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Foreign so i purchased this loreal revitalift hyaluronic acid plus caffeine eye serum i’ve talked about this in a lot of my shop with me videos but i decided to buy it um caffeine applied under the under eyes depending on the type of hyperpigmentation you have it may offer a very temporary brightening effect and it also can help like decrease puffiness

Temporarily and hyaluronic acid is hydrating honestly i purchased it because i’ve been really intrigued by the applicator it’s like these rolling balls and roll it underneath and then like over your eyes so you get the cooling rollerball action and it deposits the serum but so i’ve used this a couple of times word of warning if it’s very thin in consistency

And if it drips into your eye it burns for sure so i think it would be better if it were just a little bit more viscous in consistency but i do kind of notice a temporary like deep puffing under the eyes with this but i have also tried the ordinary makes are made they still have it as a caffeine eye cream that was pretty good you don’t need an eye cream so this

Is a bazillion times but caffeine under the eyes can offer a temporary bright effect so i went ahead and put on my hydra boost um i got a question i saw in the comments of today’s vlog somebody was asking me how long do i use something in terms of trying it out and i use products up unless they are something i just do not like i pretty much use products up in

Their entirety um before i review them i usually give them i mean it depends on the type of product but i usually use it for four weeks four to six weeks depending on the type of product sometimes less if it’s something like a sunscreen where you put it through some wear tests and you know you’re not expecting it to change your skin or you know offer anything

Then it’s much less time but yeah i think this person was asking this question because they were asking about like breakouts and stuff honestly for me personally skin care products don’t trigger breakouts and when people say breakouts that’s kind of a loaded term do they mean acne flares or do they mean like irritation and rashes if you develop a rash to a product

Like a irritation or something it should be pretty obvious within um a couple of days of using it and it’s not always directly where you put the product either like the skin around the eyes can be more susceptible the skin on the neck can be more susceptible anyways but if it’s acne um it would be unusual to put a product on and expect your acne to flare like

The next day because acne is down under the surface of the skin it’s kind of has to manifest itself it’s always a good idea to patch test a new product put a little bit like on your neck or somewhere just a little spot like behind the ear see if you tolerate it or whatever but honestly that has its limitations because it’s not really going to tell you if

The product is going to trigger your acne necessarily but it could just kind of give you a feel like if there’s something in it that you might already be sensitized to some people can have overly sensitive skin from using too many products and their skin is hyper irritable they may have symptoms of burning stinging or they may just have a lot of redness and

Be more breakout prone as a result of using too many products let’s go ahead and put on the sunscreen still loving this skinceuticals physical fusion uv defense um i don’t know why i’ve been sleeping on this product although i will say it is a very thin consistency so do your diligence with making sure you get good coverage oh another question that i saw on

Today’s video so i wear upf clothing a fair amount and somebody was asking about my mod 50 bathing suit the upf bathing suit with the long sleeves they were saying do you need to wear sunscreen under that technically you don’t and um because it offers like it should block 98 of uv rays which is best case scenario with sunscreen and i mean putting sunscreen

On underneath that i don’t really think it’s going to add much if anything it’s just going to ruin the bathing suit material you know leave stains and whatnot but definitely put sunscreen on all the sun exposed areas like your arm hands legs whatever is sun exposed and then reapply when you get out of the water so that eye serum does kind of give a bit of a

Tingly sensation a little bit of warmth last night i did a load of whites which i always procrastinate i don’t know what it is about whites i always procrastinate and i love when i have a freshly laundered load of whites because i like the smell of bleach i know that’s weird yeah i love the smell of freshly laundered whites like the bleach smell on the fabric

But i’m wearing the these are the denim shorts i’m always raving about from amazon i’ve had for like over a year but this is a white pair freshly laundered and this tank is also from the amazonian they come in a three pack you can get a few different colorways like they have a blue green and white pack i think that i got and they also have like a black gray

