anything i took some dim d i am to make sure i didn’t get any rebound effect after the raloxifene if you guys remember my chest did not look that bad before but i still have this growth underneath that did not really go away sensitivity is back and i could say did get a little bit bigger after i got off the raloxifene so my right side is still good

But i’m looking more towards surgery now and and i think that’s going to be my next my next option my last option to be honest i guess my my glands are yeah i guess you would say glands are very sensitive so it did pick up a lot of estrogen sucks so keep you guys posted and i’ll post a video once i start to decide to get into the surgery route i also went to go

See a specialist and another endo diagnosed me with varicocele v8r ico cele varicocele it’s varicose veins and your testicles and he said that could actually be a cause of the gyno to make it because but that is it’s an alarm in of the veins and the testicle and sometimes i can cut off the release of free testosterone body so when you don’t have that release you

The estrogen is more dominated by so that’s also another possible so i’m gonna go say urologist and two weeks from that and yeah i’ll keep you guys updated if you guys have any questions below unfortunately we’re all except and did not do anything good for me now saying that it might be beneficial for you but for me since i have high blood pressure cholesterol

That runs in my family that was something that i should have taken into consideration before taking raloxifene because i did get headaches i did get dizzy my blood was very thick and yeah i just i don’t i don’t want to mess around with this stuff i don’t i don’t want to die this is not that serious to have like a stroke or something you know so yeah that’s about

It like i said you guys have any questions leave them below my name is william again

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( UPDATE #4 ) Possible Gyno Reversal? Let's Test It: Raloxifene By William Burton