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I feel awkward cuz this is for my regular page but okay how do i do this hey everyone and welcome back to my channel i’m not been going for a minute but i’m back and as you can read from the site oh we are going to be talking about my hyperthyroidism and my hair growth because i don’t know if you guys saw my video that i filmed a few months back talking about how i

Was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and how it made all my hair fall out it made me lose weight and just like ruin my life like overnight literally so today i’ll be updating you guys on where i’m at with that and yeah keep watching me okay so as i could see i’m a little crusty this video is gonna be very very fast because it’s not that much to talk about so i want

To start off by saying if you didn’t already go see my hyperthyroidism video i will link it down below so you guys can go watch it so you know what i’m talking about but i was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism a few months back it cause my hair to fall out it caused me to lose weight it started doing weird stuff to my skin like under my eyes i just i’m just basically

Like went through it so i posted a video which i’ll like insert in this video somewhere but i have posted a video of me literally like cutting all my hair off because i woke up and my hair was like short like like this small just put this here has completely just chopped off right here from my diet has come out right here some over here it’s just a mess so i’m

Gonna cut me so much this is like all the hair on my head how long it was so yeah you see how thin it was this is all they know my head so i just had like a bunch of choppy areas where my hair had fell out if you guys don’t know what hyperthyroidism is it’s basically when your thyroid produces a lot of like i don’t know the technical terms but basically it makes

My metabolism really really fast so i don’t gain weight a lot which causes me to burn out because my metabolism is going so fast so sometimes you could pass out sometimes you get really really weak and your hair falls out because it becomes very very brittle and it literally just breaks off so basically if you don’t want to go on the medicine you have to basically

Like change your lifestyle the doctors that i went to they did not want to put me on medicine because they said that i will be on it for the rest of my life so i turned the medicine down and decided to change my lifestyle meaning stop stressing because that is the number like one of the number one things that triggers it i had that anxiety i basically have bad

Nerves and when i get myself worked up everything happens all the symptoms come i start losing weight i start feeling like faint like i’m about to pass out my hair starts to fall out so i’ve been able to maintain a healthy mine state so that my hair grows back i’m starting to gain weight as i could see i got a love jig one arms but yeah and i’ve been doing a few

Like outside things besides just like controlling my mental health and things like that to help with my hair growth and get away so number one i’ve been eating let’s just put it that way like i made sure that i eat three times a day eat a little snacks and i try to eat things that have like a lot of protein like eggs peanut butter i love meats i’m a pork eater

Sorry to all you guys that are vegans that don’t eat meat but i love me some pork i love me some steak i love all of that so um yeah i originally thought that i basically had to like drink protein shakes and things like that but i got on the system i’m not gonna name the system if you guys follow me on instagram you know the system that i’m talking about but it’s

Basically to help you gain or lose weight it did nothing for me but make me lose more weight so i decided to get off of it and just eat like literally make myself eat when i don’t feel like eating stop stressing um and the way i stop stressing i just listen to music if you guys follow me on instagram you know all i do is listen to music and that’s because like music

For me is very very therapeutic um yeah i know i listen to a lot of trap music and i like trap music people wouldn’t think that trap music is therapeutic but for me it is because i feel like i go so hard i grind so hard so i relate to trap music a lot so that’s one of the things that i do outside of not stressing i listen to music i also got friends now y’all yeah

I don’t your friends i got like two friends that i could confide it oh that’s another thing because when you suffer from stress or anxiety you keep all these thoughts in your head if you have no one to talk to so for four years i’ve never had anybody to talk to so i was just like trying to heal myself by myself talk to god and read my horoscope i just tried to

Like vent to myself basically invent to god and trying to let everything out by myself but i started to realize you need somebody to talk to here and there so i put my trust in my soul yeah i already know who you are and honestly it has helped me like stop stressing like you literally have to stop stressing if you want your hair to start growing back you’ll wait

