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Using dutasteride and ketoconazole for hair loss.

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Here I discuss the benefits of using dutasteride and ketoconazole for treating hair loss.

Hey folks i want to talk today about the use of alpha 5 reductase inhibitors in the treatment of androgenic alopecia hair loss and there’s two lifes i think there’s more than two that exists but there’s two which are most widely known in the hair loss community the most common of course is finasteride since that one is actually prescribed for male pattern baldness and

I talked about that drug extensively in my last video but there’s another one which is also to use quite frequently even though it is not prescribed for male pattern baldness and it’s called deet asteroid its trade name is avid art and i also have a prescription for this drug as well as you can see i think yeah it’s an 0.5 milligram capsule unlike finasteride which

Is a tablet that can be effectively quartered which is something you’d want to do if you’ve got props car since there’s a 5 milligram tablet and you only need about 1 to 1.25 milligrams a day for the effective dose for treating hair loss now the reason why this is often used is because of the belief that it is more effective at treating hair loss than finasteride

And on paper this sounds like it’s true because finasteride only inhibits two types of dht i think it’s the type 2 and type 3 whereas a do castor i’d also known as avodart inhibits all three types of dht now there’s lots of studies that show a comparison comparison of like dht suppression of finasteride for su 2 tapster i’d and it shows that like i think like

Decastro is about 20% are so more effective than finasteride so that’s pretty substantial so i’ve used to cast right in the past i’ve used finasteride for a good while now since i was about 22 years old i’m 34 years old today and i find that both the drugs are indeed effective for the treatment of male pattern baldness but not not just male pattern baldness but

Also other adverse effects at first androgenic effects such as like it’s reduced my acne substantially and you know i’m not peeing going to the best herb as often so you know whether or not that’s a sign i had an enlarged prostate maybe i’ve never been officially diagnosed but that’s definitely a welcome side effect you could say or a welcome intended effect

Since that’s what the drugs are prescribed for but anyway son the reason why i started using the pastor id a few years back is because i found that like even though finasteride as well as minoxidil and some of the other treatments i’ve used have been effective at stopping my hair loss they didn’t actually bring my hair to a level where i wanted it to be in terms

Of thickness i mean today it’s it’s it’s pretty thick i mean it’s not like as thick as it was when i was a teenager but you know that’s that would be an unrealistic expectation but it was a kind of like it was kind of thin before so i want to thicken it up a little bit and i think adding to castor i to my routine actually helped pretty substantially with that and

It’s it’s funny because you know i heard a lot of people say that like oh if you didn’t get side effects from finasteride you’re definitely get side effects for the cast right but you know i disagree i’d say that if you do get side effects from finasteride you probably shouldn’t take your task arises it works in a very similar mechanism but if you are a well a good

Responder to finasteride i think that the cast drive should work for you sophia if you don’t mind paying a slightly more because you know finasteride cost about $70 for a three-month supply whereas a do tap store it cost about $20 for one month supply then i’d say yeah go ahead and i take the plunge it’s that i mean you have nothing to lose i mean if you get side

Effects just go ahead and stop i mean all the claims that like there’s that about these persistent side effects it’s complete there’s no studied which directly links like finasteride or to castor i’d to to any permanent side effects whatsoever it’s just not true so other than alpha v reductase inhibitors i think that another thing that’s really effective for the

Treatment of hair loss are shampoos which contain the ingredient ketoconazole now there’s a lot of like a lot of videos like like you know from that hair loss from steroids guy and like a few other people which talked about this so i’m not going to go too in depth but yeah the idea is that ketoconazole it’s a relatively weak anti-androgen so it helps inhibit thing

Inhibit dht topically on your scalp and the one that i recommend the most is definitely a revita and the reason why is because even though it doesn’t have as much ketoconazole as nizoral nitrile 2% this is the one percent bottle which i use occasionally it is it can be used frequently because it’s not nearly as harsh on the hair like other hair loss shampoo is

Like region cure which is alright and i used to use that quite frequently but i now prefer revita and natural they tend to like really fry out the hair and you can use it often so even if they have more cuticle on it it’s not going to be that effective you can’t use it that often because i really think that’s something that’s considered a weak anti-androgen should

Probably use more frequently if you want to be effective i mean like that the recommendation on the bottle is two times per week four that’s what nigel says but that’s the recommendation for treating dandruff which is what the shampoo is actually intended for but i think for hair loss you probably should use it more frequently and yeah if you’re one of the few

Individuals that can use like the really strong stuff like 2% nazrul every day then yeah go ahead but yeah it’s not going to work for me i mean my hair would just look like i mean no point saying saving my hair if my hair is going to look like crap all the time so yeah i recommend those now of course when it comes to treating hair loss your biggest enemy is dht

And people need to stop thinking that dht is some like vitally important hormone for like sexual function for strength for being a man i mean it’s it’s basically a trash hormone what it is is it’s the worthless trash byproduct of testosterone the reason why our body even converts testosterone into dht is to prevent us from producing too much testosterone because

Too much testosterone means aromatization and that’s why some people actually get side effects from finasteride and you test drive is because when you inhibit the conversion of testosterone or dht that means more testosterone and some people for some people that means that extra testosterone will aromatize into estrogen and that’s a very very rare side effect

But it does happen that means you get some extra genetic side effects you know like reduce muscle mass lethargy even data from astia but you know those side effects are incredibly rare because the fact is that do tasks you’re either finasteride doesn’t raise your testosterone by that much it does a little bit and i’ve actually experienced some beneficial gains not

Just in terms of like my hair but also in terms of my lifting numbers at the gym i become a little bit stronger as a result of consistently using financer and new tasks right although i credit most of my gains just a effective training program as well as a a healthy diet but testosterone is the main male hormone not dht i mean dht has some uses in the body like

Like during puberty it helps with some development but like but other than that the only thing that really does like when we’re adults is that it turns us into old medic a large as our prostate gives us acne cause our hair to fall out there’s millions of men who suppress dht into their adult life and they don’t have any health ramifications that all despite the

Fact that they’re hitting their dht 70 percent sometimes 90 percent or more so i really am not convinced that dht has any crucial function in the in the adult body because if it did then like you know far more people would obviously get side effects now the only time you may want to like refrain from using a finasteride or do castor itis it’s like you’re under the

Age of 18 you haven’t been finished growing yet because in that case dht may play some minor roles and and during puberty during like just regular development and if you are experiencing hair loss and you’re not an adult yet then i recommend probably just using minoxidil and like akita conical shampoo and also giving a ru five to eight for one a shot that’s that

Compound i mention in my previous video which is a topical anti-androgen and you know some people tell me it’s even more effective than two castor i’d so help that works for you may you may not even you need a alpha 5 reductase inhibitor but the important thing is is that you act as soon as possible because you know when it comes to hair loss time is of the essence

You can’t like wait a substantially long period of time because once you’ve lost your hair you will never get it back i mean you can like replace it with like a transplant but you know that costs thousands and thousands of dollars often times it doesn’t even look that good so you know once you go bald it’s pretty much game over so ak soon and and and don’t like go

For any like experimental don’t fall for any of the natural remedies or anything like that because the fact is the most natural cure for hair loss is letting yourself go bald because hair loss unfortunately is natural if you want to fight hair loss you got to fight nature and you can’t do that with nature itself so anyways a good luck let me go let me know if you

Guys have any questions about hair loss sticker

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Using dutasteride and ketoconazole for hair loss. By Haircafe