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Watch First Aimovig Injection in Migraine Neurologist Office | CGRP Migraine Treatment

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This was such an exciting day of my life and I had so much hope that the Aimovig would change my life. I share the feelings I have and what happened during my first Aimovig injection for Migraine prevention in my neurologist office. See my other Migraine Videos and be sure to Subscribe!

This is groundbreaking in medical science this is your story too left a mysterious message are you so excited it’s a wimpy thing oh my lanta i’ve never seen anything like that in my life this is a dream come true done push down click let go with a blue button just sit here and be cute good morning warriors oh i’m starting to cry i’m emotional i get the therapy

We’re on our way to seeing my nurse practitioner at my migraine specialist office because the first preventative medication ever made for migraine disease it has been fda approved i called them and said hey is it time to make an appointment about the cgrp inhibitor which is called aimovig they said yes so that’s what we’re doing in my head i kept telling myself

I just have to get to wednesday i just have to get to wednesday which is today i think i just forgot that i’m not probably going to get the medication today i don’t know for sure i don’t know if local pharmacies are stalking it yet they’re assurances that are making their be first a pre-approval process so that you have to have certain amount of migraine days

A month have failed certain number of treatments that type of thing if you don’t have a migraine or headache disorder please don’t stop watching because this is i can tell you like this is groundbreaking in medical science it’s groundbreaking for people with migraine if you have a health issue this is your story too because someday they may do research and find

Something that helps your disease i think that emotional because i don’t know if it’s going to help me a lot of patients found 50 reduction in their migraine about about 50 percent of patients about 30 found about 25 reduction i’ve never really found relief from the treatments i have had i’ve been praying my emotions right now are so mixed i have a really bad

Migraine i we had thunderstorms it’s been raining today weather front very much pressure dropping which is a huge migraine trigger for me even if it is not a medication that works for me this is the first step you know this is the first drug that they’re coming out they’re gonna be others it’s not like if this doesn’t work it’s the end i’ve had 12 and a half years

Of it since and treatment’s not helped me and i still have a great life and i’m gonna still have a great life after this medication whether or not it works for me or not i would rather be hopeful today because there is a migraine prevention medication created specifically for migraine disease i would rather have that hope and be excited that this is a treatment

That might work for me that might work for many of you and be really disappointed than never to have that glitter ever so i’m just gonna go through this with that gratitude that this is available it is going to be hard for me if it doesn’t work it is it’s always been hard when treatments didn’t work i’m gonna cry when i’m in there i know i’m gonna cry when i’m

In there i do rely on god to give me strength because golly i couldn’t i couldn’t do it without that my head is a jumble this is a migraine i want you all to know that it is possible to have a great life it is possible to live with that glimmer of hope even when it may not be possible for things to improve like we can have a good life we can have a good life we

Can have a good life and it is sad and suffering is there i think a lot of times healthy people will be like just hang on it’ll be okay say a lot of platitudes that i’m sure great make them feel good for saying them but often don’t really apply to the reality of our lives which is like suffering is not an option sometimes people say suffering is an option it’s not

True suffering is real if you read in the bible it talks about suffering being real man my head is hurting a lot i didn’t take a turtle injection because i wanted to wait until i got home because i was worried it might make me sleepy i’m happy i’m so happy i’m so so happy i’m waiting to hear back from my rheumatologist office because they called me about my blood

Work and left a mysterious message saying i needed to call back because i got bloomberg tyking yesterday at my appointment here we go here we go people yay i’m like on a ride and i might be going up and i might be going down because it’s a roller coaster but i don’t care cause i’m happy i’m even on it i use the mask because my allergens have been really bad my

Asthma so the voc mask is for that we’re almost there i feel like we’re opening a door to a next chapter whatever it is we are leaving the office right now and i have been officially prescribed the aim of it one thing that my special i need to take something for my migraine is so bad i’m going to get my froca out i might need a if this robot doesn’t help i

Might need you to give me a toradol injection so this is called a tryptan it’s a frova triptan it was designed to try to stop an abort a migraine there are seven tryptans this is a one of the two that are long-acting this medication used to be impossible to open with two hands and now i can open it with blood i took this medication earlier and if it doesn’t make

