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vlog forgetting something while you’re talking about it

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do you ever forget what you’re talking about while you were talking about it?

I found out i can do streaming again doing like little 10 or 20 minute intervals oh let me just come on yeah there we go see i talk more gently now apparently i found that i can plug in my webcam to my chromebook and i can use this thing called melon app online to do the streaming to youtube and get this the stream labs alerts works as well and i’ve got the

Free version at the moment which is uh i forget what i’m saying while i’m saying it i’m like oh did you and then i just do you know when you can’t remember a celebrity and you can’t remember their name like oh oh it’s when he said no it’s it’s it’s oh oh oh it’s tom ford or something like that it’s very good it’s really hard to wreck your brains to remember

The characters or the actors names celebrities names but you know what’s in there you know you know and you know eventually you’ll think of it well it’s that kind of feeling like you’ve lost the thing while you’re talking about the subject the thread where is the thread what was i talking about i used to get that anyway but i get that quite a lot now i get that

More now i’ve got to be less shouty shadow brandy note to self shut up no is gonna be the case i’m holding my camera over here because there’s someone behind me walking a dog do you know i don’t trust dog walkers because if you think about it every time they find a body they say body found by dog walker how come they’re what they do in there all these dog walkers

Bloody oh they’ve got mixed hygiene then calm down andy so the streaming news is really good because that means i can stream from the sofa and i’ve got enough i use the webcam so it’s not dark i’ve got my um something light there’s a there’s a light i bought from streamlabs so now from stream that’s from elgato what’s it called it’s like a spotlight kind of thing

Oh there right oh someone’s out in the garden i’ve just got a notification hmm i’m off to the the post office to take tina’s parcel back for some reason her watch stopped working she wore it once in the shower and then she’s like oh it’s not working and it totally wasn’t and then i found out this anyway wherever i get to send it back to the repairer for free

And apparently see i sent it already but they sent it back with no no or nothing and i think is because i didn’t improv include my sales receipt or something hmm that’s why they didn’t say nothing because i have experience of computer systems like that and if it hasn’t got all the inputs then it just sends it back garbage in garbage out you know like something

It’s a lovely day look how lovely the day is got some washing out on the line that i didn’t put there that’s how good my washing is you just wait it washes then hangs then dries and then all i’ve got to do is fold it so i hang it up instead you

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vlog forgetting something while you're talking about it By multiple sclerosis Vlog