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UTSmash Clash II – Starshiro (Palutena) VS Nadolol (King Dedede) Winners Round 2

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The UTSmash Clash returns with its most explosive tourney ever. If you’re in the GTA be sure to come on out to the next one!

All right this is pope cheese hello lunes we are here to commentate a smash brother said all right this way yeah a mess oh well okay so who who do plays we got what players have we got we will see their tags well that’s a great thing frieza excellent look like a tyrannosaurus rex okay all right let’s us allies control school okay i’ll see you we’re gonna

Assume his tag is what every puts in nice tag this is not his tag it’s yes he’s free one-five i played justice chip at my first match for german really he was a peach man and i beat him – oh and by dumb wrong custom so there’s a custom stuff hurry up our very bad but bad you didn’t really have like super pressured mattress anymore yeah all right they might

Start she oversees nato law yeah well getting a early suck and early damage starts here destroy the yeah no he’s actually all over him he’s wandering oh do you like it on the pressure nato floor a lot of hitboxes gonna get stuff for not one holiday his turn not gonna fall try explosive flavor innovation oh it’s near time that said this is the near fest in their

I think about heavy characters really like an air attack in his paulo where you just luke staring at 0 60 by there yes that’s to fate i thought i feels wrong billy pollock should be tweaked in ways that they love her overall but nerve her moves out her justice i feel like she’s not super over centralizing lien airs good i felt like i think i think it’s good it’s

Good yeah good back here the first doctor start zero i believe down throwback here’s a 50 discussion i’m not sure if you can di auto that’s true you might be i didn’t i’m not sure i not halloween i think god every so anyways bedrock situation from an anal low-bypass a hard to edge guard but you need a to frame don’t want abuse that much again i’ll beat the down to

Fall off on the station run away back to the especially to hear right there glossing first on we’re back to even while running around in celebration doesn’t mean get that like momentum behind on the first stock oh gosh how it starts fair hope clever expose the plane doesn’t fall friend i feel like you could be camping out explosive yeah i mean a little bit bigger

But pretty well so far it’s been falling for a lot of i feel like they’re stars star just gets his space he can really just start keeping it yeah it forced him to approach cd he bought two in his bubble his bubbles like sm arranged and he wants you in there’s good stuff here he’s very safe inside his bubble but looks very much punishable really otherwise but yeah

It was really just doggies exposed clear oh christ we just played neutral very careful he’s catching all these i mean he’s big but he’s like oh yeah how’s thinking advanced a girlfriend who we want get him back he’s crazy oh see good role in the dodging supposed to play you know what’s coming yeah true exactly but yeah and generally spend like keesling doing a big

Us which what you want to do for creative limited options you want to make stuff yeah but to bear happy gonna get something to start up all right so our shoot ugly back in this stuff and it really i didn’t use not much gordo but at the same time like i feel like it’s fun no that’s see marvin’s not using exactly is really good you’re staying out we wanted to make

Something bad that’s me first game for nato walt you only the setter you want zwe we’ve got jw coming in also known as lima slayer xx wouldn’t change that by the way whatever i mean isn’t it like six months or something okay i change it in september yeah yeah is it six months did i keep checking in dceg convention yeah so origin of that he changed it to that as

A joke because he beat lima and a cup 2017 is a very odd very honest set don’t go watch it no no he literally he beat leland kanaka 2017 very iconic set they were both taking it very seriously there’s no tomfoolery take back at all yes yes exactly i’m setting up the storyline here anyways now we put a match and starts you a much better start than the last game

Definitely keeping beauty more impressed yeah dd-does better eating with you with this true palate really wants to yeah i’ve heard kill smash just chill over top it’s too big yeah all she can really capitalize his back hair printer blas somes game on tv you can like smash that’s what we have noticed i mean you just didn’t ever know about lost statue but actually

Like it’s means he’s like he’s saving you know this turned out willy-nilly he knows that that’s the wi-fi strive is a the sophomore holger down there look anyway there no any military babies jumps into a training mode combo actually yeah it’s like two or three frames it like really see where to put the bordeaux back anyway yeah so much better start this game actually

