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What Causes Hives and Itchiness – (Urticaria) Hives Treatment – Dr. Berg

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So i wanted to do a quick video on pitching and hives there’s someone that want to know what they can do and what’s behind that what’s interesting about hives and itching whether it’s in your feet or your hands or your body is there’s always associated either acid reflux or gerd or the removal of your gallbladder or liver dysfunction or high cholesterol or gallbladder

Stones okay what do all these have in common low bile salts it drains down from the liver into this little sac called the gall bladder and it’s concentrated so it concentrates by 20 times and so every time you eat it releases it contracts it releases into the small intestine and the combination between the bile and then enzymes from the pancreas help dissolve

The fat and extract fat cyber vitamins and essential fatty acid from the food that you eat so that’s happening all the time and then the liver dumps down more it concentrates and then the bile when it goes down to the small intestine and the large intestine hits the microbes the microbes recycle it a lot so like 98% of the bile is recycled so it’s a very efficient

System and the bile is a detergent that helps you break down the grease sort of speaking and each one of these conditions is associated with low bile now it takes a certain amount of acidity in the stomach certain ph to trigger the release of bile as well so if there’s not enough acid in the stomach what’s gonna happen is the valve on the top of the stomach is not

Gonna close efficiently and the essence gonna splash back up okay so another name for acid reflux is actually good so these two are really the same thing gallbladder removal if you don’t have a gallbladder you’re also going to be deficient in bile – okay if the liver because the liver actually makes bile if it’s not if it’s dysfunctional or if it’s fatty or if

It is something like cirrhosis scar tissue you’re not going to have enough bile production another function of bile salts is to break down cholesterol so you’ll have a tendency to have high cholesterol when you don’t have enough bile and gall stones are created when you don’t have enough by so that’s why all of these are connected to the low bile salts now they

Don’t know the exact mechanism of why people eat it’s either a waste product that’s backing up through the skin that’s creating a histamine reaction or it’s bile itself that backs up in the tissue so don’t really know if it’s the waste product or it’s the bile but they do know that low bile salts do cause itching in certain places in your body so if you’re having

Problems with itching what you need to do as a short-term effect would be takes and purified bile salts i put a link down below for more information on that the second thing you need to do is do something more long-term correct the cause get the diet corrected and what do i mean by that healthy keto and in a minute fasting i put a link down for that if you’re new

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What Causes Hives and Itchiness – (Urticaria) Hives Treatment – Dr. Berg By Dr. Eric Berg DC