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Hi everyone it’s me laura and thanks so much for coming to my channel if you are new thank you so much for subscribing and for all of my subscribers who have been here since day one welcome back so you guys i am currently hit work i cannot talk long you guys i literally had work but i just wanted to stop and just let you ladies know that this month i actually took

Pro farah so i took rivera and i’m not sure if you ladies know this or not but the new doses is actually for ten days i know some ladies say that they took a percentage but it’s actually 410 for what my doctor prescribed for me so i am cavern i’m currently on page nine i have one more appeal to take and it’s like a little small tiny right pill you guys i have

To show you guys what it looks like but i’m currently on provera i have been taking at my last day prepare will be february the 6th as i say that that’ll be my tenth pill and then once i’m flo shows her ugly head then we will be taking chloe 150 so you guys are probably wondering why i put going against the doctor’s orders so ladies i’m actually going to take

The columbian 150 but my doctor actually wanted me to take ledger’s off 2.5 this one i’m not doing that the reason why is because chloe has already been in my system and so i just want to know if it’s going to work or not i don’t want to switch to another medication because i’m already on about 4 of them you guys know also take the metformin the 1000 which i’m

Supposed to be taking 1500 and i’m also taking the provera and then i’ll be taking clomid and i’m just like so now you want to switch to leches on the pharmacy at one time so since i never picked up the clothing 150 i had the 150 there i had the ledgers open for 2.5 and i had to prepare i’m so and she wanted me to take the ledgers all but i will at my doctor note

That i did not take that this month and so once we do start it i’m still gonna do all of the regular things that i should be doing as in getting my follicles in getting my pedestrian levels checked and as well as maintaining my metformin for the 1000 as well as taking my prenatal vitamins so cross my fingers that this month maybe some baby dust if we can get on

Slow to show up because she is acting so crazy i’m gonna start walking back to my guess you guys so i am going to see when my cycle stars i’ll let you ladies know and that way we can go ahead and start the coma for 150 so i know my insurance doesn’t cover the clomid i’m not sure if you guys have insurance that does but if your insurance does not cover it for my

Prescription it’s 48 dollars and i get mine from cvs so i’m not sure what you ladies though but just in case you guys are needing that reference there you go the only thing that i can really say that about the provera that i do not like is that the provera it really did make me cramp up sometimes like very intense cramping like where i have to put my head in the

Pillow cuz it hurt so bad and i was telling my boys on my babe like this stuff really hurts like it hurts worse than like my actual period cramps which is weird but i know that must mean that the medication is working so fingers crossed but yes ladies i’m gonna keep you guys all updated with everything that is going on thank you guys so much for joining my channel

And showing so much love and support and i will see you ladies on the next video bye

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