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What are stimulants?

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Well personally i use stimulants to try to be productive you know and that gonna get things done you know i tend to be lazy and whatnot and i use things early on like adderall you know atd medication you know i had my doctor prescribed me to adderall and you know i abused the hell out of it thinking that i was being productive i mean that’s a way that i really like

Tricked myself or i can justify using stimulants is that oh i’m getting stuff done you know i’m doing this i’m doing that but really you know i may get like these small things accomplished but am i really grasping hold say i’m studying for a test you know am i really like taking the stuff in and internalizing what i’m learning in am i really being productive no you

Know it may help me to like get out of the bed and like get my day started but after that it’s like i’m just like moving around a lot and i’m just not getting any stuff done but you know i did drugs like cocaine and you know that was never my drug of choice but that was to be able to like stay up late you know and party for an extended amount of time but uh you

Know today what i do is i can use stuff on a lower level like caffeine you know i drink tea i drink coffee and if i have to i’ll go out and get an energy drink or a 5-hour energy drink and that stuff help me sometimes with being productive or staying up late if i have to if i’m going to say a party you know it’s not really stuff that i can abuse like i did with

The harder drugs you know if i drank like two cups of coffee you know i’m not gonna you know have jaw clenched and be like grinding my teeth and like that stuff you know like i would when i would say methamphetamine or ephedrine or you know whatever i used so you know that’s a simple solution you know just drink tea or coffee or have a red bull you know and you

Know for me like i’m grateful that you know i’m clean and sober and i got that option of like just having a cup of tea you know and that wakes me up in the morning and i can come here and i can do something productive you know but i don’t have to go do a line of coke or pop a pill or do anything like that because in turn that stuff is just gonna ruin my life you know but uh thank you

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What are stimulants? By sobrietytelevision