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#Vlog had a lovely day in the pool with beer at the barbecue and my robovac! future boy!

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wow it is so hot lately. We had a lovely day yesterday at the barbecue with Reece and Tina’s we even had a paddling pool which was lovely the sitting with a can of beer

Hello and happy monday to you i could only do yoga this morning i was going to start boxing in vr this week i still might later but by golly swarm isn’t it i was at um recent tina’s place yesterday for well not my dinner tina’s fentina um and we had an amazing barbecue we had loads of animals and reese did all the cooking again and then me and tina and dina at

A paddling pool and we was just chilling in the warm with beer in the pool it was lovely oh look at this river is such a lovely time and i’ve got my robot vacuum cleaner that’s doing really well better than i thought it would be because i had one before for when i’m in my old place and that picked up a lot of dust and dirt but it was a bit dumb when it was doing

Random things this one now though it’s got like a systematic way to go through all the flaws and i’ve tried the mopping function it becomes it comes with a water tank and a mop head and i thought yeah it was a bit gimmicky oh but my kitchen floor is lovely you can see when you go in when the sun’s coming through the window and looking at the floor and there’s no

Scuff marks or you know stuff that i dropped from the fridge which is quite often and i’m gonna give it a go on the bathroom today as well so if i could teach it to get jump up on the counter and get the dust off the counters i’m sacking the cleaner but i’m still gonna keep the cleaning because the less time she’s got to deal with the floor the more time she’s

Got to wipe the dust off by counters kind of thing so it’s a win-win and plus it kind of fits the object tina was saying what’d you even get it for you just stand there and watch it because it’s really fascinating seeing how it systematically because ryan’s got sensors on as well so it doesn’t bump bump bump my other one used to used to hear it right where it was

In the flat by the bumps and now this one it remembers where the bump was last time and use his senses to move out of the way oh it’s really special i love living in the future talking of living in the future while i was on the barbecue yesterday i had a delivery from amazon coming and i could see from my ring security cam that the guy came up and you can talk

And you press the button and say oh could you hello mate can you put it in the box beside the garage please and you know what he did and then he turned to the camera and oh i wrote jews and i thought oh the future is here welcome to the world of tomorrow why do you always have to say it that way you

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#Vlog had a lovely day in the pool with beer at the barbecue and my robovac! future boy! By multiple sclerosis Vlog