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What’s Adderall Like? The Commonly Prescribed ADD Medication

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A former poly addict shares what adderall is like compared to other drugs he’s taken including crystal methamphetamine.

What’s up guys a cg kid in this video i’m gonna talk about what adderall is like for those new to my channel i’m a former poly addict with over four years of sobriety my channel is about spreading drug education along with how i got and stay sober and this is a video that’s very personal to me because i used adderall a lot and adderall is also one of the most common

Things that people reach out to me about a lot and namely adolescence i don’t speak too much to adolescents but a lot of them are struggling with adderall that their parents are giving them which is the most up situation that we’re in right now with the heroin epidemic it’s like all of a sudden the government’s like doctors are over prescribing opiates doctors

Have been over prescribing drugs for a long time and it’s like we had to wait until tons of people are dying because of it to start to open our eyes to it one of the most over prescribed medications i think that’s out there is adderall essentially what happens is a kid who’s 13 14 15 years old get doesn’t get aids in his class the parents freak out the parents think

He’ll never be successful as if going to school and getting a college degree is the only way to be successful in life so what they do is they take him to the doctor they say he’s getting a c he’s getting a d i can’t have him being unsuccessful and college is the only way to make it in this world so fix it doctor doctor says here you go here’s some speed feed this

To him the parents don’t really look into what they’re giving their kid they just give it to him what they’re giving their kid is a basically speed i mean i made a video where i compared meth to adderall and as far as the high i cannot distinguish a difference the route of administration is what makes them different with meth you smoke it are you injected which it

Completely changes the action of the drug it makes it more addictive but as far as the high itself to me they’re indistinguishable if they feel exactly the same there’s a dopamine rush there’s a sense of well-being it almost feels like what you’re doing is healthy for you which is how addiction starts people who start using drugs addictively aren’t inherently evil

They’re just lied by the drug adderall will make everything that was broken and you feel repaired it’ll make you feel healthy oh it feels therapeutic it feels good for you you’re starting to ace your classes you’re starting to do well meanwhile it’s damaging your frontal cortex is depleting your brains natural ability to have a sense of well-being it’s depleting

Your dopamine supply or your brain’s ability to produce dopamine so what goes up must come down and when you feed this to a thirteen-year-old kid before their frontal cortex is fully developed you’re essentially screwing them over in the future sure they might make their a’s in their middle school classes you might get them through college but they’re gonna depend

On the substance the rest of their life it also can be a gateway drug into heavier drug use and that’s like the reality we’re in and it’s up the situation we’re in with adderall and it’s really heartbreaking that these kids reach out to me that are struggling with a speed addiction because their parents are giving them this medication you know and uh the parents

Are not understanding that just because the kid doesn’t make aids in his classes doesn’t mean he’s not going to be successful there’s several different types of intelligences there’s kinesthetic which is people who are good at coordination these are your great basketball players football players there’s crystal eyes these are your mathematicians people are good at

Memorizing things they’re social intelligence these are great salespeople they’re very good at socializing in environments and creating social bonds there’s four more intelligences which i won’t get into but that kid could have an entrepreneurial spirit he could have a creative mind he could be more successful than the teacher that’s in the class or it could be a

Bad teacher it could be that he’s just not interested in school it doesn’t mean is dysfunctional ea d d and you should give him 20 milligrams of speed every day and that’s another thing where parents are going wrong not only our doctors handing these things out right like they’re candy but the prescribed dosage is that they’re handing them out at our extremely high

2030 milligrams a day is a lot more than what’s needed to fix a problem with dysfunctional ad d and rather than parents doing the research and saying let’s cut this pill down and give them five milligrams and see how he does with that they’re just giving him what the doctor says to give them which is insanely high for 13 14 15 year old 16 year old whatever so now

We got that out of the way be very wary of this drug i’ve been i’ve used a lot of different drugs i’ve used heroin meth crack you name it and outer all ranks up there are some one of the most addictive drugs i’ve taken the reason it ranks up there is there’s a insane amount of adrenaline and dopamine well there’s a huge dopamine release a huge sense of well-being

Huge sense of confidence there’s a lie that under i’m a better person with this drug in my system i’ll be cleaning my house or cleaning my place i’ll be doing well in school i’ll be performing better at work but then when you come off of it it’s a adderall come downs are by far the worst comedown i ever experienced and that includes crack cocaine methamphetamine

You name it nothing compares to the adderall come down and when i was first taking out at all at 17 years old the come downs weren’t bad they progressively got worse to a point where they were excruciating they’re worse than ecstasy come downs they were by far the worst comedown so bad that it would make me anxious irritable severely depressed having suicidal

