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Vyvanse ADHD Medication Anxiety and How I Stopped It

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Does your Vyvanse / Elvanse sometimes make you anxious? When I take a full capsule of Vyvanse, I can get that anxiousness feeling… so I started “splitting” my Vyvanse… and that anxiety issue seemed to disappear.

Hey everybody welcome to go adhd go my name is johnny and on this channel we give you the tips and tricks to help make life suck less because let’s face it living life with adhd can get pretty sucky sometimes and one thing that makes life a lot less sucky for me is my adhd medication vivance also known as elvance in some countries vivance is an adhd medication

That works wonderfully for me but there was one side effect that i experienced and a side effect that i’ve heard other vitamins users say that they’ve experienced also and that is it can make me feel anxious so i’d stop taking my vivants but not on purpose but because i didn’t realize that i was almost out and when i was finally able to appointment with my

Psychiatrist i had completely ran out for like eight days so yeah that was a really awesome eight days eight days with no medication oh the fun that was had during that time so much fun and crying mostly crying oh but it did end up being awesome because when i went to my psychiatrist appointment and told her why i haven’t taken by vance in eight days she told

Me that i should well first she called me a ding-dong head i can’t argue that and then she suggested that when i got my five hands prescription refilled and i started taking it again that i should split my vyvanse dosage for a week or so because going eight days with no by vance to back on a full dose all at once can be kind of wonky for some people and since

I am a delicate flower i followed her advice and started splitting my vivants which meant for an entire week i took half my vivance in the morning and then the other half about two hours after that and i noticed something during those seven days that i was splitting my vivants that anxious feeling that i used to get it had decreased drastically it basically

Was non-existent wasn’t even there anymore and after that week of splitting my vivants i could then go back on a full dosage again if i wanted to but i didn’t i just kept splitting my advance every single day and i’ve been doing it ever since for over two and a half years two and a half years with hardly any of those anxious feelings like i used to get it may

Sound weird but running out of my vivants was probably the best dumb thing i’ve ever done because the result was learning how to split my vivants so you’re probably wondering how does one go about doing this vivance splitting fang anyway you know because vivance isn’t a solid pill it’s a capsule filled with super fine white powder you can’t just chop it in half

So here’s what i do take a capsule hold each end snugly between two fingers gently twist both ends to loosen it up slowly open the capsule dump half of the powder onto a small piece of paper then put the two ends of the capsules back together dump the powder into a glass of water stir and drink put the capsule back see don’t lose it oh and don’t knock over the

Glass oh no what the no you don’t have to dump the powder onto a piece of paper you can dump it right into the glass if you want but i use the paper because it’s much easier for me to see how much powder i’m dumping out plus sometimes you’ll accidentally dump too much powder and it’s easier to scoop some powder back into the capsule off of the piece of paper than

It is to scoop powder out of water which is actually impossible because when it hits the water it’s gone it’s dissolved your sol which of course stands for i don’t even know what that stands for bobby what does sol stand for bobby really oh well i guess that’s right oh and after i drink and drink the vivance and water mixture i like to set a timer on my phone to

Remind me in two hours to take the other half of my byvance you’re going to want to set a timer trust me because you gonna forget and that’s how i split my vivance and got rid of all those anxious feelings like i used to get what i learned is taking a full dose all at once seemed to be what was causing that anxiousness but splitting a dose into two phases spreads

A full dose out over a longer period of time and my brain seems to be able to handle that much better it’s a slower build up hence no anxiousness it’s like if you were in a car and you hit the gas pedal and you went zero to 70 miles per hour in two seconds you’d freak out because that’s a lot for your brain to handle but if you go zero to 70 miles per hour over

A span of say 10 seconds you’re able to adjust to that increase of speed better because the increase is spread out over a longer period of time so you don’t freak out splitting my by vance is like going zero to 70 miles per hour and 10 seconds whereas taking a full dose of advances like going zero to 70 miles per hour in two seconds wait a minute in that video

That was my car who took my car bobby now i know that some of you are asking if you were feeling anxious taking by vance why didn’t you just switch medications or take a lower dosage of by advance well i’ve tried other medications like stratera concerta adderall adderall xr and vyvance is just a medication that works best for me as for the lower dosage of ivance

I tried that also and it wasn’t as effective for me but now it’s all good splitting by bands no more anxiousness so if you experience that anxiousness with your by vance maybe splitting your by advance might work for you but first as always ask your doctor or psychiatrist always ask your doctor a psychiatrist before you do anything with your adhd medication so

Yeah splitting my by advance decreased that anxiousness and feeling anxious was really the only bummer about taking by vance but now no more bummer and that has made life so much better and when life is better that makes us happy and what do we do when we’re happy that’s right let’s dance you

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