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I’ll walk in this for like 50 cent mental state on minimum what’s up chicken fam and we back with another video guys today good day good day guys it’s day 20. it’s day 20. it’s mr avenir bro this guy was commented day and then day and day after today 20 days here we are today juice wrld codeine freestyle you requested it big shout out to the community big shout

Out to avenue for being so consistent this is what we want we want you guys to engage but don’t forget help us give the video a like comment down below on what next you guys want us to jump on hey there’s a new for watching videos day 45 imagine no but let’s get into this one it’s been a minute since we’ve done a juicer but also we need your help because we need

New juice wrld songs unreleased please no unreleased non-released that’s what i want to say no we didn’t finish it but it was getting blocked non-stop non-stop we did 10 songs we got blocked i posted it on on our other channel just to test that we should try it definitely but do comment down below hey you need to relax bro great age attacking us bro don’t like

Us or don’t like the big channels i don’t know why you need to drop music now it’s time let’s go let’s go let’s go goldeen crazy codeine crazy on tour bus 2019 jesus christ you guys requested it yeah we are doing it let’s go bro has like 6 000 people alive bro with spit boys spinning bars for sure but let’s go hollows with me today tomorrow like it’s a cast

You could borrow oh you can borrow i know some ozos i’ve been trapping i know some moses the stones there’s some clothes they’ve been getting money oh wait time to catch my flow i feel like i’m michael jordan yo yo yo guys is it i could could i say this no is it like juice world’s best flow that he’s done like freestyling man brother yo this bruh oh i was sick

So much that like a book i’m like michael phelps when i feel when the i’m a deep stroke me crazy crazy i’m crazy crazy gotta give credit to god because he brought me here bro you got to give credit to the other guys made me sing bro boy bro that sounded good bro ah this is good this is really good content this is really good yeah the guy bro was live beats

Really good for not gonna lie the sound was good finally because i really feel like i had a hard time somewhat hearing juice some of these freestyles because this is good though it was big like way back bring it back to the guy singing too yeah bro the god line get credit to god cause she got me here red coast on my side but you ain’t fall river i can go through

Life for years man all these i like that line though i could go for many years yeah now these little people they’re coming back because he’s succeeding yeah bro freestyle’s so clean guys freestyle is so clean bro and you can see his level he’s completely in aware of the situation he’s just going ham bro this is gold this is a really good reason it’s karina bro

All right let’s go bro what what are you looking over there i’m reading in the comments bro drake is there bro be happy bro try hard question mark bro there’s no teeth i need that money like ellen degeneres all of these ain’t but degeneres killing this i’m a wild ass and with some stuff that’s gentleman you a middle man chopping on me live afghanistan

Huh but that’s why i’m a dog yeah um let’s go 40 on me i’ve been shooting since i was a kid no i’m never lacking bullets all of my they running up on you they not waiting for your reactions that’s it wow guys this is probably my favorite freestyle uh no lie from juice enjoy it so bro flaws the most important thing for me in a freestyle is it’s not repeating

Yourself i really feel like he’s jumping on a topic to topic he’s aware of his surroundings and he’s really having a good time with the people in the room which is nice my favorite was that 50 cent the many men like bro guys it took us 20 days to do this bro actually no this came out in 2019 where we started okay bro he was commentating every day bro bro we saw

It you know what it worked it worked it worked bro day 20. here it is love you guys and we apologize for not doing it bro yeah yeah i’m talking about erica but i know you know that all of my family matters i tell my go crazy chicago i put in chicago man let’s go okay if you owe me better pay you won’t that’s okay talk my come walk this way i’m gonna

Walk my all over your face yeah you heard what i said i get the money i spend it on living i’m smoking and doing these men all of these and the police you white people ain’t giving me bread so i’m gonna take the bread god damn rob that you like comcast cause i’m finessing all through a cable uh-huh pull up on the scene you disabled god damn i’ll never use my

Gun on one of these read the bible crazy that fresh for love i know y’all heard it playing like teresa number one in the world lucid dreams were eight times platinum that’s off singing shut the up and start rapping my platinum that stinking wait till i shut up and start rapping they’re good church on sunday ladies bro he i’m telling you bro he’s taking his

Juice bro bro i was singing bro wait till i start rapping bro spit the bars bro um i might also buy pay-per-view for this cause this worth 59.99 you just travel but this guy is knocked out i think he fell asleep no he’s laughing bro i gotta pay for this ain’t that right double xl nah we turned it down y’all faded as yo this is what i’m talking about man

This is what i’m talking about he was in his zone guys that’s what it looks like when you’re in your zone man what’s that what’s what underworld documentary where are you talking where are you looking at bro yeah bro where bro what is that bro whatever bro guys guys this is where we have with things man this is where we need your help right now give the video a

Like if you enjoyed it i’m gonna give this a beautiful 10 out of 10. we’re on points the topics were on points and family matters yeah bro everything was just on the points back to back bars after bars and we apologize we took this freaking line no there’s no more freestyles yeah i want freestyles even live performances i want all kinds of stuff because this is

Not the end of juice content i know there’s also the you know the ep that we still haven’t done it’s just writing a little problems with that but again requests we will try our best write it down bro don’t like off near yeah half near bro day one we haven’t forgot about you guys don’t forget about us though day four all right let’s get this done guys thank you for

Watching this channel make sure to subscribe like comment the whole package buzzer jk bros we gotta go see you on the next video foreign

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