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Week 35 Pregnancy Update (Letrozole Baby)

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You see hey guys and welcome back to my channel i’m here and i am officially back i have a few videos kit for you guys are good first as many of you know that we are expecting and should be here next must exist so today’s video is my 35 week pregnancy update video i’m so happy that i am officially 35 weeks so the countdown is real submerged in mary and i’m

Super excited so without further ado i’m going to go ahead and jump into this question miss something okay so the first question is how far along are you which i just answered on 35 weeks with the judeo that some very daunting sort of weight gain i have gained a total of 25 pounds since pregnancy and i’m hoping i don’t lean too much more but it isn’t a pregnancy

Where i probably will get about a pound a week now because the baby’s growing and getting bigger and my appetite has tips at the lab so but so far since 25 times on maternity clothes definitely i can’t fit any of my uncle’s no old shirts the hold can’t so i definitely i definitely have a wardrobe full of maternity clothes stretch marks yes definitely i have

Tons of stretch marks on my belly and my stomach is currently itching every day as i noticed probably might have become a little bit more um no cocoa butter nothing like that works for my stomach but it’s okay because delta part of the process of being in a beautiful life into this world um how are you sleeping i pretty much sleep with intervals right now i

Can say up till about 4 o’clock in the morning and then i was reached in the afternoon suite during the day i made myself get up super have to eat and then it’s like i eat breakfast that good morning that it’s taken that’s march madness eat different thinking that and then i’m up that’s a lot four o’clock in the morning because the baby was kicking and here’s

Why every time i try to go to sleep this when she wants to be the most active um next question and by missing anything um am i missing i can’t really like face off in and something i might miss doing that i can’t do i pregnant i would say like i’ve just been able to thin down and get up comfortably and get up and move around quicker because i move a lot slower

At this moment um and it’s even hard to get out of bed and get off the couch so i guess it’s a things like that or just miss being able to be worse mobile cooker if that make sense um is the baby movement yes she moves a lot she’s very very active i love to just lift my shirt up and watch her kick in just press my belly and talk to her when i see her movement

Um she’s very very active um let’s see anything making you queasy or sick nothing in particular but it does seem like my morning sickness has returned because i can eat breakfast and then all of a sudden it just wants to come back so which my doctor said is pretty normal because my uterus is pushing everything up so my stomach is a bit higher it’s harder for

Food to digest or to settle my stomach so it’s pretty annoying for me to go through that but i am still kind of getting sick but nothing in particular like a smell or any kind of food or anything how to make include you’re sick just i guess normal pregnancy stuff any labor signs no real labor sighs i do have burns and hit run i can’t talk i do have breasts and

Hips contractions very offices but again i just – normal – just showing that my body is actually preparing me for the real deal but no actual labor sighs just those annoying bison hips belly button in or out my girlfriend is a adams isn’t a lien um this is my first time ever really seeing my belly button because it’s hitting all my life so now that i look at

It i feel like it wasn’t so big and i like to make my husband touch it like when i cost because it blows by carla and he’s like oh my god yeah i definitely have an early wedding ring on or off wedding rings are off and they did also some crying now i try to wear them but my finger has gotten like so chubby at the point that my ring stretched a little bit to

Grow with it and then i was just completely uncomfortable so they’re all happier moody most of the time i would like to say that i’m happy most of the time i’m pretty moody in the morning like if i have to wake up early because i’m not an early person in like i said previously i hope the four o’clock in one and then i have to get up early it’s just like two

Urns forced us to function and too early for me to be up so i’m pretty moody in the morning but for the most part i’m happy yes it looks on a pc what are you not enjoying in this pregnancy i am not enjoying heartburn and acid reflux those are the two worst kind of things that you can experience and i never experienced them probably to pregnancy i remember the

First time i felt heartburn i was asking my husband like there’s a heart actually burning because i had my chest was really burning on in and i would cough up so much stuff which i found i was asking ruthless um but yeah i could do without that um and i’m not enjoying having to constantly get uppity it’s kind of like a mind thing because it’s like she’s pressing

On my bladder so like i really really have to go and i go to the bathroom is there anything there but it’s like it was so much pressure that i saw that i was about to pee on myself so and then just like we might be comfortable and there or uncomfortably take it or not i have to get up and go to the bathroom so that’s another reason why it’s hard to kind of sweep

Because as soon as i dress into a sleep i gotta get up amidst a christian but those are some things that i’m really not enjoying but it comes with this dreams and we’re just gonna rock it out we’re almost at the finish line um what are you looking forward to i’m really looking forward to a bird fall time is our favorite season and that’s what should we do so

I really importance are giving birth to her bringing her home sitting on the couch watching football games with my husband and just living in the moment and enjoying and adjusting to this new baby that we cannot wait to hold and wait to have analyze to love and protect in their true and the letters question is are you nervous and why and yes i’m very nervous

In the beginning of pregnancy i wasn’t so nervous about delivery and having the baby but and it gets closer to time for her to come it’s become a nerve-racking like i don’t even watch pregnancy birth videos anymore because they make me cringe and they scare me now and another is not nervous is a nervous about her size because i was diagnosed with gestational

Diabetes made pregnancy so she’s prone to being bigger than normal so that really scared me because my ob told me that she’ll allow me to deliver naturally up to nine and a half pounds so pregnant she’s not that big i’m hoping for about eight pounds but she’s going to be bigger than the normal newborn around six or seven pounds so that does scare me as well

Just because i’m scared all the damage that can happen if you know what i mean but it is what it is she has to come with me to um and i’m kind of nervous about being a mom just because i’m a first-time mom so i’m just reaching about everything that could happen with a newborn how are you supposed to do this and i’m taking classes on caring for her and i’m just

Praying that i couldn’t be the best mom i don’t know i guess it’s just the first time moral jitters but they’re certainly hitting me now because it’s like she’ll be here in my husband and myself are solely responsible for caring for this individual so that’s a good another breaking but we’re ready we’re excited and we really can’t wait for her to be to wrap up

This update i’m going to give you guys a belly shot and show you how baby girl is growing and if you guys want to see more pregnancy of it for the last few weeks of my vitamin c just comment below and i will definitely try to get another one out there before we go into labor and delivery i’ll don’t forget to follow me on social media networks because i will be

Posting pictures and probably tweeted updates as well and easier to tweeted or facebook and update prior to getting on camera and filming so don’t forget to follow me on my social network and i miss all those times in the description box don’t forget so good this video thumbs up if you enjoyed it also don’t forget to subscribe because like i said i do have a

Few more pregnancy videos coming and then i also be doing a meet committee introduction acuity kind of video once she is born oh oh

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Week 35 Pregnancy Update (Letrozole Baby) By ItsCearaNicole