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#vlog is the One Stop truly a one stop? random customer service test :) #raybanstories

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I went out and about on the scooter doing the new style of vlog, I got a robot vacuum cleaner and a quick customer service test on one stop to get some beer

I’m going on a jaunt somewhere i’ve decided i’m not going to bother looking in the mirror like this because i don’t need to do that really and watching back the videos it’s better when you can see around you rather than yeah so i’ve now declared that now the v logs will be pov v logs yes well done jesus there we go finally i’m free let’s slow down a bit going

A bit too fast for me i’m good let’s stay in the shade oh it’s not very shady i’ve got one leg red one leg shaded if you don’t love yourself you can’t love a mother you cannot even love your sister about yourself many things the feelings are strong my uh why now let’s go to the one stop some beer have a look how these people are in this one-stop

Shop they’re really nice and friendly here every time we’re in there in this shop they’ve been really friendly so let’s put them to the test for a random customer servicing what i’m gonna do is ask for help and get some beer cold from the fridge and see how they do is hello can you help me i need to get some beer from the fridge please would you be able to get

It for me a pack of four beer any beer from the fridge if it’s cold any beer will do any old beer will do thank you very much yes i would like that fun perfect thank you very much oh there you are easy-peasy okay okay thank you so much see one they’re really nice they just do enough for you sweetie and i can’t do enough for you that’s why i used to say well

They can do it for you that’s adequate but they can’t do enough for you it’s okay now let’s go back home physical stimulation physical oh i’ve got a new robotic vacuum cleaner i got a really good deal on it on the prime day see the secret is when they’re having a discount right you can go look out the warehouse deals and the warehouse deals are just things

Have been returned and they can’t use the uh the same packaging and sellers new to get like a certain percentage off when it’s a warehouse deal but if it’s already got money off because of a special deal for example like prime day then the amount off i get as a warehouse deal on top of the sale price or anyway it’s always a good deal i got a really good deal

For tina for a birthday for the samsung galaxy tab a8 i checked every single day because it wasn’t always on offer and it wasn’t always on warehouse but i checked every single day and i finally got it and now she’s got a 10.2 inch tablet in my place that i’ve got for a steal oh well you know the only way it would have been cheaper if i’d dropped it off an old

Lady but it would be unlikely to have a tablet in their own lady’s purse so for that reason i didn’t rob any old ladies quick get out before the car if the feelings are comes is echo clean the kitchen love is oh you

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#vlog is the One Stop truly a one stop? random customer service test 🙂 #raybanstories By multiple sclerosis Vlog