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Whats In My Dog’s Bag? | How I Travel With A Westie With Skin Allergies

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Showing you Sami’s puppy travel essentials (including everything I use for his skin allergies). I hope you’ll find this video helpful! Let me know if you have a Westie with allergies too ❤️

Foreign two days ago we packed up our bags and we drove to madrid where we’ll be spending a long weekend so i thought this would be a great opportunity to make a video and show you what i pack for my dog and what are the things that i take with me on our travels hi my name is miruna and this is my westy dog sami i make weekly videos showing you our life with

The westie so make sure to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already okay so in case you’re looking at this cute dog bag and you’re wondering where i got it because it’s so freaking adorable um the answer is um it’s not actually a dog bag it’s a lunch bag that i found in a local chinese shop in portugal where i live um i paid around five euros for it and

I love it so i don’t have a link for it in case you want one too um i don’t know maybe you can find something like this on amazon or just look for a lunch bag and maybe they have this cute doggy print so let’s get started okay so we’re gonna start with the most basic things that any dog owner has bags i’ve got this really cute poop bag dispenser from z dog um i

Really like it but truth is i never get to take the whole thing with me i usually just take one bag stuff it in my pocket and that’s it sammy doesn’t poop more than once so usually one is enough maybe two if i want a backup i’ve got two more rolls of poop bags that i got with me just for backup sami’s harness and i actually carry two just in case they are both from

Z dog and i love them a lot this is actually my favorite harness i love the colors and you can actually see that it’s super worn out from all the washing and sami’s just wearing this all the time and this is the leash for it that i also love and this is the short leash that i use for walks especially in a big crowded city like madrid i always use a short leash

To just have more control of sami since he’s not exactly walking at heel as he should so this is my main leash this is also super handy if you stop at a cafe and you need to tie the dog to the chair or to the table it’s super secure then i’ve got the retractable leash um this is the i think three meter leash that i have and this is great for when we go to a park

Or you know an open space like that then i’ve got this really cute treat pouch that i just got recently from amazon i’m gonna put the link in the description for you it’s made of silicone it has this little magnet here and it’s really really practical to carry treats and of course the treats these are the treats that i currently have they are some turkey treats

That sami of course loves anything that is meat based he loves so no no santa yoga okay i always take with me one silicone bowl like this it’s super practical it’s light and it’s great for when we stop somewhere on the road and i want to feed sami or give him water these are really great you can find them on amazon they’re super cheap i usually buy uh like two

Or three just to have a spare i’ve also got a travel water bottle that i don’t have with me right now but this is one that i’m talking about i’m gonna put it here um it’s a little bit more on the heavy side so if you don’t want to carry that this is probably better but this is also really good to have i always keep one in the car and it’s absolutely great then i

Always take with me the food and water bowls for the hotel room you know because most hotels job friendly hotels don’t actually provide bowls for the room so i always take mine with me i’ve got sammy’s bandanas i always take some bandanas uh you know because they look nice in photos and i like to have them i like to have him all dressed up on our walks and these

Are actually from our shop they are handmade by us and if you want one you can check the link in the description and see all the models that we have they are really cute and you’re gonna love them and this is actually the newest one this is a halloween edition and i absolutely love it and i can’t wait to take some photos with sami wearing it thank you okay so

Next it’s the grooming stuff that i always have with me this is the pouch that i keep all this stuff in i’ve got some dog toothpaste i’ve got sammy’s toothbrush toothbrushes actually right here the two of them um i brushed sami’s teeth roughly every night i try every night and so i always travel with these with me if you want to know more about this i have a

Video where i’m showing you how i brush sammy’s teeth i’m gonna link it here and down in the description so you can watch it next i’ve got two combs to brustami’s coats these are great for cleaning detangling and also he looks cute and fluffy after i brush him i’ve got a video on grooming if you’re curious to know more i’m also going to link it here and in the

Description i also packed this really cute sweater that i got from wagware i love it it’s super cute i don’t usually dress sami up but this is absolutely adorable and i honestly just packed it so i could take some photos because um the weather is not chilly at all so he doesn’t really need it right now but yeah i just wanted to show it to you i think it’s really

Cute and i’m gonna put the link for it in the description and if you want to get one to use our code sami 10 to get 10 off of anything in the store and of course we can travel anywhere without taking at least one toy for sami and this time i actually got two they don’t fit in this little bag these are his favorite toys at the moment um and we play every night

Before bed a little bit in the room right now he’s super sleepy so he’s not gonna play are you gonna play no nope we’re gonna play later yeah so he’s super sleepy um anyway this is actually a toy that he got um two weeks ago for his birthday um if you want to check it out i’m gonna link uh the video of sammy’s birthday here and in the description and if you want

