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What is Type 2 Diabetes

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Learn more about what causes type 2 diabetes and how to treat it

When you have type 2 diabetes your blood sugar level is too high here’s how it works after you eat your body breaks down carbohydrates into glucose your body uses sugar or glucose for energy the glucose is absorbed in your small intestine and moves into your blood beta cells inside your pancreas sense that your sugar levels are rising these cells release insulin

Into your blood to move the sugar into your cells where it can be used for energy and to bring blood sugar levels down most cells inside your body have spots on them called receptors that connect to the insulin insulin acts like a key in a lock to open up the cell so that the glucose can get inside now your cells can use the sugar to make the energy they need to do

Their job but when you have type 2 diabetes your cells can’t use insulin like they should over time your pancreas stops making enough insulin if you have insulin resistance the insulin cannot unlock the cells to let glucose in because the locks don’t work as a result glucose is locked out of your cells and builds up in your blood that leads to high blood sugar or

Hyperglycemia to help bring blood sugar down your pancreas makes more and more insulin your overworked beta cells try to keep up with the demand but as time goes on they can’t make enough insulin and your blood sugar stays high australia is facing an increasing epidemic of type 2 diabetes there are now approximately 1 million people living with diabetes and around a

Hundred thousand new diagnosis each year obesity is thought to be the primary cause of type 2 diabetes in people who are genetically predisposed in part 1 we explained how inflammation in type 2 diabetes destroys the pancreas tissue and dramatically decreases insulin production here we describe the insulin receptor in type 2 diabetes what we have discovered is the

Molecular detail of how the hormone insulin binds to its so-called receptor protein on the surface of a cell and instructs that cell to take up glucose from the blood and to store it as an energy source the receptor itself actually spans the cell membrane said has a part outside a pot inside and insulin binds to the path that is outside inson is a small molecule

Whose structure was determined a long time ago in 1969 but it’s been unknown how it interacts with the receptor and that is what we have discovered and it’s interaction i’ve characterized as a molecular handshake as the two proteins docked together when insulin binds to the outside parts of the receptor it brings the two halves of the receptor together and at the

Same time the two parts inside of the cell unwind and make contact these two proteins then activate each other this activation allows the insulin signal to enter the cell specialized proteins interact with the activated receptor just below the cell surface the receptor activates these proteins and they in turn are able to activate multiple other proteins in a

Long signal cascade this complex signaling process eventually tells the cell to take up glucose for use as an energy source the long signal cascade allows tight control of the signaling process as it can be turned on or off at many different points along the way in type 2 diabetes we believe insulin binds to its receptor normally but the signal is not sent into

The cell and the signal cascade does not develop this is known as insulin resistance this means that glucose cannot enter the cell and blood glucose remains high over time high glucose levels damage many different organs insulin as you know has been used to treat diabetes for a very long time but all of those formulations and types of insulin that have been used

In the diabetes context have been designed and formulated without any knowledge of the way in which instant actually interacts with its receptor now for the first time we’ve got a picture of that and we can use that into the design of new insulins that could be used for the treatment of diabetes so we could imagine for example the design of instance that act for a

Longer period of time design of instance that act more quickly design of instance that are more stable upon storage and that’s where we’d like to go with our discovery you hi everyone i’m raymond francis and today we’re going to talk about how to cure diabetes you know diabetes is a nasty disease more than 25 million americans have diabetes and about another 40

Million have what we call pre-diabetes all of these people have a higher risk of heart attack stroke cancer kidney damage nerve damage alzheimer’s amputation and blindness in fact diabetes is the leading cause of blindness and of non traumatic amputations about ninety-five percent of people with diabetes have what we call type 2 diabetes now type 2 diabetes results

From what we call insulin resistance which is a condition where the natural hormone insulin becomes less effective at lowering blood sugar if you have type 2 diabetes the average doctor will tell you that this is something you’re going to have for the rest of your life and that the doctor is going to help you to manage it with medications well this is flat-out wrong

Diabetes type 2 diabetes can be cured in a matter of weeks there is no excuse whatsoever for having type 2 diabetes you gave it to yourself and you can unzip that simple diabetes is cured with a combination of diet exercise and supplements regarding diet you must get off of all sugar grains processed oils and milk products shift to a diet of primarily fresh organic

Fruits and vegetables at least 75 percent of what you consume should be consumed raw lots of fresh lyra prepared vegetable juices would be ideal lots of fresh salads moderate amounts of fish and lean can be added to your diet if you want to know more about how to choose a healthy diet read my book never be sick again or if you’re overweight read never be fat again

Losing excess weight is essential i’ve seen people lose as little as 10 pounds and exercise as little as 20 minutes three times a week and the diabetes just disappears regular exercise is essential and should be a priority as it is effective in stabilizing blood sugar and stimulating metabolic functions walking by cycling swimming rebounding all of these done on

A regular basis would be very helpful the most important thing is to choose a form of exercise that is right for you and then to do it daily if possible supplements are necessary they include vitamin c b complex in e minerals should include magnesium potassium zinc vanadium and chromium the synthesis of insulin requires 51 amino acids supplement with amino acids

Can help other supplements include alpha lipoic acid coenzyme q10 and essential fatty acids lipoic acid has been used by german physicians for decades to lower insulin resistance coenzyme q10 stimulates the production of insulin and helps to stabilize blood sugar levels essential fatty acids are essential to building healthy cell membranes and reducing insulin

Resistance and reducing diabetic neuropathy on the bottom line type 2 diabetes is a dangerous disease that you don’t want to have but it’s simple to cure however the fact that you haven’t been told this does not come as prize diabetes is a very profitable business this is why you get all that free stuff like free glucose monitors instead of good advice on how to

Get well and stay well but now you know so you can get on with it if you need help choosing the right supplements call beyond health at 800 250 3063 tell them i sent you and get rid of your diabetes thanks for listening good luck you

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