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What Causes Bodybuilder Bubble Gut ?

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Bodybuilder Distended Gut discussed with the intention of information, education and discussion

If you have bad eyesight and you misread the title bubble guts and this is not the type of video you were looking for i apologize head over to instagram plenty of that stuff there now say my name and so this is very much a discussion ‘el informational and educational type video in no way is this meant to be some sort of social judgement in relation to bodybuilders

Body composition this genuinely is a video because i’m interested in this biological phenomena of the distended gut that we see in certain of bodybuilders and so very simply a distended gut is this large volume you can see around the abdominal area but also the separation of the abs which for me is slightly terrifying if you are at the point where you do not need

Special effects to star in an alien movie it’s probably a good idea to think about what you’re doing and see a doctor and it’s that line that will trigger the trolls and when it comes to these enlarged guts and the separation i think it’s fair to say that our or our burger is not a fan i don’t blow third game i think this is a very interesting topic and i would like

Your input because in no way am i highly informed on this topic and the reason that i want to talk about this is through this youtube thing that i’ve been doing i’ve come into contact with so many different people from different spheres of physical fitness and i’m really interested in looking at different concepts and aspects and segments of health and fitness if

You like and looking at them through a long-term lens and i’m really health oriented and for me this type of thing is absolutely insane from a health point of view and so this is really something i’m interested in from that point of view and for sure i do not have experience in the bodybuilding world to understand the intricacies of what they go through the casual

Viewers who’ve clicked on this video surprise surprise mother i am not a bodybuilding expert but i have seen some nick strength and power of videos and i think the takeaway is that phil heath is a nice person i think i read that right and so as there’s plenty of information about the distended gut on youtube and social media which people refer to as the bubble

Guts the bubble bobble guts there are many bodybuilders and people in that world who give very logical reasons to why this may be happening and so there may well be a degree of accuracy to the information they’re giving however this is not a well researched issue in any way at all and so i have a very hard time with people who give definitive as to exactly why

A specific bodybuilder at a specific time in their career has developed this distended gut having said that these bodybuilders are a very special population of people and therefore they have behaviors specific to them so it’s very logical to apply these reasonings to the distended gut and most likely it could be an accumulation or a mixture of many of the issues

That are put out there that are causing the distended gut but i put you ladies and gentlemen of the jury that no one really knows exactly why a specific bodybuilder has developed a distended gut in their case except perhaps their medical practitioner their doctor and in that case that information will be private between the bodybuilder and their doctor there is

Not research into this this is a very interesting area for research but again i imagine it’d be very hard to conduct research on these bodybuilders due to their time availability due to the want to bit to go through long term studies and so this is something that i think is very much up in the air however there are many logical attributions as to why this may be

Happening and here are some of them i don’t think we can accurately attribute one specific factor to one bodybuilder for his or her distended guts however we can look at many factors for example ge that means we can look at gc litton in such as growth and also insulin use and you have to think about the dosage the large amounts of usage of these kc vitamins which

May be contributing to the distended gut for example through side effects such as enlarged organs now i am aware there are different categories of bodybuilders these are very much the larger bodybuilders the most famous ones making the most money etc i am aware that you have lighter weight classes natural classes physique fitness etc so this does not represent

All bodybuilders just to be clear but if you like these most famous male bodybuilders who make the big bucks and the sponsorship and you see everywhere on social media in addition we have the food argument the sheer amounts of food that these people are eating now that’s a very difficult one to attribute because when we look at the wider population when we look

At distend gut if you like or bloating in other populations not bodybuilders this can be due to food in tolerances and so it could be really hard to attribute this specifically to a bodybuilder again they would need to be studied individually however the sheer amount of food that these people put in their body it is reasonable and logical to think that digestion

Issues could play a part in in the distended gut in addition to some other factors such as the old gz vitamins and then we have the actual hypertrophy of the abdominal muscles and the actual abs themselves which look huge this can be related to their bodybuilding stimulus and again to the old juicy vitamins and so there are multitude of factors which could be

Contributing to the distended gut in various ratios for specific bodybuilders oh and at this point i would like to have a short applause for the youtube channel formerly known as kenny ko which is now in its much needed to mice this is for you kenny and again please can we have a moment’s applause for mr. thomas de lauer who has yet again made another spot fat

Reduction video this time in relation to arm fat and yes he is using the same piece of research which i showed did not support spot fat reduction to set up in this video and if you want to know how much he’s butchered miscommunicated and misrepresented that piece of research my video about him is linked below this is for you thomas de lauer collaborating with 10x

Coming soon and so i’d like to ask you you can develop on some of the information that i’ve given in this video i’m doing think of this shreds what science thank you so much for watching i’ll see you soon

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What Causes Bodybuilder Bubble Gut ? By Shredded Sports Science