No no i wonder ivan less email abused alleged dropping a dd has this game so far yet i haven’t see any high angle portals on ledge no but yeah i looking with a lot better for start shoot they all just feel the stock like what’s gonna do he wants the baby she’s gonna grab him knows he’s scared the shield yeah he’s a lot more patient in the last game left yeah well

Being a bigot to his landings very good not lay no he’s a commit yeah for sure i mean i have a job having this game we all do just be the option nail that that girl’s gonna do it yeah 119 used to take the stock it’s put this in yeah they’re like so girl offstage well didi hard challenge offstage with the super hormones jumps no let’s talk if sakura ideas now but

Yeah see runners-up be just making you see news times power through what everyone else barbies yeah hang on gordo decoff options but yeah sucks you’re single right above that but yeah they don’t know really startin brings back dd and famous infamously difficult to kill is he living these fairs he needs the power fees of instructor oh yeah she’s a little another

Thing i’ve been offended before but there wasn’t really good at boys explosive flames doesn’t mean combat log them spend like he be his height ambiguous i think a lot of people have a key yeah a smart explosively yeah but even indeed he goes lost like he’s not gonna go hope you born the commitments he wanted to be scared nothing to do it but it doesn’t get a lot

Better than it wasn’t uh but if our first talk ended you know no definite but this back can you finish the job star shiro gonna give him the near tax doesn’t quite get the i needed – more threats i’ve been there oh unfortunate that’s not gonna do it yeah these are jason i’m gonna taste them gonna be a lamb as if i capitalized palestine is a branch shut me out of

The way of the emma gordo pretty smart oh did hit michael to flame there keep on the big i don’t know what’s the plane doesn’t make loose our shooters been you know i’m worth their full food run-ins but who’s gonna quit but i back here beauty i mean indeedy like jumps you know when you did just for really untenable alright canal will bring us back mr. schue close

It out as quick as he can these are they sir shoot are not one to choose interesting will boost in the wind box starchy i mean is the threaded i’ve stash this stuff here really good no really not using a lot of these – tax i’m really relying on the fun times sakurai fanservice yeah i stole a glitch guys – mom’s rusty how it starts oh like scary though because

Eat them right out of their game – 2 star shiro our roads okay there are many rows aramid roses one the place peaches your own place curvy and now we got salut and de d back to game three steve bale appointed necessary adjustments ii figure out what he was doing in game one his game one here’s all over him in certain parts i think that’s probably yeah he’s not

Abusing the dat jack properly but even he could be scaring an ascot charges like a little risk/reward pretty good risk a lot of those that’s true just try to chase down like a retreat or something noting huge to you good else people just a lunchbox better like angled bordeaux on the ledge covers so much covered up you can mix up with the stock to allah cover get

Up a tackle you can get attacked it but you suck it back down the ledge you be able to do suck yeah yeah you’re they’re doing some stuff really well we’re just missing out a couple of days yes are no stars stars deadly been turning up the buster games it’s been like me doesn’t reduce me falling for ya not letting didi get on him a pressing didi when used to going

Close at flame i’m gonna do it quite yet a little getting with a scary percent oh boy what actually got it he’s still got it he’s got the audience that was nice yeah the back you’re gonna return to sender i’ll do it bad fare for nato how could the can take this stalker let’s whole affair say this way he’s gonna head back here that’s fair no oh oh don’t kill boy

You know take damage yeah every little hit now never little extra credit you want about like 4050 extra credit the feelings right after stock right like you get more than a feels really good i’m still gonna do it the bra clasp for all eyes don’t something i probably i’ll tell the linger so long it does late hit home was in fair start oh i’m sorry sure he’s out

There’s peppers on fleek he ain’t done yet he’s not concede oh yeah i feel like star is thank you posted on the gamepad cautions pinedo definitely sharking out something he knew is he knew he wanted i only a bare mountain i do it hell if i know you’re out already a loon us back in here never mind please oh damn oh sam’s joining me for

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UTSmash Clash II – Starshiro (Palutena) VS Nadolol (King Dedede) Winners Round 2 By University of Toronto eSports