My migraine just a little pill if it doesn’t make my migraine 50 better i can take a second pill but no more than two pills in 24 hours and no more than doing this like two or three times a week and not still a lot when i saw my nurse practitioner she was like are you so excited i’m so excited right now my oh i need to take this phone call hello yeah this

Is she okay great that sounds great okay i’ll do that then thank you so much okay youtube bye-bye i actually take vitamin d every day but apparently i have a significant vitamin d deficiency so my rheumatologist wants me to start taking a vitamin d prescription it’s not surprising because a lot of times people who have migraine and brain stuff i’ve heard need

Extra vitamin d but for me to have this problem when i’m taking vitamin d every day it’s strange that was surprising that my vitamin d is low my migraine’s bad guys it’s oh my lanta i’ve never seen anything like that my life there’s a huge lightning strike wow people just don’t feel like it’s a valid issue to have it’s a wimpy thing it’s a weak thing you know

People just don’t get it i had to let go of that i had to say okay you know people are going to look at me and say at least you don’t have xyz how many people told me at least i’m not quadriplegic i’ve had people tell me at least i don’t have cancer it that is like such a the wrong thinking it’s a thinking that i believe that a healthy community has we have to

Be understanding and accepting of each other and not compete not compete to be the worst the sickest this person who suffers the most we have to acknowledge that this is hard wow i guess i’m stopping talking my headache clinic is going to be making me sign an informed consent form meaning that i’m going to acknowledge that they don’t unknow what the future will

Hold with this drug and what side effects it might cause in my future and also they’re likely going to do a drug holiday so i’ll take it maybe once a month for six months and then go off of it for a month we don’t know for sure but that’s what we’re talking about because this drug we don’t know what it looks like 10 years down the road they did it for a year and

There were no drug interactions and almost no side effects like side effects were like injection site redness and constipation the cgrp also exists and the gastrointestinal tract it can affect motility but that’s it i wasn’t sharing my experience like with migraine especially when it gets worse much worse right now i’m going to drop a turtle injection hopefully

These will be a thing of the past but right now i’m very thankful for days like this that are just unbelievable i can’t think right now this is a needle it’s the same gauge which means the opening and the needle is the same this one’s shorter than this one this is the inch and this is the inch and a half so i’m using the inch and a half because it goes deeper

And it’s better they put them in here i use two vials there’s 30 milligrams per milliliter and these are each one milliliter so i take two here if you’re interested you can watch this other video where i talk you through it if this if amazon helps me imogen how do i say aymavik oh my gosh amgen is a pharmaceutical company let’s get this done i’ve got bad vertigo

Right now i’m gonna lay down just so you know i bite my finger because either the injection is painful or they mess it going in it’s painful hi warriors guess what it is the day i have been waiting for i am getting my amevig injection today they have been backlogged and so that’s why it’s taken so long from when i actually got the prescription till now when it

Came in i’m over the moon excited the only thing is i woke up with a hellish migraine so i’ve had a really bad migraine right now but that is not going to rain on my parade like it is actually raining outside the weather’s crazy it’s a high of 64 today so i’m wearing long sleeves i’m also wearing a hoop shirt i was gonna wear this shirt so i guess this isn’t as

Purple but it is still purple standing up is just making me feel worse i have a little nosia right now oh i feel like i’m gonna vomit okay i probably need more medication so this is going to be a challenging day but i’m gonna i’m believing i feel so positive i’m so excited i couldn’t sleep this is my christmas morning it’s exciting i can’t wait to share with you

All this day i’m so excited i’ve waited for so long and i cannot believe it this is a dream come true my hopes are up and if this medicine doesn’t work it will be hard but i’m not worried about that because i feel like this treatment is a step toward more treatments like this and if this one doesn’t work there’s going to be one that’s going to help me even if

I just get a little bit of help that is huge people have gone into complete remission or i could do nothing but i’m hoping i had a tangle in my necklace here it was not bad at all i wanted to figure it out and i put it in my pocket and it got even more tangled and if you follow me on instagram you know that this necklace was given to me by my migraine family

Online i’ve talked about hope as long as i can remember there is a difference between circumstantial hope which is hope that something will or will not happen and then there is hope that is a person’s faith and for me my hope is in jesus that will never fail me i’ve struggled with my faith because of my health issues it is very hard when you go through something

