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Weight Gain FROM Humira I GAINED 60LBS FROM HUMIRA Crohn’s Talk

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It’s true! You can gain weight from TNF Blockers such as Humira… it happened to me and is happening to many of us.

Well olivia cutie boy hey guys thank you so much for coming back to my channel i’m excited to have you here and this is another episode of let’s chat with matt i just made that up i honestly guys i’m making this video because i wish it was on the internet when i was looking for it it would have saved me a lot of time when i was showering youtube and google and

Spending hours on hours on weeks searching for this information so it doesn’t exist at least i couldn’t find it so i’m creating it i want to talk to you guys about my journey with waking on humera and other biologic medications so i’m going to tell you my story didn’t tell you what happened and then i’m gonna talk about some resources for you guys some stuff you

Can present to your doctor if this is happening to you and some things that have helped me but i’m still in the process of figuring that out so let’s get started i was on humera for about seven to eight months i was in the hospital with a perforated bowel had no other really options it was surgery or biologic medications so i chose biologic made mom lola so i chose

Biologic medications my doctor gave me the option of humera versus remicade and i chose humera because i have a really bad time with ivs i’m super anxious and it’s just really hard for me so i chose humera i started humera right after leaving the hospital the nurse came she gave me the four injections to in one side two in the other and that was fine i was scared i

Was pretty terrified but it ended up being okay my husband was there my mom was there so i knew it was gonna be okay going forward i chose to have the needle the prefilled syringe versus the pen because of reading online i have found that that hurts less so i was on humera once every two weeks my husband would inject me in my thighs i just chose my thighs because it

Scared me less than my stomach it was alright it was super painful i crashed for a week after every humera injection i sort of saw an improvement in my symptoms but it wasn’t astronomical and i was still dealing with a lot of new symptoms just getting back to the injections itself i a couple tips if you’re just starting humera i took the humera out of the fridge

At least an hour before the shot so it wasn’t cold i would ice my thigh wherever i was about to inject or my husband was about to inject and i would i sit right up until the moment he was gonna inject you would clean it off he would inject and then i would cry in his shoulder it’s for a couple minutes and then it was over i stressed a lot before every injection

Just because i don’t like injections i don’t like in b’s its ivs it’s not something that i’m okay with i’ve just had some bad experiences in the past thought maybe i’ll talk about later but it gives me anxiety that’s for sure so i started hugh marin about june july and about a month later i was really struggling with my weight i was going to the gym five to six

Days a week i was lifting quite heavy i had been going to the gym for a few years prior to that i was on a fitness journey where i lost 70 pounds through healthy eating through exercise i did it the good way and i was just in a good place with my fitness journey the crohn’s was definitely holding me back in the gym i wasn’t doing much cardio but i was lifting and

I was loving it fitness was my escape i would go to the gym and i would have a few accidents i’d run to the bathroom but it was something that i just i couldn’t live without so i started noticing that i was putting on weight and rather quickly at first i had tributed it to because we moved right after the hospital kind of right when i started the humera we moved

From an apartment to a house for the first time so that was a lot added stress and i attributed it to that we were eating not so healthy more go on the go because we were in between houses and i just thought it was my bad choices and that i needed to get back on everything so i weighed about 149 145 i kind of weighed arranged between 145 and 150 and so within a

Month i was about at 160 so already 10 pounds and then another month went by i was 166 where i have a post saying i’m starting my cut i’ve gained so much weight and if it gets the medication i think it’s the food so we need to do something about it the next thing you know i’m 175 and at this point i was like this is not okay this is a lot more weight than i’m used

To i’ve kept around 70 pounds off for the last five to six years and all of a sudden i weigh almost what i did when i started so i went to the doctor’s a few times in this pet in this whole process and i kept saying i think it’s the medication i think it’s the medication and my doctor is great my gi doctor i all the million shoutouts to him i love him he listens

To me he’s great i never i have nothing negative to say about him but he just kept saying i’ve done i’ve looked into it and there’s nothing that said this can’t be the medication it must be the fact that your body’s retaining nutrients so if you’ve dealt with this and you’ve searched it at all you know that all over the internet you have people saying well it’s

Because you’re not sick anymore so your body is retaining nutrients ok cool 10 pounds i believe you 15 pounds i believe you 50 pounds i don’t believe you but at this point i was around 20 or something like that my maths not great so don’t oh yeah judge on that so i would go to the doctor and eventually maybe my third doctor visit to the gi i said listen listen

Linda this is the medication i’m training six days a week i’m added cardio i am counting my macros the tea and my weight is skyrocketing at this point he kind of believes me so i didn’t know what else to do i hired a coach and unfortunately that coach didn’t turn out i didn’t do my research on her i didn’t talk to her before and she was kind of the one-size-fits-all

Type coach and so i hired another coach and she was awesome she had ulcerative colitis as well and she was really helpful i loved her so much and she put me on a training program i was lifting so much and i was exercising so much and my macros were awesome on point and nothing my weight just continued to go up and up and up finally i had enough and i spent i can’t

Even tell you how many days and nights and five o’clock in the morning type nights where i was researching and i took everything i learned in university and i just applied it to this and i had a goal and i was gonna figure it out so i was diving deep into medical journals and guess what i found yeah weight gain is a side effect of humera so that’s fun it around

13% of people will have this side effect so i will link what i found down below so you guys can print these out and show them to your doctor weirdly enough when i went to see my doctor he had one of these studies printed out he’s like look look what i found i went to a convention and it looks like this is actually a side effect of humera not just humera this is a

