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update about tooth, bbq and a pheasant! sat vlog 2021 04 03 10 37 35

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Welcome to the MS video diary where you will find a vlog made with 360 videos and 3D videos and regular 2D videos in HD from Andy Bailey in the United Kingdom

Got some updates for you today i had my wisdom tooth out me oh i was having pain you know i was talking about that before and it was causing the pain of the gods anyway he yanked the tooth out and you could see there was a tiny little cavity a little hool and every time i was going you know it was going inside and making my nerve go diggily doggly so that feels

Like even after a few days it feels like that’s done i haven’t had a return of that feeling i’ve had a couple of oh my nerves in my tooth but that’s because he yanked out so probably that would make sense right oh man i made a mistake right do you know when someone rings you and they say something you think i know that and you quickly rush and do that thing

That thing happened because tina vomit says come up well what she said was come on the way to mar john’s and pick me up at the bus stop what i heard was come all the way to marjon’s and pick me up because i carry the shopping on my mobility scooter and that really helps and i’m really helpful but i went all the way to margins and then said where are you and she

Was just on the way to marjon’s on the bus stop on the other side it’s okay it took three minutes to come back snorted oh i’d lovely breaking bacon breakfast a break and breakfast i had oh delicious streaky bacon and tin don’t have shrimp she has packed bacon oh did such a good job of baking eggs and sausage sausage as i like to call it oh we went to a barbecue

Yesterday at tina and reese’s oh my god that was my first barbecue of the year it was lush we had loads of dead animal flesh oh really lovely charred animal flesh love the smell of burnt animals and no now it’s disgusting isn’t it can you imagine in a hundred years time and they were like great granddad did you really eat animals and you know i mean people would

Be disgusting you know how we are about like putting holes in the head to release demons and stuff you know how we think of that now is how they will think in the future of what we do now smoking eating animals destroying the environment all these things people will look back in future generations if there are future generations and go you idiots but we won’t

Care because we’ll be dead oh how about look at this oh my god a pheasant came to visit today down my driveway of actual pheasants you know not from a book but a real live bird and unfortunately i didn’t have my shotgun otherwise i would have shot and at it no i wouldn’t have really just would have shot it no i wouldn’t even do that because i said i might say

I might shoot it but when it comes to it we’re like so that’s my update for the past few days because i haven’t been streaming so i can make a video and let you know what’s going on my my you

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update about tooth, bbq and a pheasant! sat vlog 2021 04 03 10 37 35 By multiple sclerosis Vlog