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Week 4 – PCOS Conjugated Linoleic Acid

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Hi everyone this is the fourth installment actually it’s probably more than fourth installment i have not been quite accurate in my weeks here so i apologize so i’m just making it week the week based on um often i upload so but it’s probably you know i love more than four weeks and i wanted to touch on something that i really forgot to mention and i forgot to consider

Again which is a supplement that has been effective in the past you know weight loss strategies it’s something called cle and it’s actually you know it’s abbreviation for konjo conjugated linoleic acid and this assists with metabolism it converts into two things and i forget about it is now if you go on on online and you know you google this information you’ll know

That it’s very effective in promoting lean mass and also getting rid of fat in your body i have found it to be effective i don’t like taking supplements to begin with so i rarely stick with it and nor do i want to be too dependent on you know and these kind of things i want to be able to you know get my metabolism going naturally sometimes we need assistance and

With pcos i find that this does help especially my i think i would have been much larger much more heavier if i hadn’t used these kind of technique so if i hadn’t been out you know reading eating a raw food diet you know exercising here and there so you know every little thing a little thing helps so the trick with this is that you need to know what is the right

Amount for you and the reason i say that is that if you take – you know if it’s not strong enough it the effects may not be so quick or so effective so for me personally like you know with 1,000 milligrams i’m kicking actually four of these capital capsules as opposed to let’s say two or three it works for me and then at downscale to three when you know what i

Need to so this is it you know something that you need to consider for your body size how your body reacts to it all of us burn fact differently all of us you know build muscle differently so know your body and with pcos and the insulin no issues while trying to keep the insulin levels stable also trying to get rid of that extra fat is you know key as well as you

Know we all know for the ones suffering with this condition so that is um where i’m at in terms of my diet it’s been pretty much the same and it’s been protein vegetables fruit i have incorporated you know some things that i shouldn’t be eating it’s just you know you’re out with your friends or you’re just having the weekend and so i’ve had you know pop chips for

Example making sure that i’m not getting the typical bag of chips i’m like okay i went for pop chips and i had a lyra bar so la ra var al-arab are all one word and some of you may have heard of this it’s actually i’ve heard that it’s natural the natural bar that being said i think the sugar content in there is too high but had one of those so that is all that i’ve

Kind of you know developed divulged and thus far and i hope to keep it at that point and for food wise because i have this huge need for spicy foods i’ve added you know hot salsa when i’m eating let’s say eggs with asparagus and i’ll even cut up some fruit you know strawberry isn’t saying you know have that you know just to kind of satisfy my taste buds and all in

All area in all areas but yeah that’s really about it i’m going to but you know walked here and there and in terms of weight loss and this has been this is what’s been something that i’ve struggled with is i like everyone else you know you jump on the scale right because you’re like oh my god like i must have lost something i’ve been eating clean no i don’t lose

Anything actually like i mean i’ve kept the weight loss i think the late weight loss was what four pounds or something like that and it’s going all over the map it’s i think my body’s in a bit of shock as well and i’ve just realized i feel great doesn’t matter to me i have better concentration i’m able to you know it’s a seamless of longer on you know less sleep

And the clothes are now filing to finally feeling a little bit more you know looser not that loose they’re not falling off of me but they’re loose in a nice way like slightly if it wasn’t late in a very nice way so that is you know we’re about with this but yeah the only um this week’s advice is with the conjugated linoleic acid i myself starting started taking

It two days ago and you know we’ll see how that goes and again like i’m i’m scatterbrain so i take it when i kinda remember but the ideal time to take it is half an hour before you eat your meals so that way it’ll assist in the breakdown and mind you i’ve also popped these things after i’ve eaten and it still it still has been effective but if you’re going to be

Taking this make sure that you you know these three times a week are working out there’s no point i’m taking those if you’re not going to work work out and that’s particularly why i stay scale back from investing in things like this unless i’m working out mind you i’m sure it works even if you don’t but if you’re investing in it and you’re increasing your metabolism

We all know metabolism increases when we eat right and exercise even if it means walking so it’s that’s what i’m doing i’m not doing some major jogging marathon so yeah so that’s it so thanks for listening to my you know babbling and we’ll touch base in about a week’s time all right take care i’m wishing you an amazing week

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Week 4 – PCOS Conjugated Linoleic Acid By PCOS Zen Warrior