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Various types of prodrugs and their active metabolites

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Prodrugs are inactive compounds that when administered into body they are converted into active metabolites. Here in this video different types of prodrugs along with their active metabolites were listed out.

In this video let us see what are the different types of products and their active metabolites so first of all let us see what are the products suppose a drug is given in vivo and it is coming to metabolites by metabolism with cytochrome p450 system now if the drug is in the inactive form the drug can become then active metabolites by this metabolism now this

Active metabolite acts on the target argon to produce the form classical effects so such type of drugs which are inactive before the administration into the body but they are converted into active metabolites after biotransformation or the metabolism or called as products for example an apple is a product which is converted into an laprelax into the body which

Is an active metabolite here you should not confuse that a drug may be active in the its original form as well as in the metabolite form so such type of drugs are not considered as a pro rice so product is a drug which is inactive in its original form and it is current to active form only after metabolism how these products can be identified we come across with

The so many drug names and among these how can we identify one drug is a pro right so most of the times we can identify the products by various ways first of all by using the prefix for example vala cyclamen is a product of si clover so we know the si chrome is one of the drug antiviral agent so its product is that la la cyclo air similarly sometimes we can i

Ind for the products by their suffix for example fluid arabic phosphate is a product of through data by so you can easily see here the suffix indicates it may be a road right so noting that again all the suffolk may lead to relax few of the drug names having suffix may be acting as products similarly we can see the sum of the products by a suffix and on the

The name of its active metabolite for example m leprae is a product and it’s metabolite is a n la pre lat where we are adding the a t as a suffix to the name of the product sometimes we can have a different name of the product and its active metabolite for example cape c turbine is a product and it’s active metabolite is the 5-fluorouracil there is no relation

Between the names of these two drugs and here it is very difficult to identify such type of products whether it is a product or a cue track so now the products can be identified either with a prefix on the product otherwise a suffix on the product otherwise a suffix on the active metabolite and finally the products with a different name compared with their active

Metabolites so let us go one by one first of all products with prefix as we already seen the lsi cloven is a product of si cloven so valley cycler is an antiviral is it similarly well ganciclovir is a protocol ganciclovir this again one of an antiviral is it and the ramp saline is a product of ampicillin ampicillin is a one of a broad-spectrum antibiotic for sam

Premier is a product of emprah never so forcibly never wear fos is a prefix used to indicate its product so you can see that all these guys are having some prefix which indicates that they are products now let us go with a few are the products with suffix prednisolone phosphate is a product of prednisone gabapentin in a car bill is a pro golf gabapentin ole miss

Knocked on me rockzo mill is a prada graph ole miss at tom food on a beam phosphate is a protocol through daraa by now let us see the active metabolites added with suffix suppose drug like lrl is a product and with its active metabolite enalapril a ch similarly rami pre rom april at first in opal force on oprah latch and brando prairie tran dog relax you can see

That in all these other ac inhibitors and products and they are converted into active metabolites which is indicated by the suffix eighty here you should not think that all the ace inhibitors are products to of the ace inhibitors like cap-toe pre and listo play are the high to drugs but remaining all tracks of the products so all these products are having their

Active metabolites with a change in the name by addition of a suffix eighty two the names of their products now the fourth one the products with different names so there is no relation between the name of the product and its active metabolite so you can see here table time adine is a product of g donating triphosphate zero green is a one of an anti hiv isn’t and

Its product is the h 0 time adenine and here you can observe that both age adult i’m winning as well as you know green triphosphate both can be used as the tracks that means what of the active metabolite of this product is also exist as a individual drug and it can be used alone so many capes it pine is a product whereas it’s matter blood is a 5-fluorouracil

So 5-fluorouracil can be directly given as they directed drug or as a product like cape see turbine so mainly from cyclo we’re having a metabolite tense chloe spironolactone it is one of a potassium sparing diuretic which is han some direct action as well as its metabolites can they know he’s again responsible for the most of the form class collections of the

Spinal actor jennifer jennifer is a product of the 5-fluorouracil similarly deep in the frame dip everything is a total of the epinephrine so even if rain can be directly used as well as it can also be used as its product de pivot frame similarly dam built it all he’s having a metabolite can battalion finally delphinidin is a product of the figs often adding

Actually nowadays delphinidin is withdrawn from the market because of its effect on the qt interval definitely increases the qt interval in the ecg thereby it can precipitate one of a fatal arrhythmia torsade de pointes so because of such fatty side effect nowadays stiffening is withdrawn from the market but surprisingly its active metabolite fix affinity is

Having no such side effect and it is used as an anti-allergic agent now we can see fear the products which are haggard different names compared with their active metabolites but these active metabolites are not used as such they are always used as their products for example only pros all we know it’s a massive well known proton pump inhibitor is actually pro rag

And when it is given into the body it is coming to omeprazole sulfonamide which is an active metabolite similarly some frost cell assigns some for salvation is a product of the 5mn of salicylic acid sulfasalazine is going to be crude by angel direct ages their body is converted into 5 mi no salicylic acid similarly all sunshine is a pro-rata 5 mi know sam slick

Acid and the drug is called myth in your mind is a drug used to treat the uni tract infections is converted into formaldehyde within the urine which is responsible for its toxic effect on the bacteria so mythili mine is also considered as a prologue and it’s active metabolite is the formaldehyde similarly loped now in the funeral is aware of an anti go days

End which is converted into oxy purine all which is responsible for the inhibition of the xanthine oxidase enzyme there by the inhibits the bioessence of the uric acid similarly simvastatin is one of a anti hyperlipidemia which is converted into beta hydroxy acid derivative function for the inhibition of hmg-coa reductase enzyme nabi mattone is a non-steroidal

Anti-inflammatory drug which is converted into six methoxy naphthalene istic acid as an active metabolite so all these are the products which are having the active metabolites and these drugs are given only as products which are covered in two active metabolites within the body

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Various types of prodrugs and their active metabolites By egpat