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update to my first video does chantix really work

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Okay everybody well i’ve been asked by several subscribers to uh upload a new video and i apologize for for not getting back to you guys sooner um it has been uh four for five years now since i smoked um chantix works but realistically you’ve got to have it in your mind that you don’t want to smoke anymore um you know my my reason was my children uh they’re

Older now they’re you know in their 20s um i actually used them as my motivation to quit smoking but that’s something that you have to do um i have several uh people asking about strange dreams uh do you sleep at night um appetite etc um yeah i did experience that i did have a couple of weird um like dragon dreams i guess you could say um but for the most part

It worked um over the last several years yeah i’ve had some setbacks and i’ve had a cigarette or two here and there but um immediately put them out they don’t taste good anymore i don’t enjoy them i’ve even gotten to the point recently where i don’t even enjoy the smell of them so another uh another question here does it help you with weed uh that i don’t know i

Don’t do marijuana or any other type of narcotics so i don’t know i will say that chantix is designed to help you give up the urge for nicotine what it would do as far as thc or anything like that i’m not 100 sure um yes it does the next question yes it does change kind of your appetite um i did have a little bit of nausea um probably week three three or four um

But that seemed to subside pretty quick um i found find like finger foods celery with peanut butter works uh the little baby carrots work you know i’ve heard of people using chantix and cinnamon toothpicks so you kind of have to find something to replace that habit of hand to mouth another thing that worked for me is i continued to the whole thing with chantix

That very first week you know the package says that you’re allowed to smoke but i made smoking um kind of inconvenient i guess i should say so i didn’t smoke in the car uh my work vehicle i didn’t smoke in that um i made it all those places that were like sitting in traffic and lighting up a cigarette i made the rules that i wasn’t allowed to do that so if i

Wanted to smoke on my drive home which is about an hour um i made it a point that i had to actually get off the freeway pull over have my cigarette get back in the car get back on the road and that does help because you you have to change those habits you know as a smoker you have those little things that that trigger you to smoke driving is a perfect one a lot

Of truck drivers out there myself included um you know you smoke in the truck because you can’t you can’t talk to anybody it’s three in the morning who you gonna call you know mom’s asleep and the kids are asleep and all my friends are asleep so basically what i did is i tried to find ways of changing that habit so uh when i did get a craving for a cigarette and

I’m not gonna lie some of those cravings are very very very very very strong and they’re hard to get through but you can do it i would get out celery and peanut butter sometimes just getting out of your vehicle or going for a walk um take a break from your desk if your employer will allow you go outside for a bit take a little five minute breather in the fresh

Air come back and you know do some work my biggest thing when i was i’m more of a social smoker i smoked a lot at home but i got into i know i’m in my 40s you wouldn’t think this would happen but i got into playing video games with my kids and that really seemed to take my mind off of i haven’t smoked all day so you just have to find those little things you can

Do to get your mind off of the fact that you’re not taking the nicotine back to my original video i have tried patches i’ve tried the gum i did acupuncture in my ear i did hypnosis um i tried to cold turkey i tried not buying any cigarettes and just bumming them off my friends if they had one i did all those things but until you get it in your head that you want

To quit for you it’s never going to work so um just kind of wanted to update everybody let everybody know you know how i’ve been doing i’ve been getting a lot of requests to post some follow-up videos and again it’s it’s been a with covet it’s been a crazy hectic year of um you know trying to stay busy at work and and get those things done trying to stay healthy

Protecting myself and my family so i hope everybody as well i thank you all of you for those that have been following me so i will post another video here shortly thank you very much guys good luck to you and you can do this

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update to my first video "does chantix really work" By ButtStomper