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We were wrong about mick schumacher this video is brought to you by lovely people at expressvpn before silverstone i was thinking is this guy even worthy of formula one i mean he’s doing so badly he hasn’t even scored any points and then maybe his name schumacher has just been carrying through all these tough tough times like before silverstone he hadn’t got any

Points he just kept smashing up that house car over and over again then in 2021 he did well considering the car but i guess our perception of mick was skewed to the fact that his teammate was nikita maspin who’s pretty much just a living garbage can the guy couldn’t drive anything he just always spun but also remember mick did have the most amount of crash damage

During the 2021 season so he wasn’t doing too great and now it’s midway through the 2022 season i think a lot of people’s perception of mixture mecca has changed quite a bit you see before silver’s only seemed pretty inconsistent which is a complete opposite of how he was in formula two in that junior formula he wasn’t always the quickest but he was always the most

Consistent and that’s how he won the championship that year and now in f1 it’s kind of like he doesn’t have the performances or the consistency a prime example of this is when he t-boned sebastian vettel in miami and cost himself his first f1 point i’m sure vessel was very happy with him and you’ve seen f1 you just can’t be making mistakes like this i bet you if his

Name was nikita maspin rather than mick schumacher we’d all be saying we should have got rid of him a long long time ago but again his name is carrying him through this formula one season but then in silverstone mickey did something incredible although in qualifying it was classic mick schumacher and he qualified p19 only ahead of lance stroll and mick schumacher

Was out qualified by goateefee and alex albon who are arguably in the slowest car this year the williams but due to a few unfortunate events it seemed like mick schumacher was able to make his way through the field and by the end of the grand prix on the final lap he was battling max verstappen yes the world champion max verstappen granted max did have quite a

Bit of damage but still he was pretty much fighting him all the way to the finish line and then finally mick got his first points in formula one guntersteiner did also say that once mick got his first points he’d get a confidence boost and maybe do even better the next weekend before i continue let me talk to you a little bit about expressvpn a vpn or a virtual

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And get three months free of expressvpn so let’s move on to austria i also met mick in austria look it’s us pretty cool i know on friday in qualifying he put it p7 on the sprint race grid now this is pretty good by mixed standards he set himself up well for the sprint race on saturday unfortunately though in the sprint he moved down to p9 but this result doesn’t

Really reflect his sprint race he drove incredibly he had an insane battle with lewis hamilton it’s almost like he was racing as his dad it also seems like mick is making a habit of racing world champions very hard and it’s weird to think that a couple races ago mick was struggling to get any points and now he’s literally fighting world champions in the points what

But after the race is where everyone’s perception of mick schumacher kind of changed you see in a post race interview which i actually watched live there he was complaining about how the team didn’t let him pass kevin magnussen because he thought he was quicker than his teammate and then this eventually cost him the points in the sprint race and moved him down to

P9 and schumacher was arguing that if they let him go through then he would have both gotten points instead of just kevin and mick definitely didn’t sound happy in this interview a lot of people on twitter tik tok instagram are all saying this kind of sounds like mick is becoming a bit of a villain and he’s starting his villain arc now i can’t lie i kind of 100

Agree with him his tone and his sort of facial expressions really tell us something it’s almost like damn i’m willing to do anything to get past kevin and get points this sort of confidence can be good now look at max stappen he sort of has his mentality as well yeah i kind of feel like he always wants revenge and he’s always angry and he’s pretty aggressive and

Pretty ruthless and obviously he’s won a world championship but i think with mick now that he’s got these points he’s kind of got a lot more confidence and this means he’s able to push harder and extract more from the car although with this confidence i think he could become a little bit unlikable i know a lot of people already love mick schumacher he kind of

Reminds me of a golden retriever i don’t know if that makes any sense but to be fair i’m shocked that people are surprised that he’s doing well this season i mean look in every other category he’s done he’s really stepped it up on the second half of his second season in that category and at this rate if he keeps it up he could be beating kevin magnussen in the

Standings i mean look i rick kevin really highly i think he’s a pretty good midfield driver but mick could be in this season i won’t be surprised if he does sorry i haven’t even mentioned the actual austrian grand prix where he finished he sick that’s insane for mick jumackka but yeah in my opinion i think mick schumacher could become a bit like sebastian vessel

His mentor because remember sebastian was probably one of the most hated drivers ever in his prime and maybe mick could fall down his path as well although i have a feeling sebastian would probably steer him away from this path now another question a lot of people are asking is will make shumaka ever go to ferrari because he is a ferrari junior driver after all

Because i was seriously skeptical of the past few seasons like will he ever win a championship with ferrari i don’t think so because right now carlos science and charlotte claire have a pretty strong driver lineup there and i think they’ve probably been off carlos science for mick schumacher but here’s what i think about ferrari i think they’re showing loads of

Interest in arta le claire charles de clare’s younger brother who’s currently in formula three who actually also saw in austria didn’t get photo with him though they seemed pretty hell-bent on getting him to f1 i think they’re trying to go for a double duo of leclaire brothers i don’t know maybe think it’s good luck or something but yes after only one interview

I think mick schumacher could become a little bit of a villain that is my opinion you can probably disagree in the comments below be sure to do that and i know i said the same thing about george russell when it kind of hasn’t come true but who knows it could come true tomorrow it’s formula one after all anything can happen and if you enjoyed this video be sure to

Check out this one right here about daniel ricardo leaving mclaren could it happen uh i’m wearing my car on top hopefully it doesn’t i love daniel oh check it you’ll love it plus trust me what trust me yeah trust me

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