To start like coming back and i did it and it’s kind of ass and everything now now as far as my hair i’ve been using yeah i already know when i was about to pull out i’ve been using the bb judi kaleidoscope miracle drops and they work they work i’m gonna show you guys my hair in a second but they actually freaking work like really really good and it says to only

Use it three to five times a week but i use the five times a week like probably seven times a week i use it every day in the morning time or at nighttime because um it has like a little bit of a oil consistency but not too much i’m gonna show you guys the consistency of it you just take a little drop and it specifically says do not squeeze when you’re puttin any

Height you do not squeeze these drops all you do is dab it like this and i can feel it like coming onto my scalp it doesn’t have a strong smell that’s why i like it and i have really really thin hair so the consistency is very very watery slash oily which i like and as you can see it just absorbs instantly so it doesn’t leave you here heavy feeling like i used to

Try to use castor oil and things like that but they were too thick for my hair so i’m like what is going to make my hair grow back i always followed judy so i was like let me try a lot of skull drops and they freaking work let’s got my baby here and just back in a day but i’m gonna reveal my hair grows um this is not my real hair i’m gonna be showing you guys

How i do my buns with my head fake hair but this is not my real hair right here so let me show you guys my growth and how these drops have been helping my hair grow i love it i love the support of black businesses guys it’s my oh yeah it get real the fraud be real no but um everybody knows like that my hair fell out i posted it publicly i cut it publicly myself

And like i said i will insert those videos but i just want you guys to see my hair growth and where we are at today i had it up in that but it’s probably a little stiff but um i should have took the oil out of my hair before i did this video cuz now i look really boy heck thanks that but yeah this is my hair it’s growing back really really healthy and besides

Using the drops the kaleidoscope drops besides using these i work in a salon so my girl cookie shoutouts a cookie she basically okay this is what i do i get weave in my hair for about two weeks and then i then the third week i wear my hair out like this so this is the third week that’s why am i here like out and it’s not and we’ve right now but the week that i

Leave my hair out i just get my hair wash blow-dried and um basically in a doobie shoutouts a cookie so she is also helping me maintain my hair and helping me grow my hair back but i’m gonna pull some pieces out so that i can compare it to when i cut my hair and i’ll insert the pictures as well of when i cut my hair so when i have woke up that time and decided to

Cut my hair off because my hair broke off this side of my hair was about like this short like this big this side of my hair and also right so i get my hair trimmed also like every i want to say like once a month and the reason i do that is because while my hair is growing all the shorter pieces are also growing but the longer pieces are also growing as well so as

My hair is growing i start cutting it to meet up with the pieces that was short you get what i’m saying i hope you get what i’m saying but yeah so this is what my hair is and i’m also gonna part a piece right here because the middle of my head was also completely gone and it was very short now look at it and it was like like this short and it has grown out to be

This length and like i said i had little like chunks missing so the reason i have to cut it so often it’s because i want it to level itself out i want the long pieces to level out with the short pieces that are growing and then after the week of leaving my hair out i just get leave again and use my drops ah what else do i do that’s it that’s how i gained weight

That’s how i grew my hair back i hope this video is there all over the place because um i have it filmed in a long time and if you see little peach fuzz yeah no i get my arm pat’s my arm pads yeah i know i get my armpits waxed so i have to let it grow out a tiny bit before i actually get them waxed so don’t judge me okay don’t judge the pits okay my hair was in a

Bun that’s why this part just keeps sticking up i’m happy my hair is like growing and yeah i can see that i keep cutting it that’s why it’s so light but i’m happy that it’s growing back my hair has always been naturally thin maybe i should get closer so i could see my edges yeah see my edges wait let me put it down my edges have grown back they look really really

Good and it’s all due to the collapse go the collapse go got the edge bad but i hope you guys like this video don’t forget to like subscribe it’s how your friends we have a good time here follow me on instagram artistry by naya see what she’s hot little ball head sit or mouse head get your kaleidoscope yeah no i’m in the hoot

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