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Wellbutrin (Bupropion) 2 Month Update

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Hey everyone! Welcome back to my channel! I hope you are all having an amazing day so far! I FINALLY filmed my Wellbutrin (Bupropion) update after waiting so long! I’ve officially been on the medication for over 2 months now and this is how I am now!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel um if you’re new here hi my name is sam you should go ahead and subscribe down below so you do not miss out on any of my future videos so if you’re wondering where i’m at i’m actually sitting in my car it is like a hundred and two degrees all right now or at least that’s what my dashboard says but i’m actually hoping to do this

Super quickly because there is no a/c in here well i can turn it on and it’ll be fine but then the camera will shake so i don’t really want to do with that so here i am suffocating for you guys so due to my sacrifice that i’ve made to provide this video for you guys make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe down below for more i just wanted to do a updated

Video on the medicine that i’ve been taking which is wellbutrin for those of you who may or may not already know i take 150 milligrams of wellbutrin which is also known as the pro prion hydrochloride extended release yeah pretty sure that’s it but i take that medication due to depression or whatever my doctor felt the need to prescribe that to me for and i kind of

Wanted to do an updated video because i did do a video where i talked about my two-week update and so you guys seem to really really enjoy that video and so i figured i would do a two-month updated review for you guys firstly i want to say thank you guys so much for all of the positive feedback on that video i honestly just made that video just to kind of document

How it was feeling and share my experiences with you guys and i honestly didn’t know how many people actually take wellbutrin until i started reading the comments and seeing the dam’s that people send me so it’s it’s good to know that i’m not alone and it’s good to see that there are also other people who are going through almost the exact same thing if not the

Exact same thing that i’m going through so i just want to say thank you guys so much for the positive feedback i also do enjoy seeing how the medicine has affected you guys so that has been really really good it makes me good to know that the side effects or the things that i am feeling you guys feel too if you are taking it and if you are not taking it i’m so

Glad that i have been able to be a helpful resource for you guys during this hard time and this confusion time because i knew when i was about to take it i was searching videos all over the place reading so many articles on wellbutrin and just all of that info and so i’m glad i could be that resource for you guys so yeah i’m going to just go ahead and start off

With this little update i don’t have anything written down i’m just gonna go ahead and just talk so i’m not quite sure what i said in my two-week review i haven’t watched that video i honestly probably should have watched it before starting this video off but i didn’t and i’m just gonna go ahead and talk here so i can honestly say that things have gotten so much

Better since i started taking it i noticed that i no longer feel anxious or sad anymore which is good for me because i am or i was a very over emotional person so i could literally watch a commercial on tv you know those sad puppy ones and i would literally be crying or i could hear a song and hear like a super sentimental part in that song and i promise you not

I would literally be crying i’d be like oh my god like it would touch me so much i’m just like anything anything would just touch me so much and basically morale in the story i’ve noticed that my emotions have been kind of blocked in a way i noticed that i don’t get anxious and if i do it’s weird because my body knows that i’m getting anxious or it knows that i

Should feel anxious so i will see other side effects but not actual anxiety like i used to feel before i would feel like just super anxious and i would feel just this feeling like you guys know what anxiety feels like it’s just a feeling of anxiousness and so now i don’t ever really i don’t ever like i can honestly say i don’t feel that feeling anymore even when

I know i should be super stressed or super anxious so i honestly could say that i thought that was super super weird at first because i noticed it and i was like whoa like why am i not anxious right now like what even though i i knew i should be anxious but i like i said i noticed other things that my body does to where it knows i should be anxious but instead of

Feeling it i do something else so when i am anxious instead of feeling anxious i will occasionally just take a deep breath and let it out and so i don’t really ever do that and so i started noticing that when my body does take a deep breath and then let it out during a stressful situation in which i would normally feel anxiety i don’t feel anxiety and my body just

Naturally takes a deep breath and takes a deep breath and then lets it out so it’s clear to see that my body still knows that i should be anxious i just don’t feel that anxiousness so honestly i don’t know about you guys but i kind of really like that because i don’t feel anxious and i i don’t know it has saved me so much pain and just stress because i don’t really

Feel that emotion anymore so it’s been good i feel super chilled i don’t really stress about things anymore i also noticed now i don’t get angry anymore i used to get very frustrated or kinda like pissed off or angry at certain times and i notice now i don’t feel anger so someone can do something stupid or someone can say something that would have normally made

Me mad or done something that would have normally made me mad but instead i just don’t feel that anger i kind of know i should be mad but i’m not mad so honestly that has been good for me because it makes me realize what is important and what truly isn’t important so it has made me more relaxed it’s made me more just like whatever kind of person even though that

Could be a bad thing because i don’t want people to take that for granted or i don’t want someone to notice that about me and then just think that i never get mad about things but here’s the thing instead of me getting mad now or feeling anger i kind of just talk out the problem or address the issue instead of being mad and like petty and just causing an argument

Or things like that i’m just more so the person who’s more calm now and we’ll just talk it out and so i have never been that way before so i don’t know if it’s because of the medicine or because i’m learning and growing but honestly i could duck i definitely think it’s because of the medicine because because i don’t feel anxious anymore or stressed i notice that i

Also don’t get angry anymore so if that has been super good for me because when you are over emotional like i was it causes issues and your relationships friendships day to day lives and i’ve noticed that now because i don’t feel sad or angry my life has been a lot more relaxed more chilled i’m not as stressed well i don’t really feel stressed so i don’t know it’s