Traumatic in your life to still have that faith because you just want to be like wait i’m crying out for help i’m crying out for mercy you’re not helping me you’re not saving me from this and i thought you would and i’m disappointed and not only am i disappointed i’m angry i mean i’ve screamed at god my migraine’s too bad i can’t talk about this much longer but i

Am surrendering my life to god and i will follow him wherever he leads he’s gone before me i’m going to go in believing it’s going to work and to put me into remission and if it doesn’t i will be ecstatic with whatever help i get and if it even harms me which would be very unlikely but if it did i would still be very glad i tried it i waited so long for this and

Then i got the prescription and then we had to wait because the company got backlogged because it was in such demand i don’t know why they wouldn’t expect that of course the it’s the first migraine prevention medication ever created for people with migraine why wouldn’t it be on demand success i got the hope necklace enough that i could put on my neck my migraine

Family is with me and i’m just thinking of all my migraine family that is getting this too or will be getting it soon it’s just i’m so excited i feel like crap bad migraine i thought it would be a lot more emotional but i think it’s because the migraine’s so bad but i’m excited you don’t do anything to it no you don’t want to shake it you don’t want to like warm

It up it says do not warm it up with like a hair dryer or anything like that yeah it’ll come with them so everyone’s shipments have come with like two alcohol no push down click let go with the blue button so you gotta take your plug out oh okay this is the plug yep oh okay so that comes out so that comes out does it look like this uh it doesn’t have the clear

Part but yeah and it’s a little bit harder to get out okay and oh cool yep oh what if people felt like what they were doing nobody has jumped or anything from it the majority of patients that are doing this have done like what yeah this is it the needle’s so small and so short and then you’ll do that twice we’re learning i’m nervous i don’t know okay nervous

Most people are okay so just pull it out like this and then you wait for your second click that is it thank you it did sting a little bit but it’s a needle yeah the plug’s a little harder on the real one okay flat flat see your windows my window push down and then click oh push it harder there you go you weren’t yeah that’s what i mean by kind of accident yeah

And that is it wow yay it’s done it hurts i mean there’s a needle going in but it’s like you know not so horrible compared to everything else i can do anything if i can do an injection in my ear hey there party people so you guys just saw that i got the injections i got two because actually one of those auto injectors is one dose but my doctor determined that i

Needed two auto injectors a month auto injector means that you just press that button and it auto puts the needle in you don’t have to put it in like i would with my toradol injection so uh what’s interesting is that my leg actually hurts i i was surprised that the needles hurt i was surprised that it still hurts and i’m just kind of wondering if maybe it’s the

Medication because you said that the medication can burn it’s just like an epipen auto injector it goes in the skin i thought it was going to be really emotional but i think that my emotions happened more when it was fda approved and when i came here and got my prescription written my migraine specialist is advocating for patients he is meeting with the people

From the company trying to get them to educate their pharmacy reps more because there’s more that needs to be known by headache specialist he’s trying to educate other physicians i am just so thankful that i have access to him as a neurologist and a migraine and headache specialist and it’s just so important if you have migraines to see a specialist if you’re

Going to one and you’re like uh they’re not fighting for me then you need to find somebody else you know i saw a migraine and headache specialist my very first one uh it was my second neurologist but my first migraine headache specialist and he was incredible and he was wonderful and i felt like we were a team he listened to me he spent as much time with me as

I needed but after four years he kind of had hit the end of his ideas for me and it was just so obvious that it was time to move on it’s okay to get another opinion maybe you get another opinion you’re like oh the grass is not greener they say that it’ll take at least a week for things to start affecting me you gotta stop talking i can’t think anymore look at my

Cute shoes people aren’t they so cute i love them because they have anti-slip things and this is just fits me perfectly i just love them when i walk in them a lot it rubs here but i’m not walking a lot so just sit here and be cute the church my parents got married in that’s the church that’s the church that’s the church my parents don’t live here but they grew

Up in this area and i grew up moving around a lot the one place we always came to visit was the chicagoland suburbs when i graduated from graduate school the place i wanted to move to was here 279 oh no that’s with a car wash 299 without a car wash i really am feeling horrible i don’t feel like myself i feel like my migraine is horrible i wonder if anybody else

Feels the same way remember to hold on to hope find something that you love about this day and you’re not alone but i’m never alone

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Watch First Aimovig Injection in Migraine Neurologist Office | CGRP Migraine Treatment By Incredible Anyway