And black they have a few or polly i think it’s a brand they’re actually really comfortable it’s like that modal fabric they’re pretty comfortable and they hold up well i purchased multiple hey guys i just finished filming a costco shop with me video and i am in the car i’m listening to a book called made in the usa on audible it is very sensitive subject matter

So much so that i can’t even tell you what it is because youtube will flag the video if i even mention it but uh i’ll link it down below you can read the description on amazon very intense topic highly suggest listening to it if you especially are in the healthcare field in any way shape or form because it’s definitely something that we need to be educated on

For sure although it is not for the faint of heart to listen to you but i will say the reader is doing an excellent job like she’s doing different voices for the different people in the book and the stories it’s quite good um so yeah anyways while i was in costco samples are back i’ve been in costco in a long time while i was in there i had a sample of this

Chocolate dipped banana frozen banana so good made me want to make an ice cream um but i don’t have any bananas and i didn’t have the sample until i was about ready to leave and i didn’t want to wait in line just to buy bananas it was kind of crowded in there it was getting crowded speaking of which all right i just pulled into the parking lot i’m gonna

Go into goods but i’m in that shopping plaza that i often come to and those of you have been following me for a while uh disappoint the joanne’s that always kind of smells a little funky is going out of business which i never really shopped in the sense of buying anything there but i always found it pleasant to wander through especially come close to fall when

I put all the fall decor out joanne’s always had a good lineup so that’s a bummer but i may have to dive in there dive in there dip in there because i see they’re having 20 who’s wanting to bother me 20 to 40 percent off what i need in there nothing but um i’m tempted to go on in i could always buy stickers right all right i’m here in joey hounds and i guess

They’re not going out of business they’re just relocating these mugs are 50 off they’re really sweet this would make a good teacher gift paper plates i don’t know about you guys but i never ate off of paper plates my entire life other than like birthday parties or picnics but i see a lot of people eat off of paper plates like all the time doesn’t that get

Expensive um like right it seems like that gets really started it seems like that would get really expensive to eat off of paper plates all the time let me know in the comments do you eat off of paper plates i like never would but i’ve always had a dishwasher too i will say that all right these cute little birdhouses 50 off that’s a good deal julian stuff

Is cute but it’s always like really expensive in my opinion the home decor they’ve got some christmas candle majorly discounted ooey gooey craft kit oh gross flushing frenzy that is disgusting i’m here in home goods and this fresh mango candle i might have to have it smells delicious hey guys just got out of the shower finished my skincare routine update i’ve

Been trying this out for about a week now right wasn’t it last weekend i did a first impression this is the omega water cream from the inky list so the consistency of this is pretty emollient and in my experience using it it doesn’t layer underneath sunscreen particularly well the sunscreens that i’ve tried over it which have been several tend to peel up so i

Don’t you know if you’re somebody who likes to use a moisturizer in the morning in addition to your sunscreen you may run into issues with this it’s a little shiny and y’all know i like to put on moisturizer i i encourage you to put moisturizer on to the skin while it’s still a little bit damp because this is i guess so emollient when you have a little bit of

Moisture on your skin i find that this gets clumpy so long story short it’s not bad but i would say there’s just better moisturizers out there for me that i like better because of their consistency the way they lay on the skin and this um what was the other thing i was going to tell you guys about it it’s good within six months of opening whereas the hydro

Boost body gel cream that i have here good within 12 months of opening now this product um is not for the body but i use it on my face and it works really really well and it’s not like greasy or anything in my experience using it um you may find it greasy if you have oilier skin because it is a little thicker but all that to say i rate this at three and a half

Out of five it’s not bad it’s just not like something that i would go out of my way to purchase that was gifted to me by the way from the inky lips but let me know if you guys have tried that before i um love their oat cleansing balm they have some really good products but um i find it interesting both the ordinary and the inky list they’re kind of sparse in

Terms of the actual offering of moisturizers they have like a lot of serums and whatnot but they don’t have very many moisturizers like the ordinary has the natural moisturizing factor plus ha which i really like but they don’t have too many other options oh man you guys today was one of those days that just flew by as usual what was i looking for oh my