Been good for me honestly i prefer to live this way if you were to ask me if you know if you’re like hey sam do you like to feel anger and anxiety and sadness and stressful situations versus not feeling them i would seriously prefer to not feel it because that keeps me from overreacting feeling over emotional feeling stressed bah bah bah bah blah so i personally do

Enjoy that one thing that i do have to add on that i don’t enjoy about not feeling emotions of anger and sadness anyway hi guys so my camera cut off because i didn’t have enough storage so i just cleared that up i turned my ac on because i’m literally sweating so bad in this car it’s so hot outside but i’m gonna be super quick with this video because i already got

Through most of it but what i was saying is that um it’s harder for me to feel true happiness and happiness because i noticed that i don’t feel anger and anxiety and i didn’t think that i wouldn’t feel happiness but honestly kind of makes sense but here’s the thing i’m perfectly fine it’s not that i don’t feel happiness it’s that i don’t feel true happiness um so

I have two theories either i have experienced so much negativity for such a long period of time that all of my emotions and my mind really knows is to feel that or like feel that emotion or just my brain is just adapted to that emotion or theory number two that because i don’t feel anxious and sadness and like anger that it’s harder for me to feel true happiness

So an example to kind of explain that any elaborate on that is i went to my cousin’s baptism last weekend and i got to see my entire family like everyone it’s crazy how many amount of family members i have but it was hard for me to truly embrace and feel happy because normally i would be like oh my gosh like i get to see my whole family and i was happy like i was

Like oh my gosh like my aunts and stuff and my uncles but it was like a different feeling than what i probably would have normally felt so that is one downside and one thing that i’m trying to do is kind of focus on understanding that feeling again and getting my body to recognize what true happiness feels like and what it feels like to be truly happy because

I honestly believe that fairy number one is what i’m experiencing which is i felt negativity for so long – it’s hard to understand when to feel truly happy or at least that’s what i’m gonna go ahead and believe i don’t want to believe the second one even though the second theory makes more sense so honestly i’m just gonna try and train my body to the best of its

Ability to adopt to happiness and to feel true happiness and stuff and so i don’t know it’s been fine so far i can sit down for hours which is another thing i wanted to add on whereas before i couldn’t sit down for 45 minutes without feeling restless and feeling like i constantly had to go do something or feeling like i had a billion things that i needed to do

Now i feel relaxed i can sit down for hours and not mine i can focus and do work and be super productive so that has completely changed the game number one in my emotions which i feel way better about feeling this way than i did constantly feeling anxious and restless and sad and whatnot and the ability to focus and sit down and be able to be productive and just be

There and be chill and so i honestly enjoyed that aspect of the medicine and i have noticed that i started getting my appetite back which in my last video i mentioned that my appetite was at zero i was never hungry i had to train myself to eat not that i was ever an issue but i kind of had to force myself to remind myself when to eat whereas now i noticed literally

Yesterday that my appetite is coming back so i actually feel hunger which is good because i thought i was gonna not feel hungry ever and i was just gonna always have to remind myself to eat and ba ba ba but no i i get hungry now which is good and bad i guess because i’m trying to lose weight and i can definitely say that the medicine did help lose helped me lose

Weight because it would since i didn’t have an appetite i would just eat until i was like okay i’m good and now that i feel my appetite again i’m just like eating 80 eating so i really need to watch that i have been taking wellbutrin for two months now i have three months of my prescription left to go and then i meet with my doctor again i’m honestly gonna consider

Upping my dosage just because i noticed recently that it is a little bit harder to be productive i don’t know if i’m like fully adjusted to it or whatnot but i kind of do want to explain these things to my doctor to see if he thinks upping the dosage would be a good idea or if he just thinks that i should just stay where i’m at but yeah honestly you guys i’m so

Happy i made this decision i don’t regret this decision at all i was very hesitant on whether i wanted to take medication or not because of like the stigma and things like that but not only that i also wanted to live my life without having to depend on this but in reality sometimes our brains are just not chemically balanced and our neurotransmitters are just not

Fully balanced we can be producing too much of this certain chemical and not enough of this certain chemical and so wellbutrin or antidepressants are meant to balance those out so your body understands okay i’m producing too much of this let me bring that down or i’m producing too little of this let me bring that up and so that is why i decided to take the medicine

And to go on it and i can honestly say i don’t care what anyone has to say i’m actually really proud that i take my medicine because i’ve noticed such a change in myself and such a change that i don’t think anyone else can feel besides me and so i’m proud like i’m happy that i take it i’m happy to help others i’m happy to give my experiences to you guys and if you

Guys have any questions leave them down below and don’t feel scared don’t feel like you’re alone because you’re not alone there’s so many people who take antidepressants more people than you would even figure as soon as i started taking them and i started talking about them to my friends and my family or people that i just know you will not believe how many people

Take antidepressants or medication for mental health so honestly if you are going through something or you feel like this could help you go talk to your doctor go get counseling go see a therapist whatever you need go ahead and help yourself because nobody is gonna help you but yourself so you have to be that person who takes the initial step to seek help and so

Yeah there’s all i have to say i hope you guys enjoyed this video like i said i do not regret this decision whatsoever i’m super super proud and happy that i can live my life for me and be able to be okay and be productive and see these good changes in myself and so hopefully if you guys ever feel the need to take this medicine or any other type of antidepressant

That you feel like you can and don’t feel scared don’t feel anxious your body will do the best it can for you and now it’s your turn to try and help your body out if it needs your help so i really hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up and also don’t forget to subscribe it down below and i will talk to you guys in my next video

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Wellbutrin (Bupropion) 2 Month Update By Samantha Piedra