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UTSmash Fall Clash III – Starshiro (Link) vs Xerith (Inkling) Winners Round 2

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I guess you gave her society all right we’re back with more u of t fall class three all right so we’ve got currently we’ve got star show versus zero link versus inkling very exciting matchup looks like they’re pretty even right now looks like yes looking for the roller i’m not sure what in skip links hill movies are that’s probably something like up the other

Shield or something speaking up the auto shield hi johnny and nany joins the room all right now he joins the mic so sorry about the fight advantage waiting for something to happen you oughta join up that weather matthew will get the next off controller i say he well very good start you know that you can just like the air out of the combo otherwise you continue

To get i gotta marry you i feel like either so actually fun fact sorry about the last talk about the other shield so also watch out for that they’re really just super even on another lp all right good job is joshua taking the first game i want to say by an inch but i’m good i don’t have any matches thank you breakfast looks like matthews performing some anxious

Wait what are you doing he’s putting those like four days and passing drugs in history look at the power we get yeah same time don’t show ends times open to you the platform’s as a way to get in – no spamming the safety that leak has i mean it’s a pretty good option there’s another one impossible i mean like oh all right we are back from commentary it looks

Like start zeros handling oh sarge you handily emily right now brings about 1 1 oh yeah all right and we are back with gatemouth korea the set looks like it’s pretty even zero headed suspended let’s see if 0th england in a challenge well you still didn’t kill percent on up the other shield with definitely jail here off the up the lights would definitely kill

Here any smash we’re probably kill here wait that was the right way to spell happiness right yep girl comes out a very dangerous rachel it’s like like be back there after the upgrade will not kill very close first ave and not be out of shelf in there oh question if someone collects in a headset is there a way to get audio here no even though this letter

It should be plugging it into the monitor not into the ostrich justin where to go so even with even with the splitter audio splitter okay those in federal designs it’s like the other guy hdmi audio or like headphone jack there’s no the way gym badges works is you have to actively challenge they also have to like be ok with that might you could challenge and

Later kindled it can you attract it that’s legitimate not at the same time brother we try not the first model anyways back to the match door do you want to do a bit of commentating oh you’re heading out are you not coming back you’re not coming back you’re leaving me forever i think python here there’s traffic and i don’t know he’s i’m back right now but he’s

Gone he’s gone he’s gone anyway i do i do want you to try it but according to dori you can go so i don’t know come on your husband yeah it’s gotta be the it’s monitor specific but isn’t into the he he’s he gets like for $7.00 local in chicago foxborough – yeah you’re playing robin okay playing harrell you are getting like that very close match yeah like tonight

Yeah the sun has to do it though okay which is already here – yes office what

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UTSmash Fall Clash III – Starshiro (Link) vs Xerith (Inkling) Winners Round 2 By University of Toronto eSports