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What Happens if You Put Sodium on Ice? Does it Still Explode?

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Okay today i’m going to be showing you what happens when you drop sodium in ice so first i’m going to be trying regular ice from my freezer and then i’m going to be trying it with ice that i’ve super cooled with liquid nitrogen so why do i think the reaction is going to be different between those two so when you take some ice from your refrigerator you can see that

The ice is kind of just covered with water it starts to melt and you can see the liquid water on top of it but isit in your freezer looks pretty solid but actually even at your freezer temperatures there’s a microscopic layer of liquid water on top of it and the reason there’s a little tiny microscopic layer of water on top of ice even it really cold temperatures

Is because there’s always some impurity there’s always some dust or even ions like sodium ions or calcium that always keeps a little bit of the water in the liquid state and because salt water freezes at a much lower temperature than regular pure water even it pretty cold temperatures it keeps it so there’s a very thin layer of salt water on top of regular ice

And in order for sodium to react with ice it needs to react with liquid water and so i’m guessing that when i put the sodium on regular ice that very thin microscopic layer will be able to react with the sodium and then it will get hot and it will melt more of the sodium which will melt more of the ice and it will create this chain reaction that will eventually

Explode but i’m hypothesizing that if i put liquid nitrogen on the ice i will get it cold enough that i’ll be able to freeze any even salt layer on top of it any salt water or impurity water on top of it it’ll be so cold that everything will be a pure solid and the sodium won’t be able to react with the water because they’re both in the solid state and they can’t

Mix together and also because it’s in the solid state the sodium won’t be able to react with the hydroxide ion that is regularly in liquid water so i’m guessing that it won’t be able to react but there’s only one way to find out so first we’ll do regular ice from my freezer and then we’ll do liquid nitrogen cooled ice ok here we go 3 2 1 okay you want to know why

I had my blast shield up here cuz of this stuff so these are spots of molten sodium that we’re flying through the air you definitely don’t want to get hit by molten sodium up on here everywhere see what happens when they get it wet a little well whoa oh gosh okay so i’m showing you how dangerous molten sodium would be i just got burned by molten sodium okay now

Let’s see what happens when we cover it with liquid nitrogen okay that’s our sodium in there so i have to keep putting on liquid nitrogen because relative to the ice the ice is burning hot and so it keeps evaporating the liquid nitrogen but it’s getting colder and colder and colder each time so we’ve got to get it down to the temperature of the liquid nitrogen to

Make sure there’s no layer of liquid water on top of the ice okay so the ice and the sodium is now at the temperature of liquid nitrogen no reaction okay so you can see that when i’m touching it to the bare ice on top here there’s no reaction whatsoever that’s because now there’s no layer liquid water on top of it and if there’s no liquid water and if there’s no

Liquid water then the sodium cannot react so you can see there’s plenty of oxygen for the hydrogen to ignite with but it’s just too cold and the height not even the hydrogen isn’t reacting but it’s not even melting the ice which means the sodium isn’t even reacting with the water so sodium plus water does not always equal a reaction it has to be liquid water look

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What Happens if You Put Sodium on Ice? Does it Still Explode? By The Action Lab