Tread one where did it go y’all i have a chaos down here uh so this is my i have it i get my prescription filled i have them dispensed two 320 gram tubes so 60 grams in total i just like the little tubes personally i find that with prescription topicals the metal packaging of the tube i find that if it’s a big tube i find if it’s a big tube sometimes you get

These like little cracks on the edges so i like the little tubes personally but yeah this one still have quite a bit left now the the consistency of the cream it spreads on the skin really well but it looks like i have a lot when i put it on but i promise it’s just a little pea size but it’s almost a bit of a whipped consistency but if you ever use the gel

It’s is a little bit more top not tough but a little bit it’s a little less forgiving in terms of its spread you can still get a good thin layer with with the um with the gel but see the tretinoin cream see a lot of patients they don’t like the vehicle they find is too greasy or whatever but for me personally i’m using it i love it it’s funny because i always

Get questions about the inactive ingredients in tretinoin like there’s some these are falling out of favor thank goodness those poor clogging websites where they like rank different ingredients and claim that they’re poor clogging which you know some of that is just based on these really antiquated rabbit ear model studies but i was always getting questions

Like about avoiding isopropyl muristate and it’s like dude that’s what’s in tread knowing and nobody is you know having poor clogging it’s an acne treatment so yeah all that to say these websites and things that rank ingredients as far as comedogenesis boils down to the product overall and then the individual it’s really hard you know i always do get questions

Like what’s a good product that’s not going to break me out and it’s like dude there’s no predictor on that there’s really not like especially you know a lot of marketing will be like for oily skin or breakout prone skin and there’s certain ingredients that are favorable for those skin types in terms of absorbing excess oil off the surface of the skin or feeling

Lightweight but there’s nothing really about a formulation that predicts like whether or not it’s going to aggravate someone’s acne or not it’s just an individual kind of thing so long story short if you have sensitive breakout like skin that’s prone to acne flares with new products and stuff don’t don’t necessarily dismiss a product that is not marketed like

Oily acne prune if it doesn’t have that language in it because it it is more complicated than that so that being said the omega water cream you may love if you have oily acne breakout prone skin in my opinion it’s a little shiny so you may not like that but you may love it it’s like i i i really have no way of knowing that um but speaking of shiny i wanted

To update you guys i have been slugging my arms and legs i didn’t do it tonight because i used the hydro boost body gel cream but i’ve been slugging my arms and legs and i’ve really seen a difference just like i feel like it’s taken 10 years off of the appearance of my legs um it just makes them look a lot younger doing this but yeah slugging your arms and

Legs if you you know shorts it’s always short season here but if you like wearing shorts skirts and things like that and you want to just rejuvenate the look of the skin on your legs try doing the slugging so what i do is when i get out of the shower i pat the skin a little bit so there’s still a little bit of water on the skin and then i put the vaseline i

Was using cerave healing ointment but i finished that and i also was using cetaphil healing ointment but i finished that anyways i put it all the way on my arms take it up to like right here in my shoulder i mean you could do your entire body if you wanted to but anyways do my arms also do my hands and then my legs but a lot on my thighs and then i have this old

Carol hochman robe that i got from costco and i put that on over it so that when i sit down i don’t get like petroleum and stuff all over the place that’s a pain so the inside of the carol hoffman robe is like you know kind of like a little vaseline cocoon but yeah i put that on sometimes i sleep without on just because i find it comfortable but by the time i

Go to get in bed it’s all sunk into my skin and the following morning my skin is like super soft so yeah try that out just do it you know i don’t know a few nights a week in a row see if you see a difference if not then you know don’t do that go back to your usual moisturizing routine anyways y’all i hope you had a great time with me today running around per

Usual if you guys like this video give it a thumbs up share it with your friends and as always don’t forget sunscreen and subscribe i’ll talk to you guys tomorrow bye you

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