Side effect of tnf blockers and biologic medications so if you go off humera you switch to solera you switch to remicade it probably will continue i’m not a doctor so i can’t guarantee like to say that that will happen to you for sure it did happen to me but we’ll get to that so i said to him i can’t continue at this point i would probably say i was around 185 so

We started at 149 and we’re now at 185 and i said i can’t i can’t do this anymore like this is my profession i’m a coach online i’m gaining so much weight i’m not only uncomfortable in my body but i’m just uncomfortable in my profession i’m comfortable with everything i’m doing i don’t feel healthy i know if my weight continues to skyrocket that’s not good for my

Body either so he said i agree let’s take you off of humera this point we didn’t know it was all tnf blockers let’s try still era so i got an infusion of stool era in an iv and then i gained 20 pounds in one month so i went up to 200 something and i went back to him and i said no and he said okay i agree i said please let me try this on my own and he said okay he

Also made me go to see an endocrinologist so i thought this was gonna be the end-all be-all i thought the endocrinologist is gonna test my hormones and i’m gonna figure out what’s going on and yeah i’m gonna be able to lose the weight i’m gonna try not to get too heated here but the endocrinologist i went to go see told me to take medication so that i would throw

Up and have a lower appetite but mostly throw-up honestly those were her exact words that i would be regurgitating the food so i wouldn’t be able to gain weight she didn’t listen to the fact that i that i was counting my macros to a tea and so i didn’t do that of course so my doctor let me go off the medications he asked me to go back on as a thigh and print in a

Sack all i wanted to give myself a chance i like i said i dug deep into research at this time i found a lot of amazing research the one thing that i found that was really helpful is a book called fat for fuel by dr. mercola and i read the whole thing and i listened to the whole thing on on audible it changed my life i really took everything to heart and i started

A hundred percent clean medical kido so there’s a difference for me between kido that’s the fad diet where people eating cheese strings wrapped in bacon fried in a deep fryer no that’s not what i did i lowered my carbs i cut out sugar i cut out fructose i ate whole foods and my weight started to drop and it was amazing until unfortunately my body responded it

Got used to it and the weight stalled and then after about six to eight months slowly started creeping up again which is where we’re at right now the reason i was able to find that book was because my g i mentioned that something that for us that suffer with weight gain from these medications it’s damaging our mitochondria and he doesn’t know why why or how that’s

Happening it’s just happening so at this point i sympathize with you so much if you’re dealing with this as well i hope that this video can give you some hope that you’re not the only one you really are not the only one when this started happening i started a facebook group called chronic illness and weight loss support i’ll also leave the link down below you can

Join it there’s tons of other people out there that are dealing with this as well not just people with crohn’s disease but different diseases rheumatoid arthritis i can’t pronounce the other ones but it’s not just people suffering with crohn’s that are gaining weight so the excuse that are we’re just starting to absorb more than we did when we had crohn’s just

Doesn’t pan out because it’s not just us that are experiencing this it seems like the medical companies are hiding this information because it’s out there so i’m hoping that i can help you in any way feel free to reach out to me if there’s anything i can do to help that’s what i’m here for i hope this video gives you some hope because i know i would have loved

To watch something like this when i was struggling just to know that you’re not crazy you’re not crazy the medication definitely can cause weight gain i hope that the studies below their peer reviewed medical is that those will help you have some great conversations with your doctors where they’ll believe you unfortunately i can’t come here with a do this and it

Will work because we’re all trying to figure that out right now i know kido helps overall lower inflammation and helps restart your body obviously the clean version of iquitos but it hasn’t helped me get lose all the weight at this point i’m at my heaviest um i’ve hired a new coach i am a coach myself but this is a whole nother realm so i’ve hired a new coach who

Specializes with people who have metabolic damage and i’ll update you guys on how that goes i am kind of at a loss and so i know the medications damaged my body i know the medications damaged my body’s ability to lose weight a lot of the weight i’ve gained is all in my midsection so i know that that’s unhealthy that is really unhealthy for your body to be carrying

All that weight right in the midsection it seems to be a factor for a lot of us who have gained this weight from the medication anyways i hope that that can help you i hope that this is i opening for you i hope that if you haven’t tried humera and you’re just looking for information that this doesn’t deter you because it can be a great medication only happens to

13% of people so the odds are great that this won’t happen to you so don’t let this stop you give it a try but if you notice that your weight is skyrocketing quickly bring these studies to your doctor and have a chat it’s important that we know what all our potential side effects are and it’s important that we know what’s going on in our body so if you’ve watched

This whole video i appreciate you from the bottom of my heart i would love if you followed me on instagram that’s my diary that’s my journal that’s where i connect with you guys getting a message from you getting a comment from you honestly makes my day the whole reason i make these videos and that i post on instagram every day is because my heart goes out to all

Of you and we are not alone in this so we are here together and we have this awesome tool to share our community so reach out to me on insta join the group on facebook below let’s have a conversation let me know if this has happened to you please let me know if you’ve gained weight from humera remicade still era and if it has happened to you i’m so so sorry but

We’ll get through this together the good thing is we’re still alive we still live on this beautiful planet we have so many reasons to be happy this is just a mystery that’s gone on covered that’s gone on solved and we’re gonna get through it together so big hugs thank you for being here today love you with all my heart have a good day bye shiloh says bye guys oh

What a sleepy bobbin alright guys stay strong bye make sure to like comment and subscribe oh yeah add me to instagram

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Weight Gain FROM Humira I GAINED 60LBS FROM HUMIRA Crohn's Talk By Sickandsuccessful