Thoughts and just gross like just completely feeling gross and for some reason i continued to take it despite that negative consequence and that’s because i look forward to the initial feeling of the russia that it gave me the sense of well-being the sense this is good for you the sense i’m a better person it’s a horrible drug i mean i i there’s no other way to

Describe it now it can be very medicinal to people that truly struggle with a dd and i’m not trying to deter anybody from it if you’re dysfunctional with a dd then by all means try adderall but try it at very low doses and you have to define what does functional means to you if you’re saying i’m not as performing as well at work as i could like you’re running at

A 7 out of 10 it’s really not worth it to start getting involved in the speed and become a tweaker to boost yourself up a little bit more because addiction will make you more dysfunctional than their current problem you probably have it goes back to the what goes up must come down these kids that take adderall to get good grades in college what they’re training

Themselves to do is push off their exams until the night before take a bunch of out of role and then pass their exam as if getting an a in school is going to make them successful in the workplace having been in the professional work environment you can’t do that if you have a deadline you can’t pop a bunch of drugs and do it overnight you have to be consistently on

Top of things you have to learn time management skills and you’re depriving yourself of that so don’t think that it’s going to make you better or more functional just because you take adderall it actually have the reverse effect on you yeah i mean adderall is one of those drugs that to an extent i wish it never existed medicinally it does help people some people

Are so dysfunctional ei d d they can’t hold a conversation they can’t keep a train of thought for longer than a minute and for those people it’s good that it’s out there at low doses and you know that is a prescribed medication but unfortunately a lot of people what they define as dysfunctional is not truly dysfunctional and they end up abusing this medication and

Getting hooked to it and it could lead to harder drugs for them in the future and so the parents i really really pushed you to educate yourself on this drug and understand what it is you’re feeding your kid and how it’s gonna affect them when they’re if you feed it to them at 13 they take it throughout their life how is it gonna affect them when they’re 23 24 25 i

Have friends who take adderall that took it as kids and they’re still prescribed it and they’re wacked out in the mind it’s almost like adderall makes them bipolar depressed they have manic swings where they’re on top of the world they have massive loads where everybody is out to get them and they’re a victim and they just want to die and it just swings like that

And i can almost see the drug up their brain and it all stems back to when they were in high school they didn’t get good enough grades and so the parents decided to feed them speed and now they needed to function throughout their life so yeah that’s my video on adderall i mean it’s an aphrodisiac it increases dopamine it’s extremely similar to meth if you watch

My meth video although the differences i my binges on adderall be more short-lived because it was more expensive on us as far as street value you know math was a lot cheaper so i couldn’t binge days on end on adderall the come downs from it were worse than math but the high was amazing the come downs were horrific it was extremely addictive it was very hard to

Quit never look back even to this day that’s one of the only drugs intrigues me people ask me if i get triggered to drugs in the world trigger me method adderall you know relative to cocaine and crack i would say adderall was by far a more recreational high it was more fun it was more it lasted longer it was funner it wasn’t as expensive it was just it had more

Of a dopamine rush in my brain i felt more euphoric i felt more confident i felt so much better on adderall than i did on cocaine and that goes to show you you would never think about feeding your 13 year old cocaine why i mean why are you feeding a matter all then i mean the only thing that makes adderall less dangerous than cocaine as the ld50 is substantially

Higher that’s the overdose the amount it takes for 50% of the world to overdose cocaine as you know relatively low ld50 of one gram but other than that i consider adderall a lot more dangerous and addictive potential prone to cause violent behavior prone to cause depression suicide lead to harder drugs like methamphetamines and yeah it’s my video on adderall hope

You guys got something from this please leave comments with their inputs i put my number in the description all these videos feel free to reach out to me for support if you want to be sober or you have a loved one who’s struggling with addiction or you just have any general questions about addiction or recovery feel free to reach out to me anyways i hope you got

Something from this also crowdy for just coming soon i keep prolong in these videos but it’s a crowd platform or you guys can create content and i’m really excited to demonstrate it to you probably salty intro this video the crowd forge logo the web app is being developed it’s about to be launched pretty soon and i’m going to do a demo but all you can be content

Creators i’m looking for content creators feel free to text me inquiring about that as well doesn’t matter if you’re sober or not it just matters that you’re willing to post bail out blog content i might skype video call you and just kind of get to know you as a person and know who’s posting this content but anybody can post content we’re looking for people that

Know a lot about drugs that are struggling with addiction that are in recovery that are family of addicts anything surrounding that scope is pretty much what i’m looking for to be a part of crowd forge there also be a message board community and a bunch of in there for you as well anyways i hope you got some from this video i love you guys i’m gonna stop rambling peace out

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What's Adderall Like? The Commonly Prescribed ADD Medication By Cg Kid