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What is Insulin Plant? Does It Work Like Insulin?

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Costus igneus, commonly known as an insulin plant in India, belongs to the family Costaceae. In today’s video SugarMD will take on the subject of the Insulin Plant and explain all the benefits, risks, and side effects and also answer some common questions like “Is Insulin Plant The Best Diabetic Supplement Out There?” , “What Does Insulin Plant Due To Your Body?” , “Does Insulin Plant Really Work?”

Insulin plan for diabetes we’re going to talk about the benefits the risks and the side effects there are many diabetes control claims made about this insulin plant are they true what are the side effects of insulin plant and what are the downsides of it better to know earlier than later right is insulin plant the best diabetic supplement out there what does insulin

Plant do to your body does insulin plant really work and finally where to buy it if you want to really want to buy keep watching this video you will hear some partially true claims number one is the blood sugar levels of all patients who took insulin plant leaf powder improves significantly that is partially true okay but not all true insulin all insulin patients

Were able to cut their insulin dose in half again that is a a kind of a false claim partially true even patients who had previously failed to control their blood sugar levels with oral agents oral antidepatic agents such as metformin or glipizide and some non-allopathic medications etc they were able to do so controlling their blood sugar with insulin plant again

Some studies or some people claim that this is 100 true for everyone now what plant is really used for insulin insulin plant is known as cactus igneous which is a plant native to india and is a member of something called costa ce family okay i’m not be agreed with the pronunciation so forgive me on that it is named as you know as a diabetes fighting plant and

Consuming the leaves can actually help to lower blood glucose levels and diabetics too have consumed the leaves have reported seeing a mild drop in their blood sugar levels now let’s find out how it is proposed to work what does insulin plant do to your body the insulin plant is really small it’s a flowering herb that has been used for again for medicinal purposes

For centuries right but more recently studies have shown that this plant can be beneficial for people with diabetes because of the active ingredient in the insulin plant is a chemical called hypoglycin the substance helps to convert sugar into glycogen which is then stored in the liver and the muscles when the blood sugar levels drop our body usually usually uses

The glycogen for energy as a result the insulin plant in some people help to lower blood sugar levels mildly and provide relief from symptoms like fatigue and dizziness if you do have cell for people with diabetes the insulin plant maybe for some people an effective natural option if you want to try at least one does it really really work i would say there’s no

Definitive answer to this question as the efficacy of insulin plant varies from person to person and from manufacturer to manufacturer some people report that taking insulin plant has helped to regulate their blood sugar levels while others find that it has done nothing there is some scientific evidence to suggest that insulin plant may be effective in treating

Diabetes in a minority of patients but again more research is needed to confirm these findings if you’re really considering a supplement that will work much better consider sugar md advanced glucose support because we know at least i know that it works for 95 percent of patients super berberine again as another great supplement that has been studied more and has

More consistent results what are they advantages of taking insulin plant well the biggest disadvantage of taking insulin plant is that you need to take three grams twice a day well that’s a lot of pills to remember to take okay and it’s a lot of amount of stuff of herbs you have to mix them into a drink and drink that twice a day well that may be a real chore okay

Especially if you don’t like the taste of the drink and you are forced to drink that twice a day you know that may not be the best thing for you if you are not careful you may end up with low blood sugar levels which can be dangerous as well so it is really important to be disciplined about taking your insulin plant uh mixtures every day if you want to do it and

Of course you have to be watching for the side effects it can also cause side effects such as stomach upset diarrhea and dizziness now most importantly it interacts with some blood thinners okay so if you’re on blood thinners you have to be careful about that so again it is not a bad idea sometimes to consult with a doctor who understands you know some herbal signs

At least and you know you may want to look at the potential benefits we know that there’s more researches needed for this if you are really curious and i want to try it i don’t think there is any harm trying carefully with checking your blood sugars but if you’re looking for safer and better alternative to control your diabetes again look no further than sugar md

Advanced glucose support that is designed for safety and efficacy as well as super berberine now last question can i stop taking instant excellent if i start taking insulin plant powder if you have diabetes your body either doesn’t produce enough insulin right or it can’t effectively use the insulin that it does produce since insulin helps regulate the blood sugar

Levels you know as a result diabetics often need to take some supplements for insulin to kind of work better just like the super ribery right however if you start taking an insulin plant supplement you may be able to reduce your insulin use slightly so if you think that the cause is justified you may ask yourself is it you know fair enough for me to consider insulin

Plant to cut back on my insulin like a couple units since there are some patients out there who claim that they stop taking insulin which we also see that with sugar md advanced glucose support a lot and i can only talk for my experience since we do not have insulin plant and i research it a lot and we decided not to bring insulin plant to our website for many

Reasons that i talked about so again is it safe i would say as long as you are carefully monitoring your blood sugar levels it should not be a huge problem but what happens is if you start taking insulin plant from a manufacturer that you don’t necessarily know the exact dose in the urine insulin you may be looking for a severe low blood sugar levels so monitoring

Will be your best friend there are a few cases of diabetic coma reported with insulin plant as well not to scare you but it is there if you are looking for again safer alternatives look for more studied more tried and tested supplements make sure you remember to visit and i’ll help you learned something today and if you did please write something in

The comment ask questions make sure that you visit our facebook group for more support the links are all in the description below so remember to subscribe remember to give a like and share and we will see you in the next video hey guys i hope you are enjoying this channel so far and i hope you subscribed already if you didn’t do it and if you did watch this video

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What is Insulin Plant? Does It Work Like Insulin? By SugarMD