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What is an Antibiotic Resistance | Dr. Sauren Panja (Bengali)

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Dr. Sauren Panja Consultant Anaesthesia & Critical Care at R N Tagore Hospital, Mukundapur, Kolkata talks about antibiotic resistance.

Namaskar i mean dr. soran pangea me are integral hospital a senior consultant among here department of medicine or critical care medicine a coach coachy so i’m a on jetta electronic or go the deutsche antibiotics resistance ajay antibiotics a guru a court of law a mother medically mid drugs j drugs will amla euskadi besides otaku nahin fix on holy saturday oh no

Karna coca-cola impacts on hoboken picks and payton picks on jays most also duly usually secondly antibiotics are used and when a u.s. canadian palo de cachi sera congi to be to cut up the quality when balloting want a the infection trauma the tickly them monica three olympics an accordionist esta su story into kitchen catheter theater corrupting onyx hawaii

Antibiotics piece be got upon justice at virtua j bhabha usually such a the connector popped awarded you know antibiotics resistance auto a delicious to taco powerful unit as soon as soon as a part of a legacy so a a mutilation opatija kiki karan a antibiotics resistance bochy a resistance money which is your own activities are gay gioconda sanyika shakur toh

Soona second is annika kareena say you know a condition dj did not catch police a genetic lambda antibiotics resistance body a antibiotics resistance cannot radiology detected i secretary fade away we got appointed water ribbon horomia antibiotics uttama tro human bomb on sentry us colony on a key tronic veterinary ugh a polti bahu nano industry tell you hav

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Activate exciting into the rosters the birthdate angry young aaronic at that age i am reading on antibiotics huge chronically dokkan age i do tobit intent abilities knee wanna cut already antibiotics tourniquet darkening kid you could take her to antibiotics darker she look into yahoo nama deep mild integra sudden car daughter monica trader lagged in k-12 already

Limited in cave on the rhode island i wanna cute reality the idea of a viral fever commonly tiki idol fever aching took on antibiotics coach corey knock into to on what director he opacity yamato carnegie abilities a goal i have authority doesn’t take a do to attend the medicine do someone get to really for looking there for a vertical trajectory perfected a

Value say and divide history so did a hopper indica now they would ever leakage got the body so the timeline starts wounded swing at the agency johan umrah be never be healed in by stool pass for your next my antibiotics coverage is most of interior you know for us ssa bacteria you look into resistance to a very low for a vertical you know jake you know you okay

Do dis a bacterial infection coating second antibiotic resistance to here i even our mia come to the latino cottage i tell em that kiki bobby wrote couturier antibiotic resistant secretary wrote hotel aromatic a protective cocoon unconditionally aguilar antivirus huge solid organ a second design college until a kata tjuta wattage or home alkyl avatar secretary

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What is an Antibiotic Resistance | Dr. Sauren Panja (Bengali) By Narayana Health