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VANO! Koliko MELATONINA smijete uzimati svaki DAN?

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Aura center youtube channel – treatment and health education (for subtitles in other languages, press the “cc” key) greetings my dear viewers! my name is mario. welcome to the aura center youtube channel! today i will tell you how much melatonin you can take daily and what is the best way to consume it to achieve the best health effects. at the end of the show i will

Tell you what happens to the body if you take melatonin for a long time . especially when we go to sleep. a large number of people know this. what you don’t know is that melatonin has exceptional health benefits for our body. adequate amount of melatonin promotes quality sleep, reduces stress hormones, stimulates the production of hormones that cause pleasure (serotonin,

Dopamine), promotes normal digestive function, reduces gastritis, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome has an extremely anticancer effect, protects bone health, detoxifies the body, stimulates weight loss, reduces the symptoms of menopause, helps the heart and blood vessels, reduces the symptoms of fibromyalgia … unfortunately, today’s modern lifestyle significantly promotes

Poor sleep. many people have chronic insomnia and extremely low melatonin in the body. since the onset of the disease, it is recommended that you take dietary supplements with melatonin. studies show that you can take 1-6 mg per day. however, the highest recommendation would be to consume up to 3 mg per day. take it 2 hours before bedtime. many people take melatonin an

Hour before bedtime and cannot fall asleep. it takes time for it to start working in the body, which means take it 2 hours before bedtime. there are no relevant studies that show the harmfulness of melatonin if you drink it for a long period of time. the vast majority of people are allowed to consume it for 1-2 months in a row without any problems. a small number of

People who have severe chronic illnesses, or are taking large amounts of medication (especially for sleep), should not take melatonin. you should consult your doctor. my dear viewers! you have several thousand videos on my channel that i have intended for all of you from the perspective of improving your health in a natural way. discover the symptoms and best ways of

Natural treatment of a large number of diseases. all you have to do is subscribe to my channel below the video, completely free! and in this way you will become part of the great community of my dear followers and subscribers from all over the world. and i will do my best to give you new information every day that will improve your life and health! thanks for following me!

Aura center valpovo croatia – treatment of spine diseases and accommodation spine diseases are becoming an extremely big problem in most countries of the world . lumbago, protrusion, arthrosis, spinal stenosis..and similar diseases. i have been treating patients from all over the world for the last 23 years and my narrow specialty is treating a diseased spine. in my life

I have cured tens of thousands of people with forms of treatment.these special methods quickly, effectively and without side effects treat diseased spine. in my office you will receive a complete education on a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, the best supplements and much more that will permanently cure

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