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Wellbutrin for Management of Depression and Anxiety

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Good evening my name is cordelia padua i am a dmp student at brandman university tonight i will present my signature paper for dr clary nuru 641 for psychopharmacology case presentation on wellbutrin medication overview riporprion also known as wellbutrin is classified as an antidepressant that is used for treatment of depression it improves mood and feeling of

Well-being drug may also be used to help to quit smoking as well as treating adhd may also be used to treat anxiety in people with depression this drug works by helping change uh certain chemicals in the brain which is referred as neurotransmitters common side effect may include dizziness sore throat shaking nausea vomiting rapid heartbeat safety monitoring may

Include creatinine and blood pressure at baseline worsening of societality alteration and behavior changes that onset of medication patient education medicine is taken orally and may be taken with food if stomach upset or cause a swallow of the medic swallow medication whole do not crush or chew no alcohol with this medication provider should uh should should know

If a patient has history of seizure liver disease or bipolar disorder case study number one chief complaint pam presented with complaints of depression that has persisted for a few months pam indicated that she has not entirely been compliant with the medication regimen she states i try to see if i can do without this medication i don’t like what it does to me

Patient reported to hospitalization for attempted suicide because of the severity of her depression different depression symptoms her pcp referred her for psychiatric intervention history and physical pam is a 62 year old african-american female who is currently divorced after 32 years of marriage she now lives alone the couple had two children who live outside

The st outside the state pam’s husband left her and married her best best friend after a bitter divorce them was managed with legacy pro 20 milligram which is which she admitted was not taken every day she admitted to using otc sleep aid medication for insomnia which she said did not help her her lack of sleep has resulted in worsening of her diabetes medical

History is positive for diabetes heart disease and obesity abnormal assessment finance diagnostic criteria mood is 8 out of 10 for sadness increased suicide thoughts medical history of diabetes heart disease and obesity social history she drinks two glasses of wine with meals a week feelings of suicidal thoughts hopelessness loss of interest and activities

Withdrawal from friends and social interactions sleep and appetite problems diagnosis pam is diagnosed with major depressive disorder rule out adjustment disorder or situational depression which is the depression that occurs due to traumatic life events such as divorce this is different from clinical depression both depression and situational depression manifest

In similar ways differential diagnosis for pam is anxiety developmental and social history for pam patient grow up in a stable homestead patient consumes two glasses of wine a week with meals negative for smoking negative for illicit drug use case study plan for treatment and case formulation pems you start well but 100 milligram oral every morning increase

Seven days to maximum of 300 milligram per day labs neither cbc cmp tsh vitamin d b foliate stop otc sleep aid start lunester initial dose one milligram orally once a day immediately before bedtime maintenance does one two three milligram orally once a day immediately after bedtime maximum dose is 3 3 milligrams stop legs approach 20 milligram titrate to 15

Milligram then to 10 milligram then to 5 milligram then referral for psycho psychotherapy case study number two chief complaint jane presents today with symptoms of anxiety such as lack of sleep for appetized sadness caused by constant worries about her son in jail jane is unable to walk due to disability from medical condition seizure disorder jane is the

48 year old african-american female presented an anxious mood sweaty palm unable to relax current episode is 8 out of 10. jane’s current symptoms are consistent with generalized anxiety depression had poor response to wellbutrin had no previous societal ideation history anxiety disorder started in college test and anxiety started in high school and continued

To college depression started two years two years after her son went to jail abnormal assessment finance and diagnosis criteria jane presents with the following symptoms that are consistent with anxiety disorder irritability fatigue lack of sleep sweat sweating poor concentration and nausea she exhibits excessive fear or worry that triggers muscle tension and

Feeling of loss of control in severe risk cases genes anxiety disorder can cause major upset in her ability to perform even simplest tasks making life making living with anxiety and almost impossible effort medical history positive for seizure disorder managed with a carbohydrate which she she has taken for 20 years for epilepsy her seizure was well controlled

With this medication jen is obese with weight gain of 20 pounds uh in two months her depression has not been well controlled with legacy pro pcp added wealth butrin she reports she sleeps three to four hours most nights sleep deprivation has a negative effect on her abilities to function function well physically and mentally differential diagnosis is depression

Developmental and social history patient grew up in a broken home parents divorced at age 12 son diagnosed with adhd in grade school had run-ins with the law negative for alcohol use negative or smoke smoking negative for illicit drugs plan for treatment and case formulation jane should stop well butane for depression provide education and con contraindication of

Use of web review trainers increases the associated risk of seizure threshold and patient on patients with a medical history of seizures the patient will be treated with benzodiazepine or learner zapam those two milligrams per day given bid for anxiety patient has previous diagnosis of depression and recent issues of anxiety related to recent son’s sentence to

Prison patient will be on two psychotropic medication management for depression and anxiety due to the past seizure history wellbutrin will be stopped and benzodiazepine will be given you may also gene may also consider take uh consider zone loft with increased depression evidence-based decision making starting wellbutrin there’s no evidence there is evidence

To support that the use of medication for major depressive episode will decrease the symptoms of sadness and depressive mood caused by recent life event for a patient early initiation of wellbutrin is as a standalone treatment for the depression is believed to be one of the safest medications to try first stopping wellbutrin clinical studies showed that four to

Four out of one thousand people taking were between experiences disorder people with history of existence seizure disorder are at risk at risk of developing seizures with this medication overall and count encounter and treat and patient and patient teaching both patient and can encounter was positive by reviewing evidence of some evidence to support con con

Continuation of well between for pam to manage our depression as it is one of the safest medications to try first discussion of risk benefit factors to ensure optimal use of medication pen will be taught the importance of creating a healthy social social network lessons learned and summary of conclusion wellbutrin is a fantastic medication that can be used for

Smoke cessation adhd bipolar disorder research illustrated that wellbutrin is among the most surface drug that that that should be used by patient for the diagnosis of depression additionally this will be because all the symptoms manifested by pam and jane are consistent with those of individuals affected by depression and anxiety as such it is expected to use

Well between and supportive non-pharmacological intervention will address pam’s health health care needs however well-butane is inappropriate for jain since it is associated with risk of seizure threshold and a patient with past medical history history of seizures cultural that cultural diversity application culture and diversity factors have a great impact on

How medical practitioners make decisions affecting their clients in healthcare environment due to their ethnicity they stated that they felt they both felt comfortable having their physical examination executed by female nurse practitioners also the patient also made decisions on their treatment only in the presence of female head nurse cultural competent care

Can improve patient quality and care outcomes for questions and answer feel free to reach me at my email and below my references thank you for listening

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Wellbutrin for Management of Depression and Anxiety By cordelia kpaduwa