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Venereal Disease

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Because i will be clapping back so the story takes place back in my whole days in summer of 2016 so back in summer 2000 the 16 ask me some new things i never experienced before pretty much i went from being in this person to this person and it was like a whole new world just open up to me i mean when you used to doing this for years i mean you switch it up and

It is yeah and my eyes got addicted i mean big dead i literally went on world tour manasses i cannot tell you how many people died i went from boom to boom with i mean like really so here i am on world tour clapping all around the city and he got to a point where i just either took it off or i didn’t even use one at all so towards the end of the summer once it

Is cooked ups houses one of the few white men that i can ever say i did anything with in my life and nothing crazy happened there i got in i got out everything went smoothly and i left so one morning i go to use the bathroom and my pee was burning very very slightly it was nothing serious i thought maybe it’s just like super concentrate it was just something i

Ate like it that has happened to me before so i thought nothing of it so i just went on here took a shower and did all my stuff that i normally do in the morning it’s like an hour later it was burning again i’m like what the is wrong with me so i’m like oh my god there must be like a lot of soap in here and it’s like making my peepers so i started doing like

This milking action to try to get anything that was in there to like come out and while i was doing as i’m trying this like yellowy whitish thick as like i don’t even know what that i compare it to started coming out of my deck in dog when i happen i was i was i was sure my ass was shooken up after him i was i literally stopped and froze and i looked at it like

Like what the is this so you know me like every other dumb ass i got my ass on webmd and i checked them symptoms so weapon people say either have a uti and i’m okay i’ve had those before in the past or and when i read that was like oh hey no no i mean that nobody’s why me and did not so made a doctor’s appointment i’m really cool that my doctor it’s like i’m

Really open and everything with them so pretty much i told him i went in there what happen and home so i got tested and while i was there i did all the normal a city testing and they send that away but they did do it in-house uti test and i did come back positive for having a uti so look okay that’s a serious is just a really bad uti couple days later i get a

Phone call and the doctor and they’re just like hey jeremy just calling you back for your test results and i was like okay and like you tested positive for gonorrhea doc i have never been so embarrassed on a phone call in my life when she told me that i was like oh okay like i was just it was the most embarrassing thing like ever has happened to me so then she

Was like you sent your medicine already – you know your local pharmacy you could go pick it up so i actually still have two prescriptions that i got from my doctor from 2016 and they gave me sir brock’s 400 milligrams and erythromycin one gram packet and pretty much i think one of them from emory i had to like drink it it was like a powder and i think the other

One was like maybe just like a pillow this time i’m taking the medicine and it was so weird was i after i started taking the medicine my pee was just super super super on fire like it hurts so bad i remember i just started my new job and i couldn’t take off or nothing he was like my first week and i’m walking around with my peepee on fire i remember me and my

Friends we went to go eat at popeyes one day and i had to go to the bathroom i was literally in there in so much pain trying to pee i was hanging on to like them handicap poles were like dear like it was just coming out of there like squirts because the pain was just so bad okay but this is where the story gets crazy and i look bad so i said i was on a mission

To go let this white man know what he did to me and you’re probably thinking you know where he lives just go to his house go knock on the door bla bla bla bla bla but he lives in like this nuke immunity and you actually have to type in the number before you could go inside the apartment complex and i didn’t know his door number or his regularly decorate number

So i was sitting like what the hell am i gonna do i’m gonna let this man know that he’s out here spreading things so my ass i wrote a note saying pretty much you need to get checked out and what he did and how he could find me and i put it inside a vanilla envelope and i made a map included to the front of it and i left it by the front door and i was like whoever

Finds it so i did that at night and then the next day i get a message and it’s the guy he was like i found your note and he was soon there he was like apologizing bla bla bla bla bla bla he was i made a doctor’s appointment i better go get tested and all this other stuff and i’m like are you gonna do that baby so he does i mean it’s like two days later he messages

Me and he’s like so i got checked and um all my tests came back negative and i looked at my phone like huh-huh and then dude i was so embarrassed when i read that message and then i was a who the did i get this from and how long have i had it cuz it’s been weeks now in the last light interaction how was somebody before that guy was like a couple weeks and i was

Like holy i’ve been walking around with this and i didn’t even know and i was just like i don’t know who i really got this from they got something else that they might not know about that i might not have is something i hope i can get tested for ya might be too early for me to show symptoms and dude that literally scared me to my core i didn’t know what to do i

Was just in there like what if he has like hiv and he doesn’t even know like that literally scared the out of me and i didn’t find out about it so all good so i couldn’t really be tested for it until november and literally for those next weeks i was just so and like agony i was just so literally just scared because i didn’t know what i had and it wasn’t gonna show

Four months later so november rows around and i go get tested and they came back negative but just to make sure you know they tell you to come back in another three months and i did go back in february and i was tested negative again and i was so goddamn relieved but those six months were in pure agony i was sitting i wouldn’t do nothing with nobody i wouldn’t

Try to hit up nobody nothing like that because i didn’t know what i had and what i could be spreading around now recently you guys might have seen me talk about or see me post things about a thing called prep and all prep is is a once-a-day pill that you take that lowers your chance of getting hiv if you come in contact with it by 92% and now this without condoms

Don’t think if you’re using condoms in taking prep your chances are getting hiv if you come in contact with it are so so so so so slim all it is is this little pill pill either every morning or towards the end of the day i just go ahead and take it i mean it’s nothing and i’m just lucky not you know have insurance and thing to be able to get this and have that

Extra layer of protection to protect myself from things like that now i’m so on point with my sexual health every three months i’ve a got my doctor’s office getting my prescription refill for my prep and also getting std testing hiv testing whether i did something or not because we only get one temple and when we put in our body and what we do or if our body’s

It’s gonna literally affect us for the rest of our lives and i need to make sure my well-being is poppin and that’s why i got a nice nice bag to protect myself to love myself ain’t no excuse over here ain’t no excuse i feel like everybody needs a bag like this today room i don’t care if they’re male or female i guess i’m out to my friends when they need them i

Make sure that i state shred hello sorry two holes callin hello some other stories just to protect yourself and to love yourself and make sure you’re taking care of your sexual health when the holes have called me make sure you sure down below i’m gonna add some links for you guys to learn more about prep how you could get prep with or without insurance and how

You can get free std testing in your local area my head ass totally forgot to make it ending to this video i’m looking real rough right now is how to put on the filter and catfish y’all real quick i just wanted to say thank you guys for watching episode 1 of season 2 and at the end of this season i would make it a questions video now you’ve got your questions

And honestly i’ll ask at them the link will be below or just hit me or any of my social media it’s just the end of your question and i’ll keep it and then it might get entered and i’ll see you guys next week for a new episode and ie your

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