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Vlog #106 – Skin Cancer, Parkinson’s and Levodopa

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This video discusses the increased risk of skin cancer for people with Parkinson’s Disease, and whether levodopa medications play a role.

Hello waterlogged number 106 last week i received an email from parkinson’s patient alan rome requesting that i researched the incidents and association of skin cancer and medication mvd alan has been unfortunate enough to have two brushes with skin cancer dopamine best medication six years ago firstly a squamous cell carcinoma is had which was surgically removed

More recently a basal cell acosta on his face he noticed through the notes that accompany these caracara medication clearly stated do not take if you have suffered from skin cancer and consulted is neurologist on both occasions to obtain advice in the first instance the response was that the risk mainly applied to melanoma but not so seriously squamous cell

Carcinomas in the second instance all didn’t even get a response which suggests to me that the neurologist didn’t know the answers of the question i’ve never read enough of the notes and accompanied my meds to come across this reference how he skip straight to the possible side effect section with skin cancer with notable white substance so i was surprised by

Quality information about cancers in general parkinson’s disease when i looked online i was unaware that people with parkinson’s as generally less risk of having a cancer diagnosis but have a statistically significant increase risk of malignant melanoma i found the paper published on the us national library of medicine by paying it out entitled the association

Between parkinson’s disease and melanoma a systematic review and meta-analysis which analyzed 24 studies on pd environment and attempt to evaluate the association of these two conditions insufficient evidence of a link to the use of limited medications was found since few quality studies were focused on but the report concludes that an association between being

A man confirmed most of the evidences were of high quality of the conclusion was reversed additionally the report found the risk of melanoma skin cancers in parkinson’s was slightly higher than the general population the risk of melanoma is about four times greater for a person with pd the minutes for the general population but it is interesting the risk of pd

Is also about four times greater for melanoma patients so link runs both ways melanin is a pigment which determines skin matter color it also exists in neurons in the substantia in the brain where it is tony remember there is protective of neurons saving them from oxidative stress abnormalities in melanin can be the cause of melanoma or not the skin cancers well

P d is correlated with an analysis in nearer melanin so just thought the melanin is a key link between parkinson’s and melanoma so what’s of the warning of levodopa medication as the synthesis of dopamine and melanin share biomedical pathways and substances have found the pd patients develop melanoma after commencing l-dopa therapy it had been hypothesize that

There is a link between muhlenberg levodopa recent studies however concluded that this link is merely a coincidence pd increases the risk of melanoma not leave it open i think manufacturers of these medications are just covering their backs given inconclusive evidence they are being cautious if their own patients not use the medication if they’re had skin cancer

There’ll be that much harder to serve a link is subsequently proven of course none of this is a much comfort one who is like to make his own risk assessment without much in the way of support from his neurologist or his talk to her it was unaware of any link between parkinson’s and skin cancer i think he’s conclusion that the risk is small is probably correct but

I think the lack of advice from his health professionals in light of the bold statements in the the company is medicine is a real muscle for concern thanks for watching if you have any questions or we’re talking to you’d like me to cover in future vlogs sleep addresses in the comments i’ll do my best to respond have a great week see you next friday you

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Vlog #106 – Skin Cancer, Parkinson's and Levodopa By Ian Frizell