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What ADHD Med Over-Dose Feels Like (Or Too-High a Prescribed Dosage)

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How to get a Diagnosis ➡️

What’s up adhd crew today i want to talk about something a little bit sensitive and that is the issue of overdosing or taking too much of any given medication first of all as someone with a channel with the potential to influence others i need to be responsible and tell you that you really need to get this correct you need to go to the doctor and follow the

Instructions of the doctor anything that you decide to do is your own risk and you just need to be aware that these drugs are potentially dangerous if it’s taken in excessive amounts and it’s not to be toyed with as some of you know i have spent some time in university and that’s what actually triggered me to go and get tested because i was having a really

Difficult time studying and during this time it was very desperate it was a hard difficult long road and i was desperately trying to get my self-discipline under control so there were times when i would actually kind of abuse the medication and it would cause this cycle of insomnia and super productivity and just having you know no sleep there was a time when

I was going into class full of anxiety and i just i was so sleep deprived but at the same time i i was just wired because i was constantly taking this thing to try and chase this level that i was trying to achieve so what i have done in the past is taken double the dose of a medication or i’ve taken one dose of medication and added an additional half a dose so

What would happen is i would first of all get this intense euphoria i’d feel excessively energetic and excitable i wouldn’t be able to keep still i’d be pacing around the room talking non-stop and i’d just be full of excess physical energy it’s almost like i just needed to go out for a run to get out of my system a lot of people think that adhd is like that and

It probably is for many people with adhd but bear in mind i am not the kind of person who is outwardly hyperactive i’m more sort of internally hyperactive in terms of restlessness but some of the worst side effects was this horrible nausea this sort of jumpiness and i’d have a tight sensation in my chest almost like i couldn’t quite get all my breath and i’d

Have a racing heart so overall it affects you physiologically as well as psychologically and another side effect i would call is zombification zombification is kind of like this feeling where you’re glued to the chair or you just can’t get off the bed and you’re just you’ve got thoughts whizzing through your head at a million miles an hour and you’ve got so many

Things that you you are trying to do and that you know that you want to do and have to do but at the same time you just feel completely paralyzed it’s just like you’re so high that it just disarms you it just zaps you of all your physical energy because your body is working overtime to try and process the medication and i just wouldn’t be able to eat the thing

I’d be completely void of any desire to eat i’d just go the whole day without eating and obviously that’s going to actually exacerbate the intensity of the medication because i didn’t even want to drink any water i wasn’t even able to take down any fluids to hydrate myself and of course that would lead on to sort of physical tension and headaches so as you can

See it is very very risky to do this and it can seriously mess with you

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What ADHD Med Over-Dose Feels Like ⚠️ (Or Too-High a Prescribed Dosage) By Stuart Anderson