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What Kind of Detox for High Estrogen?

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Jessica Drummond, MPT, CCN, CHC of talks about customizing your detox strategy.

So you’ve decided to do with detox but what’s the right level of intensity for you do you need to go full on into the master cleanse or what is it time for a juice fast who knows hi i’m jessica drummond and i’m the founder of custom hormone healing calm as a physical therapist and a clinical nutritionist is my goal and mission in life to help every woman feel

Comfortable in your body body mind and spirit so if you’re feeling a little crazy heavy or brain foggy it’s not you it’s your hormones today we’re going to jump right into talking about what intensity of a detox should you do there are thousands of detox programs out there and many of them have benefits but what are you ready to do we talked about this program

Being custom because different people are at different levels in their healing journey so let’s talk about detox intensity we’re going to talk about food based cleanses juicing and those deep full-on like master cleanses all right the cleanse that i recommend for you if you’ve never plenty for or you are very going to be very high energy and still active still

Going to work still exercising while you’re doing a detox program is the fluid based cleanse and here’s the reason why you can eliminate a lot of toxins and still eat plenty of healthy whole nourishing foods and in many cases that’s the best possible way to do it because your liver detox system it’s a very complicated biochemical system it’s kind of super simplify

It it has two phases and when you’re trying to get your liver to detox excess toxins and things that you just don’t want anymore in your body and chemicals that need to be converted and excreted you need to feed your body the nutrients your liver and the new traits that it needs to carry out those biochemical reactions so in phase 1 you need nutrients that quench

Free radicals and these are things called antioxidants like vitamin c and vitamin e so sometimes the foods that you’re eating and the toxins that come into your body when they are being detoxed and excreted sometimes in phase 1 they are actually converted into things that are even a little more toxic and the process itself actually increases free radicals which of

Those oxidizing particles that literally kind of rust you from the inside so you need nutrients like antioxidant vitamins to quench that and keep it from making yourselves even more tired out and toxic the other thing that phase one needs is cofactors so they need other vitamins minerals things like b vitamins magnesium iron indels which are particles that come from

Cruciferous vegetables so getting all of these nutrient cos helps along phase one and causes even less allowing you to have less damage to the system as its detoxifying phase 2 also requires nutrients so for foods like eggs raw garlic raw onions amino acids which are the little building blocks of proteins and more nutrients the other great thing about a food base

Cleanse is when you’re drinking smoothies or eating actual salads or soups that contain vegetables you’re getting a lot of fiber so once you get the toxins kind of neutralized by the liver you want to get them all the way out of your body and fiber helps with that excretion process as says water so even if you’re doing a food based cleanse you want to be drinking

A lot of water so this is the kind of lowest intensity but it can be effective even if you’re cleansing years down the road you’re already very very healthy of glenn’s is really my preferred method because most of the time i don’t have time to stop my life and do a cleanse i just want to you know be detoxing my body and still be exercising and going to work and

Taking care of my kids now the second option this is a more intense level of detoxing is to juice and this is just to mainly to make fresh vegetable juices all day long and drink them there are some real advantages to this it’s a very high in those vitamins and minerals that the liver needs to do some of its work now there’s not so much protein so you’re not going

To get some of the pieces that the liver needs but your are going to give your body lots of nutrients really condensed way juices is a lot of fluid again helping you to actually fully excrete the stuff that you’re detoxing the thing the benefit of juice cleansing over food cleansing is that you give your digestive system a rest and this can be really advantageous

If you’ve been eating a lot of super heavy foods for a long period of time the other big advantage to juice cleansing from my perspective is that it gives you an emotional and spiritual time to cleanse create space in your schedule cleanse emotionally do a lot of journaling this is the kind of cleanse you have to plan for you want to take a full day to maybe three

Days or even longer some people even juice cleanse for a week or longer but starting with even just one day of juice cleansing you may create that space in your schedule to sit and detoxify your emotions and have a spiritual fast as well which can be really beneficial now the date it is is that you’re not going to get very much protein and it’s very low in fiber

So that can be challenging when you’re trying to fully excrete the toxins and lastly when it comes to things like master cleansing you have to be a really experienced cleanser to go to that level of depth and again it’s more probably of an emotional spiritual cleanse than a physical cleanse because when you’re barely eating any food you’re not supporting your livers

Detox system very well so mostly i prefer that you stick with you the food or the juice cleanse thank you very much i hope you enjoyed this video and i would love to hear in the comments below what is your number one question about cleansing and what has been your experience with cleansing has it benefited you so again my name is jessica drummond from custom hormone

Healing calm and it’s been great to be with you today bye if you like this video please like it and share it with your friends and before you go i don’t know to my website custom hormone healing calm and enter your name and email in the boxes at the top of the home page click there to submit and i will send you information by email that i don’t share anywhere else

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What Kind of Detox for High Estrogen? By Jessica Drummond