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Using Progesterone INSTEAD OF Estrogen for Menopause? – 76

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As a result of all the hype and scare tactics about estrogen, many women have asked, “Can I Use Progesterone INSTEAD OF Estrogen for Menopause?” And since that question comes up a lot, I answer it in this video. Tune in to learn what progesterone can and cannot do for you in managing your menopause.

Welcome back my friends this is menopause your management your way now and for the rest of your life and i’m menopause barbie your menopause taylor this is tutorial 76 in the last tutorials we’ve discussed estrogen dominance and we’ve contrasted it with estrogen deficiency what you learned is that estrogen dominance is a term that has created a fear of estrogen for

Many women as a result some are absolutely opposed to using estrogen replacement to compensate for estrogen loss at the time of post menopause and add to that the fact that the alternative and complementary community uses progesterone instead of estrogen to achieve hormonal balance and you have a situation in which many women ask can i take progesterone instead

Of estrogen for menopause so that’s the question we will address in this video you gotta set aside your book and outline notes for this one we’re delving deeper into things that are addressed only superficially in the book and notes by the way i hope you realize that that’s the beauty of these videos see i can take the time to really dissect things for you in a

Video more than i can in any other setting of course the trade-off is it takes years to get the full education when it’s only one video a week right but you get it in little bite-sized pieces one video a week if you want the whole education all it wants the thing to do is attend my seminar i give them once a quarter that’s all my arthritis can withstand so once

A quarter get it while i can still do it there’s no better way to learn everything in just two days and put it all in perspective than to attend my seminar you can find out more about it and register by going to my website menopause tailor me these videos will give you everything but you have to have a lot of time to get it i love of lovemaking the videos for you

So even if you came to a seminar you can still enjoy the videos because he’s fun okay so let’s start by looking at our graph that shows what happens to your estrogen and progesterone as you transition from perimenopause to post menopause you know the pink playdoh is estrogen the multicolored plato is progesterone and the blue is testosterone and you can ignore

Testosterone for today i’m gonna use this to reveal the hormonal fluctuations over time and i’m gonna cover parts of it with this other board so all you see right now is your premenopause this is before your transition begins right if i can get it up there okay pre menopause and you can see that that’s when both estrogen and progesterone are high and you see that

This pre menopausal phase lasts until about age 40 oh it’s variable you know some women all the way to age 47 48 but next we come to perimenopause and look at this perimenopause is where you have from age 40 to about age 50 and what do you see now ah your progesterone plummets during perimenopause but your estrogen remains high look at that and you learned in the

Last two videos that this is what some people call estrogen dominance so it’s this perimenopause where you have high estrogen and let’s ask our question can you use progesterone instead of estrogen during peri menopause well of course you can you don’t have to but you can if you want to because i mean look look at what’s deficient it’s the progesterone so you have

High estrogen and low progesterone so the progesterone is deficient and if you use progesterone it works you still have plenty of estrogen in fact most of your symptoms in perimenopause are due to the estrogen excess or progesterone deficiency so what are those symptoms well let’s address them here’s the list of symptoms of estrogen excess increased or excessive

Bleeding during periods nausea vomiting food cravings breast pain arrest tenderness weight gain bloating depression persistent or recurrent vaginal yeast infections headaches leg cramps and here are the symptoms of progesterone deficiency irregular or heavy periods premenstrual symptom syndrome otherwise known as pms anxiety and migraine headaches now remember no

Hormone works in a vac to vacuum so there are all sorts of factors that will affect your particular symptoms but this gives you an idea which symptoms belong to which hormone abnormality so if you take progesterone during perimenopause when you have symptoms of progesterone deficiency and estrogen excess it’s likely to be just what you need to alleviate some of your

Symptoms it’s like sticking a square peg into a square hole it works just fine so next we come to post menopause okay so how here we have post menopause now what do you see notice now that your estrogen plummets when you reach post menopause so now you have deficient estrogen as well as deficient progesterone they’re both low and now we ask the same question again

Can you use progesterone instead of estrogen once your post menopausal well you know you can do anything you want to do but while taking just progesterone progesterone by itself for a deficiency of both estrogen and progesterone alleviate your symptoms of post menopause of course your symptoms of post menopause are different from your symptoms of perimenopause

Your symptoms of post menopause are due to estrogen deficiency not progesterone deficiency and what are the symptoms of estrogen deficiency less frequent or absent periods hot flashes night sweats insomnia fatigue forgetfulness mood swings irritability joint stiffness and joint pain dry skin hair loss vaginal dryness urinary tract infections urinary incontinence

Decreased sex drive you see it’s a whole different list than the one you saw for progesterone deficiency now if you’ve really been paying close attention to these tutorials you’ll recall that in tutorial 36 i taught you that progesterone is a chameleon and what did i mean by that i explained that progesterone can convert itself into estrogen and testosterone so

If you’re remembering that i applaud you i explained that progesterones ability to convert itself into estrogen and testosterone is the very reason that the alternative and complementary community uses it and promotes it for all your hormonal woes but i also explained that progesterone converts into other hormones in a manner that is unpredictable inconsistent

And highly variable in other words taking progesterone by itself for a deficiency in both estrogen and progesterone will not alleviate your symptoms of both estrogen deficiency and progesterone deficiency in fact it may make things even more confusing so let’s go back to the basics progesterone means in support of pregnancy pro means in support of jest means

Pregnancy own means hormone so progesterone is the hormone that supports a pregnancy it’s not really there for you at all it’s for the baby not for you and you’ll recall that i’ve taught you that the only reason any woman needs progesterone at the time of menopause is to protect her uterus from uterine cancer it has no other benefit for you if you don’t have your

Uterus you don’t need progesterone your hormone is estrogen it’s the female hormone estrogen is for you what testosterone is for men so taking progesterone instead of estrogen for post menopause when the problem is estrogen deficiency it’s like putting a square peg into a round hole it just doesn’t quite fit please remember that everything should make sense i mean

It makes sense to take progesterone for progesterone deficiency during perimenopause right and that’s entirely optional your body does not need for just your own but if you’re having symptoms of progesterone deficiency it makes sense to replace the progesterone your baby needs progesterone and your uterus needs progesterone if you take estrogen and it makes sense

To take estrogen for estrogen deficiency once you’re postmenopausal every cell of your body depends on estrogen you know if men lost all their testosterone do you think they would take progesterone instead of taking testosterone i mean progesterone can turn into testosterone of course not they would take testosterone so progesterone can turn into testosterone but

It isn’t adequate for replacing testosterone and it’s not adequate for replacing estrogen either so the lesson is you need to put square pegs in square holes and round pegs into other poles progesterone is a square peg and progesterone deficiency is a square hole an estrogen is a round peg and estrogen deficiency is a round hole if you want to succeed with your

Menopause management you really have to put the right peg into the right hole otherwise you’re not gonna succeed in meeting your goals makes sense doesn’t it always look for logic okay keep it straight that’s what i try to help you with and i hope it makes sense that does it for today little by little you’re learning don’t forget to follow me on facebook twitter

And instagram go to my website menopause tailored me and i’ll see you again in a week you

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Using Progesterone INSTEAD OF Estrogen for Menopause? – 76 By Menopause Taylor