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Viread and HIV Drug Lawsuits Against Gilead Sciences

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Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) is an antiretroviral drug originally developed by Gilead Sciences and sold under the brand name Viread. Gilead is big in the news right now because they are working on a treatment for the coronavirus.

Hi i’m lisa miller from the law firm of miller and joyce our firm handles product liability and dangerous drug lawsuits across the country in this video we’re going to talk about the growing number of lawsuits against gilead sciences regarding their popular hiv drug virus tdf is an antiretroviral drug originally developed by gilead sciences and sold under the grant

Brand name virus gilead is now facing a growing number of lawsuits alleging that the company failed to adequately warned about very serious adverse health effects caused by the drug and intentionally kept a safer alternative drug off the market by red was a groundbreaking drug when it first released in 2001 by red was the first viable treatment for the hiv virus

Soon after the drugs release hundreds of thousands of people living with hiv were using it to manage their condition unfortunately the amazing benefits of i read came with significant side-effects it eventually became apparent however that these adverse health effects were much more serious than gilead had originally disclosed a number of studies have now confirmed

That continued use of virus can cause acute kidney failure cancer and osteoporosis and the incidence rate of these side-effects is alarmingly high gilead is not being sued simply because virus can cause kidney failure and bone damage gilead is now being sued because there was a safer alternative drug but the time thyroid was released in 2001 researchers at gilead

Were well aware of the drugs flaws and the company had already developed a newer safer drug called taf taf had the same effect as tdf drugs like virus but without all that dangerous side effects the development of taf presented a business dilemma for gilead the company was already making billions on virus and virus was under patent protection for another ten years

If gilead had released its newer safer taf drug in 2002 this would have immediately killed the market for virus gilead would have lost a decade of patent protected sales of virus worth billions in revenues rather than cut off the viral profits prematurely gilead made a very deliberate business decision to delay the release of the safer taf drug until the patent

Protection on virus was almost over gilead ended up waiting over 10 years before releasing taf when this was uncovered it immediately led to a wave of product liability lawsuits against gilead the lawsuits allege that gilja had a legal duty to immediately release the taf drugs once it became aware that they were sick there were safer alternatives to existing tdf

Drugs gilead had a choice between maximizing profits or maximizing patient health and safety they clearly chose to prioritize profits by intentionally delaying release of the safer alternative taf drugs gilead exposed patients to ten additional years of toxins known to damage the bones and kidneys our firm is currently accepting new cases against gilead sciences

If you are one of the thousands of people who took vie red or another tdf drug for the treatment of hiv you may have a claim against gilead contact our firm millar noise today at

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Viread and HIV Drug Lawsuits Against Gilead Sciences By Miller \u0026 Zois Attorneys at Law