To get inspired and see what other presents he he got watch the video and see so moving on to more serious stuff as some of you may know sami is dealing with some skin allergies which is a super common health issue for westies most westies i think are allergic to something actually leave me a comment if you have a westie i’m curious to know um if your westie

Has allergies too uh sami is allergic to dust mites and storage mites which is a really um unpleasant allergy to have because he’s basically allergic to dust and dust is everywhere so anything can trigger his allergies and cause him to have a flare-up and hot spots um yeah so this is something that i need to manage all the time he doesn’t take any medication

For it um this is something that i i’m going to talk about maybe in a future video um if you want to know more yeah so the way i manage his allergies is i have a few things that i do um all the time on a daily basis um and i have some products that i always travel with that i’m going to show you now so the first one is the grooming wipes that i use to clean sami

Everywhere um i do this every evening before bed i clean his paws his face his belly just everything and these are um my favorites cleaning wipes they are fragrance free which is great for a dog with skin allergies obviously because they don’t irritate the skin at all and yeah i recommend them if you want to check them out uh the link is in the description it’s

Called pogies pet supplies grooming wipes the fragrance free version the next thing that i always have with me is a chlorhexidine mousse and the one that i’m using now is from duxo s3 um it’s a it’s basically a mousse that you can use instead of shampoo and it contains three percent chlorhexidine which is a solution that helps disinfect the skin so you can use

It instead of shampoo because of course you wouldn’t want to give your westie a bath all the time and you can use this daily just put it on their coat you know just on the areas that they usually lick scratch and it does a great job it disinfects and it hydrates the skin so i never go anywhere without one of these um this brand also has a travel version that is

Um like this and you you basically have these little discs inside that have the same ingredients it’s the same composition it’s just a lot easier to use for emergencies when sami gets those really nasty hot spots that he just licks them and he makes them really worse and i find that nothing else helps i have a hydrocortisone spray that i always take with me this

Is from court advance we’re back it’s recommended by our vet and it worked wonders every time i used it you just spray a little bit of it on the red itchy areas and in about an hour or even less it tones down the itching and it makes it it makes sami a lot more comfortable i try to use this as rarely as possible because it’s a strong product and it’s not good to

Use it often but yeah i just have it with me for emergency situations and there’s of course the ichi dog’s best friend the cone of shame i mean this needs no introduction um it helps in case sammy scratches or licks his paws a lot and as you may know the saliva makes everything worse so the worst thing that an itchy dog can do is lick and scratch so if you’re in

This situation use a cone with confidence so i put this on and you know sami is a little bit uncomfortable but it makes it all better long term yeah yeah you don’t like this oh thankfully we didn’t actually get to use this on this trip so yay and also on the subject of allergies of course i’ve got sammy’s food um this is the food that he’s gonna need for these

Next few days so i don’t pack a lot of it um he’s currently on um i actually don’t remember what food this is because i keep switching but i always give him heels uh for skin problems so it’s either durham defense or term complete or zd i think or dd so i’m gonna check at home and see which food he’s currently on right now and i’m gonna put it in the description

For you i found that this food is the best for his skin problems he does really great on it his blood tests are great i think his allergies are a little better than before when he was eating just regular food it’s a high quality food and i really recommend it these are some dog shoes that i recently bought from wagwear i can’t recommend them enough sami’s been

Wearing them for every walk for i think two months now they are really great because they protect his paws from the dirt from sharp objects and from allergens as well i found that his paws look a lot better since he’s been wearing these his uh pads and toe beans are softer and of course there’s the clean aspect i don’t need to wash his paws or clean his paws after

Every walk yeah so i i never go anywhere without these now i love them and plus he looks so cute in them i don’t think i’ve gone anywhere without at least one person stopping to just look at it how cute he looks wearing these little shoes and take a photo and yeah it’s it’s absolutely crazy i have a video where i talk more about these if you want to check it out

I’m going to link it here and in the description i’m really happy with them uh sami got used to walking in them really quickly and for that reason i actually got a second pair uh that i’m going to show you he hasn’t worn them yet i still have them um in their little bags they are brand new and i think sami’s gonna wear them for the first time on this trip this

Is the winter fall winter version that has no holes and here’s comparison foreign if you want to get a pair for your dog too sami wears the xs and i’m gonna put the link in the description for you make sure to use our code to sami 10 to get 10 off so that’s pretty much it that’s what’s in my dog’s bag i hope you enjoyed this video let me know in comments what

You thought of it and make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it thank you for watching and we’ll see you in the next video bye foreign

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