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What You Need To Know About ESTROGENICS

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The feminization of men is underway. Let us take a closer look at one of the causes.

Thank you today i want to talk about something that is not really common for a channel like this but of course i have been known to cover topics that at first seem to have nothing to do with the niche i’m known for but i’m really here to just slip you guys the red pill so there’s something that is happening that is plaguing us it is breaking down our society

Piece by piece and ever since the pandemic we have seen the rapid death of relationships and marriage now don’t get me wrong people are still going to be marrying out here as in the days of noah until the flood came and swept them all away not only is this affecting relationships it is affecting society as a whole and part of this is due to biology or our body’s

Chemistry so this is about men and women and this is for both men and women today i want to focus primarily on something that is affecting the relationships between the two with most people completely oblivious to what’s happening beneath the skin and when you understand this you will understand how it extends outside of relationships and enters the world we

Live in in our businesses government military and many other industries and folks this truly makes a huge difference once it is realized known and accepted what i’m talking about is chemistry your body’s chemistry more specifically your body’s hormones i’m talking about testosterone and estrogen everything is out of whack and the main culprit is the toxicity

Of our food supply and environment and before you take this red pill remember all i’m offering truth foreign so what’s going on is that we have been poisoning ourselves right down to the genetic level for many years now and all of that is finally catching up to us this is by design right now i only want to focus on how our product supply plays a major

Role in this in the long term idea going around here is that men are being feminized not just on a social level but in many many areas there’s a lot to unpack here that’s why i just want to go slow and focus on estrogenics today so gentlemen you have a big problem here ladies this affects you too of course this is an extremely toxic world we are living in and

Everybody walks around like this stuff isn’t affecting them this is one of the problems people are walking around behaving in accordance to lies they hear a lie and behave accordingly or they believe something to be true but it isn’t and they behave according to that things we were all lied to about in the past are now catching up to us because believing in these

Lies for such a long period of time the truth is coming out and people don’t know what to do they’re stuck they’re froze paralyzed so what this amounts to for men is a decrease in testosterone and an increase in estrogen primarily because there are a few other things going on there but the problem is that there are many many many things that are estrogenic as

They say or that are causing that increase of estrogen in men look i pulled up this list online top 20 estrogen-rich foods you should include in your diet of course this article is aimed at women what are some estrogen-rich foods seeds flax seeds sesame seeds soy products soybeans soy milk soy yogurt tofu fruits peaches strawberries vegetables alfalfa sprouts

Mung bean sprouts green beans legumes white beans black beans nuts pistachios walnuts peanuts dried fruits dried apricots dates dried prunes beverages red wine herbs garlic grains multi-green bread so guys if you don’t want to increase your estrogen don’t eat any of that stuff now i know you guys are thinking yeah right there are just some things i’m not going

To stop consuming and you’re right but i want to talk about soy for a moment since it was mentioned so soy comes from southeast asia where it was farmed in a few countries there soybeans made their way into the british colonies in the 1700s and then in the 1800s soybeans came to illinois at that time farmers were planting soybeans as far as north as north carolina

As animal feed right which was encouraged by the usda now by the 1900s they were using soybeans as animal feed and as a rotation crop so that they could replenish the soil with it so that they would long term gain better cotton yields okay so by the 1930s they already had 10 000 varieties of soybeans which meant you could produce a lot of it in different locations

Henry ford had to go industrial with it which led to the production of soy plastics they were used for gear shift knobs accelerator pedals window frames coil casings even the body of the vehicles he was manufacturing were made of soy plastics in the 40s there was a great demand for soybean oils for lubricants and plastics then in the 50s this was the alternative

Protein for most livestock it was in the 90s when they started to mess around with the plant’s genetics and aside from soy sauce and tofu you didn’t hear me mention the mass consumption of soybeans for humans just livestock let me tell you all something about soy there is a company that has genetically modified the soybean to be transgenic in other words it’s

Not soy they just call it soy but you don’t know what it is designed to change you today soy is produced in more than 30 states and the point here is folks you you are not livestock you may be livestock to the globalist elites which is why they encourage the masses to consume this stuff but you are not livestock you are not an animal that can be fed a protein

Off your natural diet you are not designed to be eating pounds and pounds of soybeans so that saw it now there are phytoestrogens plant estrogenics which are the least harmful your gut bacteria takes care of it but soy and flax are the ones that are really estrogenic you have michael estrogen the fungus estrogenic which is mainly mold contamination astrazine

Herbicides glyphosate which people are talking a lot about when it comes to this topic and it’s sprayed on corn and other grains it gets into the water supply it’s a big problem there’s trick listen and alkalafinos the soap estrogen these are in soaps lubricants cleaning products and what’s the estrogens from these products get on your skin you can’t wash them off as

They latch onto the skin then of course you have bp and 4mbc the sunscreen estrogenic it’s like i said in another video sunscreens don’t prevent cancer that cause it find a natural sunblock or some shade red number three and 40. the artificial red food color estrogenic all artificial dyes are bad you want to avoid things with food dyes anyway you have parabens

The fragrance estrogenic which are in fragrances of course guys i know what they tell you about the ladies but stop wearing your stinking fragrances stinks when you are not around that stuff all the time and when you finally come around it you can smell the chemicals it smells more industrial compared to the smell sensitivity of someone who has been standing

Around a perfume counter all day and by the way this all comes from a list you can find on it’s on a few other websites as well there are phthalates the plastic additive estrogenic that’s plastic wrapped used over food vinyl flooring certain baby crib mattresses fragrances perfumes and many medical devices estrogenics and plastics bpa and

Bps the plastic ingredient estrogenic and there is ee2 the birth control estrogenic which is in the tap water because it’s urinated back into the sewage and recycled back into the municipal supply along with other drugs and even if you don’t drink the water you probably brush your teeth bathe and shower in it plastics insulin resistance refined carbohydrates

Xenoestrogens which again are in the plastics pesticides herbicides glyphosate roundup bathroom products bath and shower water soy masturbation and pornography not enough sleep lack of exercise obesity these are the things that are known to be estrogenic or in some cases testosterone killers you know this world is so toxic i don’t know how we’re all still here

And because of the exposure long-term exposure to these elements we see a trend in our society of men weakened and then feminized not just by society but on a biological level chemical level and i’m telling you this is all part of the unworshiping anti-human trans human baphomet agenda it’s crazy they’re doing it they’re succeeding the malnourishment is off

The charts too much estrogen for men is like too much testosterone for women the truth is men who have high levels of testosterone are not really that aggressive they are usually calmer than other men naturally big husky guys who produce a lot of testosterone are usually calmer than the other smaller men women who have high levels of testosterone get irritable

It actually stresses women out it wears their bodies out which is why when they try doing things that build testosterone instead of estrogen it comes out in their mood it causes women to age faster i’ll get into what these toxins are doing to women’s hormones in another video but for men estrogen seem to be aiding to a weakened depleted society and we are going

To talk more about how society is going about doing so that’s all for now there is more to come so stay tuned we are definitely going to talk more about this until then god bless everyone take care of yourselves and as always stay awake stay aware stay safe and i’ll talk to you all soon foreign

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