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What Lies Beneath: Callus with an Ulcer

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This is kevin jefferson in the dc foot doctor this is a case of a gentleman with a long history of diabetic foot problems including toe amputations due to the k√∂ppen nineteen classes he hesitated to seek care for this new issue you so you said this thing’s been here about a month and what so you stayed on because of the quarantine stuff how painful is it it’s

Been draining you know if it’s all jaw here at the top she was little blake was plugged up here yeah yes pretty hard i want to need that tissue ever seen how’d your blood sugar don’t know what does that mean 160 that’s kind of high have you been to your primary doctor yeah last time you saw the doc why so long about the blood sugar that’s different say mm-hmm you

Should be senior primary doctor at least every three months no matter how well controlled you think you have it because if they please here or there’s nothing under here we don’t want to see work on here let me see if it’ll go blister i’m gonna be around all sir see how this looks it was all coming from earlier he was bringing up toward at all you’ve been taking

On any antibiotics anything you took it for your foot you want taking it for anything else that’s the green it’s closer to getting us to you know now we see the actual also underneath so you’ve had this for four weeks give a tape yeah yeah you should have been here four words about lease so notice i’m taking a swab with just the wound not to surround a stuff so

Now i want to oh you’re gonna know that after all with 20 on someone and about it yeah yeah cvs inside the target up here well the one down okay oh it’s gonna be important over the next few weeks you stay off this foot as much as possible you know all this white stuff here lexing us from the drainage ls maceration and by maceration is that it holds bacteria in

Quechua waiting an infection a little slip there that’s where all the drainage is coming from the skin is too thick on the bottom for it to come out so it’s coming out toward the top so you all gonna eat cry that’s the song i don’t know man we’ll see i know the demand is going to be high as a bars gonna lock up nobody can let him themselves that it’s not a

Bad-looking one okay this should heal okay staying off it’s going to be the key next time whenever anything pops up it looks unusual you don’t let me know right away and then you’re fortunate you’ve had this for four weeks and this is only as bad as it is there’s usually after four weeks these things get crazy yeah anything loose is where the bacteria hangs on

You don’t want to loose and flapping alright do you need supplies at home yeah you need to annoy me as well yeah okay so we’ll send everything to the pharmacy the gauze and everything you wanted to delivery you want to go pick it up no that’s all right so change the dressing everyday no bath water – huh i’m gonna see you back next week i’m not sure it’s coming

Along now it’s between now and then it seems like it’s getting worse worst meaning drainage color changes red white or blue dark foul odor yeah let me know right away don’t wait to your next appointment i feel a lot better too so you better get up in office prescription a pill for antibiotic you’re gonna get the topical don’t keep it clean so if you or someone

You know has an urgent or emergency medical problem do not let the covert 19 crisis preventing you from seeking help from a medical environment doctors offices urgent care centers and emergency rooms have protocols in place to protect you and others from kovat 19 call ahead to find out what they are thank you for watching this video share it with someone you think

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What Lies Beneath: Callus with an Ulcer By DC Foot Doctor